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Pre-2006 Cross Country Results

2005-11-26Footlocker Northeast Regional
2005-11-12Maryland XC State Meet
2005-11-12Balt-Wash Private Schools Champions
2005-11-034A West Regional
2005-11-033A West Regional
2005-11-032A West Regional
2005-10-31MCPS Division Champions
2005-10-29WCAC Championship
2005-10-29IAC/ISL/MAC Championships
2005-10-22Montgomery Co. XC Championship
2005-10-18Landon Meet
2005-10-15Landon Invitational
2005-10-15Manhattan Invitational
2005-10-12Northwest vs. Gaithersburg
2005-10-12Lancer Invitational
2005-10-11Whitman, B-CC @ QO
2005-10-05Gburg, WJ, WW, TSW
2005-10-05Blair, Damascus, PB, Magruder
2005-10-01William and Mary Invitational
2005-09-24South Carroll Invitational
2005-09-20Gburg, WJ, Churchill, QO
2005-09-13Gburg, B-CC, Wootton
2005-09-10Frank Keyser Invitational
2005-09-10Peter Geraghty Invitational
2005-09-10Spiked Shoe Invitational
2005-09-09Howard County Invitational
2005-09-00Bull Run Invitational
2004-11-27Footlocker Northeast Regional
2004-11-13WCAC Championship
2004-11-13MD XC State Championship
2004-11-13IAC/ISL/MAC XC Championship
2004-11-044A West Regional
2004-11-043A West Regional
2004-11-042A West Regional
2004-11-041A West Regional
2004-10-31MCPS Division Champions
2004-10-30Balt-Wash Private Schools Champions
2004-10-23Montgomery Co. XC Championship
2004-10-16Georgetown Prep Classic
2004-10-09Lancer Invitational
2004-10-09Manhattan Invitational
2004-10-02William and Mary Invitational
2004-10-02Salesianum Invitational
2004-10-01Harford Invitational
2004-09-29Gburg, Dam, WC, Blair
2004-09-18Bull Run Invitational
2004-09-14Gaithersburg vs. Sherwood
2004-09-12Gaithersburg, QO, B-CC
2004-09-11Frank Keyser Invitational
2004-09-11Spiked Shoe Invitational
2004-09-11Mount St. Mary's Invitational
2003-11-29Footlocker Northeast Regional
2003-11-08WCAC Championship Scores
2003-11-08MD XC State Championship
2003-11-08IAC Championship
2003-11-08ISL Championship
2003-11-02MAC Championship
2003-10-31MCPS Division Champions
2003-10-304A West Regional Boys
2003-10-304A North Regional
2003-10-29PVAC Championship
2003-10-25Montgomery Co. XC Championship
2003-10-25Balt-Wash Private Championship
2003-10-18Georgetown Prep Classic
2003-10-18Landon Invitational
2003-10-11Lancer Invitational
2003-10-08Blair, Whitman at Wheaton
2003-10-04William and Mary Invitational
2003-10-01Blair at Damascus
2003-10-01PVAC Midseason Challenge
2003-09-30Gaithersburg vs. Northwest
2003-09-30SSSAS at Landon
2003-09-25Knights Invitational
2003-09-16Gaithersburg vs. Magruder
2003-09-15Blair vs. Quince Orchard
2003-09-13Frank Keyser Invitational
2003-09-13Howard County Invitational
2003-09-13Spiked Shoe Invitational
2003-09-12Knights Invitational
2003-09-12Mount St. Mary's Invitational
2003-09-06Gettysburg Invitational
2003-09-05Westminster Invitational
2003-09-05Woodward Relays
2003-09-00Gburg, WC, WJ, RM
2003-09-00Blair Wootton Sherwood
2002-11-30Footlocker Northeast Regional
2002-11-09WCAC XC Championship
2002-11-09WCAC Championship Scores
2002-11-09MD XC State Championship
2002-11-09IAC Championships
2002-11-09ISL Championship
2002-11-02Private School Championship
2002-10-314A West Regional
2002-10-313A West Regional
2002-10-312A South Regional
2002-10-26Montgomery Co. XC Championship
2002-10-05William and Mary Invitational
2002-10-05Salesianum Invitational
2002-10-04Harford Invitational
2002-10-01NW, Gburg, Magruder, Churchill
2002-10-01Blair vs. Sherwood
2002-10-01Quince Orchard at Damascus
2002-10-01Episcopal Meet
2002-10-00MCPS Division Standings
2002-09-27Knights Invitational
2002-09-20Bull Run Invitational
2002-09-14Frank Keyser Invitational
2002-09-14Mount St. Mary's Invitational
2002-09-14Mid-Atlantic Classic
2002-09-12Blair vs. Damascus
2002-09-00Gaithersburg vs. WJ
2001-11-24Footlocker Northeast Regional
2001-11-10WCAC Championship Scores
2001-11-10MD XC State Championship
2001-11-013A West Regional
2001-11-014A West Regional
2001-11-011A Central Regional
2001-11-012A South Regional
2001-10-31MCPS Division Champions
2001-10-27Montgomery Co. XC Championship
2001-10-20Georgetown Prep Classic
2001-10-09Gaithersburg, WJ, Whitman
2001-10-09Rockville at Sherwood
2001-10-09Paint Branch at Wheaton
2001-10-09Springbrook at Kennedy
2001-10-08Poolesville at Watkins Mill
2001-10-06William and Mary Invitational
2001-10-06Salesianum Invitational
2001-10-03Sher, BCC, Blake at WM
2001-10-02Gaithersburg vs. Magruder
2001-10-02Paint Branch, QO, WJ
2001-10-02WC, Woot, MB at RM
2001-10-02Georgetown Prep Meet
2001-09-28Knights Invitational
2001-09-25Gaithersburg vs. QO
2001-09-24NW, RM, Damascus, Blair
2001-09-22Bull Run Invitational
2001-09-08Peter Geraghty Invitational
2000-11-25Footlocker Northeast Regional
2000-11-11WCAC Championship Scores
2000-11-06MD XC State Championship
2000-11-023A West Regional
2000-11-024A West Regional Girls
2000-11-024A West Regional
2000-10-31MCPS Division Champions
2000-10-26Montgomery Co. XC Championship
2000-10-21Georgetown Prep Classic
2000-10-14Glory Days Invitational
2000-10-14Manhattan Invitational
2000-10-12Westminster Invitational
2000-10-10Blair vs. Seneca Valley
2000-10-07William & Mary Invitational
2000-10-07Salesianum Invitational
2000-10-05Rockville, Springbrook, PB, Blair
2000-10-03WJ vs. Gaithersburg
2000-09-28Knights Invitational
2000-09-26QO, WJ, Churchill
2000-09-24Bull Run Invitational
2000-09-15Howard County Invitational Boys
2000-09-15Howard County Invitational Girls
2000-09-12Woodward Relays Boys
2000-09-12Woodward Relays Girls
2000-09-09Spiked Shoe Invitational
2000-09-09Spiked Shoe Invitational JV Girls
2000-09-09Peter Geraghty Invitational
2000-09-09Interstate Classic
2000-09-00Harford Invitational
2000-09-00Gaithersburg, Whitman, Churchill
2000-09-00Gaithersburg vs. QO
1999-11-27Footlocker Northeast Regional
1999-11-13MD XC State Championship
1999-11-044A West Regional
1999-11-042A West Regional
1999-11-043A West Regional
1999-11-041A Central Regional
1999-11-01Washington Cross Country Report 6
1999-10-31Mid-Atlantic Private Invitational
1999-10-31MCPS Division Champions
1999-10-28Montgomery Co. XC Championship
1999-10-23Octoberfest Invitational
1999-10-21Knights Invitational
1999-10-16Georgetown Prep Classic
1999-10-13PVAC Championship
1999-10-12Poolesville vs. Blair
1999-10-12Washington Cross Country Report 4
1999-10-09Lancer Invitational
1999-10-09Glory Days Invitational
1999-10-09Manhattan Invitational
1999-10-06SV Quad Meet
1999-10-06Wheaton Quad Meet
1999-10-06GP XC Quad Meet
1999-10-06Northwest Quad Meet
1999-10-05Quince Orchard Quad
1999-10-02Mercersburg Invitational
1999-10-02Salesianum Invitational
1999-10-02William and Mary Invitational
1999-10-00Magruder at Seneca Valley
1999-10-00Gaithersburg at Quince Orchard
1999-09-25Brunswick Invitational
1999-09-24Bull Run Invitational
1999-09-22Einstein vs. Blair
1999-09-21Northwest, Blake, Blair
1999-09-18Spiked Shoe at Penn State
1999-09-18Virginia Tech Invitational
1999-09-12Washington Cross Country Report 2
1999-09-11Peter Geraghty Invitational
1999-09-00Woodward Relays
1998-11-14MD XC State Championship
1998-11-14IAC/ISL Championship
1998-11-07Washington Independent Championship
1998-11-054A West Regional
1998-11-053A West Regional
1998-11-052A West Regional
1998-10-31Mid-Atlantic Private School Invite
1998-10-31MCPS Division Champions
1998-10-29Montgomery Co. XC Championship
1998-10-20Damascus at Gaithersburg
1998-10-20B-CC vs. Blair
1998-10-17Georgetown Prep Invitational
1998-10-17Eastern States Championships
1998-10-13Rockville, RM, Blair
1998-10-10Lancer Invitational
1998-10-10Manhattan Invitational
1998-10-07Knights Invitational
1998-10-03William & Mary Girls "C"
1998-10-03William & Mary Boys "A"
1998-10-03William & Mary Boys JV
1998-10-03Washington Cross Country Report 3
1998-10-03Frostburg Invitational
1998-10-03Salesianum Invitational
1998-09-26Bull Run Invitational
1998-09-23Blair vs. Einstein
1998-09-19Washington Cross Country Report 2
1998-09-19Briarwood Invitational
1998-09-18Howard County Invitational
1998-09-16Blair, Magruder, Walter Johnson
1998-09-16Paint Branch at Einstein
1998-09-16WM & WW at Gaithersburg
1998-09-16Northwest at Blake
1998-09-16Kennedy at Springbrook
1998-09-12Peter Geraghty Invitational
1998-09-12Smithsburg Invitational
1998-09-12Spiked Shoe Invitational
1998-09-12California U Invitational
1998-09-09Woodward Relays
1998-09-05Washington Cross Country Report 1
1997-12-13Washington Cross Country Report 12
1997-11-22Washington Cross Country Report 11
1997-11-08Washington Cross Country Report 10
1997-11-08MD XC State Championship
1997-11-01Washington Cross Country Report 9
1997-11-01Washington Independent Championship
1997-11-00IAC Championship
1997-11-00ISL Championship
1997-10-31MCPS Division Champions
1997-10-303A West Regional Boys
1997-10-303A West Regional Girls
1997-10-304A West Regional Boys
1997-10-304A West Regional Girls
1997-10-302A West Regional
1997-10-25Montgomery Co. XC Championship
1997-10-25Washington Cross Country Report 8
1997-10-25Metro Catholic Championships
1997-10-18Washington Cross Country Report 7
1997-10-18Georgetown Prep Classic
1997-10-11Washington Cross Country Report 6
1997-10-09Montgomery College Invitational
1997-10-04Frostburg State Invitational
1997-10-04Salesianum Invitational
1997-10-00Blair at Walter Johnson
1997-10-00Kennedy at Springbrook
1997-10-00Sherwood at Springbrook
1997-10-00PB, Kennedy @ Wheaton
1997-10-00Georgetown Prep at Landon
1997-10-00Glenelg Country Quad Meet
1997-10-00Damascus at Sherwood
1997-10-00Churchill, RM at SV
1997-10-00Bullis, St. Stephens at GPrep
1997-10-00Bullis Quad Meet
1997-09-30Watkins Mill at Gaithersburg
1997-09-30B-CC, Poolesville at Rockville
1997-09-30Einstein at Paint Branch
1997-09-27Bull Run Invitational
1997-09-27Pallotti Invitational
1997-09-23Blair, Rockville, RM
1997-09-23Magruder 4-Way Meet
1997-09-23JFK, Whitman at Wootton
1997-09-23Einstein, Springbrook at Wheaton
1997-09-20Washington Cross Country Report 3
1997-09-19Howard County Invitational
1997-09-16Blair vs. B-CC
1997-09-16Einstein at Kennedy
1997-09-16Whitman, PB at Springbrook
1997-09-16Magruder, Churchill at Wootton
1997-09-16WJ, Wheaton at Rockville
1997-09-16WM at Sherwood
1997-09-16QO at Seneca Valley
1997-09-13Washington Cross Country Report 2
1997-09-13California U of PA Invite
1997-09-13Mount St. Mary's Invitational
1997-09-13Spiked Shoe Invitational
1997-09-13Lancer Invitational
1997-09-13Smithsburg Invitational
1997-09-13California U Invitational
1997-09-08Woodward Relays
1997-09-06Jack Griffin Invitational
1997-09-06Judges Classic
1996-11-09MD XC State Championship
1996-10-314A West Regional
1996-10-313A West Regional
1996-10-31MCPS Division Champions
1996-10-24Montgomery Co. XC Championship
1996-10-12Knights Invitational
1996-10-05Salesianum Invitational
1996-10-00Landon at Georgetown Prep
1996-10-00Metro Catholic Championships
1996-10-00Damascus, Gaithersburg
1996-10-00Landon, Episcopal
1996-10-00Landon, Sidwell Friends
1996-10-00Manhattan Invitational (Partial)
1996-10-00Wheaton, Kennedy
1996-10-00Sherwood at Watkins Mill
1996-09-28Bull Run Invitational
1996-09-17Blair vs. Walter Johnson
1996-09-00B-CC, Blair, Rockville
1995-11-11MD XC State Championship
1995-11-023A West Regional
1995-11-024A West Regional
1995-10-31MCPS Division Champions
1995-10-26Montgomery Co. XC Championship
1995-10-07Salesianum Invitational
1995-10-00MC Knight Invitational
1995-10-0025th Georgetown Prep Classic
1995-10-00St. Albans, Sidwell at Landon
1995-10-00QO, Churchill at Seneca Valley
1995-10-00Dam, WM, Mag, Pool
1995-10-00Einstein, Springbrook at Wheaton
1995-10-00WJ, Rockville at RM
1995-10-00Wootton at Churchill
1995-10-00Watkins Mill at Gaithersburg
1995-10-00Paint Branch at Wheaton
1995-10-00Damascus at Sherwood
1995-10-00Wootton, Whitman, SV
1995-09-21Lake Forest Invitational
1995-09-16Lake Forest Invitational
1995-09-11Woodward XC Relays
1995-03-25World Jr XC Championship
1995-02-18US World Junior XC Trials
1994-12-11Footlocker CC Championship
1994-11-26Footlocker NE Regionals
1994-11-12MD XC State Championship
1994-11-034A West Regional
1994-11-032A West Regional
1994-11-033A West Regional
1994-10-31MCPS Division Champions
1994-10-27Montgomery Co. XC Championship
1994-10-16Georgetown Prep Classic
1994-10-11QO, Whitman, Seneca
1994-10-08MC Knight Invitational
1994-10-01Maryland XC Open Meet
1994-10-00UMD Invitational
1994-09-00Bullis, SF, Flint Hill, Madiera
1994-09-00Damascus at Gaithersburg
1994-09-00Pool, Gburg, WM at Mag
1994-09-00Georgetown Prep at Landon
1994-09-00GP, Sidwell at Episcopal
1994-09-00Landon at Potomac
1994-09-00Landon at SSSAS
1994-09-00Landon, St. Albans at Bullis
1994-09-00Paint Branch at Kennedy
1994-09-00QO at Churchill
1994-09-00RM, WJ at Rockville
1994-09-00Sidwell Friends at Landon
1994-09-00Sherwood at Watkins Mill
1994-09-00Springbrook, Einstein at PB
1994-09-00Springbrook at Wheaton
1994-09-00Seneca Valley at Wootton
1994-09-00WJ at B-CC
1993-11-13MD XC State Championship
1993-11-044A West Regional
1993-11-043A West Regional
1993-11-00MD Catholic XC Championship
1993-11-00PVAC Championship
1993-10-31MCPS Division Champions
1993-10-28Montgomery Co. XC Championship
1993-10-19WJ, Whitman @ QO
1993-10-02Jenny Rush Invitational
1993-10-00PVAC Midseason Challenge
1993-10-00SV, Sherwood at Watkins Mill
1993-10-00Blair, Wheaton at JFK
1993-10-00Churchill, Gburg, RM
1993-10-00Georgetown Prep at Landon
1993-10-00JFK. Einstein at PB
1993-10-00Magruder at Seneca Valley
1993-10-00Pool, Damascus at Magruder
1993-10-00QO, Wootton at Gaithersburg
1993-10-00RM at Whitman
1993-10-00Sherwood, Pool at Rockville
1993-10-00Sidwell, George, Field
1993-10-00Springbrook, B-CC at Wheaton
1993-10-00Springbrook at Einstein
1993-10-00SSSAS Quad
1993-10-00Wash Waldorf, GDS, Queen Anne
1993-10-00Glenelg, Queen Anne, WW
1993-10-00Wootton, Blair at Rockville
1992-11-14State Championship Girls
1992-11-14MD XC State Championship
1992-11-05Class 4A Region I
1992-11-05Class 3A Region I
1992-11-00Footlocker Northeast Regional
1992-10-31MCPS Division Champions
1992-10-30Montgomery Co. XC Championship
1992-10-00Churchill, Whitman @ Quince Orchard
1992-10-00Jenny Rush Invitational
1992-10-00Montgomery College HS Invitational
1992-10-00Magruder at Watkins Mill
1992-10-00B-CC at Paint Branch
1992-10-00Blair, JFK, Einstein
1992-10-00B-CC, Blair at Wheaton
1992-10-00Churchill at Walter Johnson
1992-10-00Damascus at Rockville
1992-10-00Damascus, Magruder at Pool
1992-10-00Gaithersburg at RM
1992-10-00Gburg, WJ at Whitman
1992-10-00JFK, Springbrook at PB
1992-10-00Paint Branch at Blair
1992-10-00QO, Einstein at SV
1992-10-00QO, Wootton at Gaithersburg
1992-10-00Rockville, Poolesville at SV
1992-10-00SV, Magruder at Sherwood
1992-10-00Sidwell Friends at GP
1992-10-00Sidwell at Landon
1992-10-00Spiked Shoe Invitational (Partial)
1992-10-00Springbrook at Blair
1992-10-00Wheaton at Springbrook
1992-10-00Whitman at RM
1992-10-00WJ at Wootton
1992-10-00WM, Rockville at Sherwood
1992-09-00Woodward Relays
1991-12-14Kinney XC Championship
1991-11-09IAC Championship
1991-11-09MD XC State Championship
1991-11-02Washington Independent Champs
1991-10-31Class 3A Region II
1991-10-31Class 4A Regional
1991-10-31MCPS Division Champions
1991-10-25Montgomery Co. XC Championship
1991-10-00QO, Whitman @ Churchill
1991-10-00Montgomery College HS Invitational
1991-10-00B-CC at Kennedy
1991-10-00B-CC, Wheaton at Blair
1991-10-00Blair, Einstein at JFK
1991-10-00Blair at Springbrook
1991-10-00Damascus at Sherwood
1991-10-00Damascus, Pool at Magruder
1991-10-00Einstein, Wheaton at PB
1991-10-00Magruder, Sherwood at SV
1991-10-00Paint Branch at B-CC
1991-10-00Poolesville at Watkins Mill
1991-10-00QO, Gburg at Wootton
1991-10-00RM at Gaithersburg
1991-10-00Sidwell, Episcopal at Landon
1991-10-00Sidwell, Ireton at SSSAS
1991-10-00Sidwell, Landon at Bullis
1991-10-00Springbrook at Wheaton
1991-10-00SV, Pool at Rockville
1991-10-00Whitman at Richard Montgomery
1991-10-00Walter Johnson at Churchill
1991-10-00Watkins Mill at Magruder
1991-10-00Wootton at Walter Johnson
1990-11-10MD XC State Championship
1990-11-00IAC Championship
1990-11-00Class 3A Region II
1990-11-00Class 4A Region I
1990-11-00Class 4A Region II
1990-11-00Maryland Catholic Championship
1990-11-00Metro and CGAA Championship
1990-10-31MCPS Division Champions
1990-10-26Montgomery Co. XC Championship
1990-10-20Georgetown Prep Classic
1990-10-06Salesianum Invitational
1990-10-00Jenny Rush Invitational
1990-10-00St. Albans @ Georgetown Prep
1990-10-00Churchill, Gaithersburg at WJ
1990-10-00Damascus, RM at Sherwood
1990-10-00Damascus at Rockville
1990-10-00Einstein, Wheaton at QO
1990-10-00Kennedy, B-CC at Einstein
1990-10-00Magruder at Damascus
1990-10-00Magruder, Gburg at Wheaton
1990-10-00Magruder, Sherwood at WM
1990-10-00QO at B-CC
1990-10-00RM, JFK at Whitman
1990-10-00Rockville at Watkins Mill
1990-10-00Sidwell Friends at Bullis
1990-10-00Sidwell Friends at DeMatha
1990-10-00Episcopal Quad
1990-10-00Sherwood at Rockville
1990-10-00Sidwell Friends at Landon
1990-10-00Springbrook at Churchill
1990-10-00Seneca Valley at Blair
1990-10-00SV, Springbrook at WJ
1990-10-00SV, Wootton at Gburg
1990-10-00Churchill, Blair at Wootton
1990-10-00Wheaton, PB at JFK
1990-10-00Whitman at Einstein
1990-10-00Whitman, QO at PB
1990-10-00WJ at Blair
1990-10-00Watkins Mill at RM
1990-10-00Wootton at Springbrook
1989-11-11Maryland State Championship
1989-11-04WMAC Championship
1989-11-04CGAA Championship
1989-11-021A Region II (Partial)
1989-11-023A Region II
1989-11-024A Region II
1989-10-31SV, Gburg at Wootton
1989-10-31Landon, SF at SSSAS
1989-10-31MCPS Division Champions
1989-10-27Montgomery Co. XC Championship
1989-10-24Sherwood at WM
1989-10-24PB, WJ at SV
1989-10-24Wheaton at Gaithersburg
1989-10-24Wootton, Blair at Churchill
1989-10-24QO, PB at Whitman
1989-10-21Roy Rogers XC Classic
1989-10-18JFK, PB at Wheaton
1989-10-18Magruder at RM
1989-10-11SV at Churchill
1989-10-10Sherwood at Magruder
1989-10-10RM at Watkins Mill
1989-10-07Hereford Invitational
1989-10-07Salesianum Invitational
1989-10-03Magruder at WM
1989-10-03PB at BCC
1989-10-03QO, Wheaton at Einstein
1989-10-03Rockville at RM
1989-10-03Whitman at Kennedy
1989-10-03WJ, Churchill at Gburg
1989-10-03Wootton at Springbrook
1989-10-03Blair at Seneca Valley
1989-09-23Pallotti Invitational
1988-11-12Maryland State Championship
1988-11-09Metro Championships
1988-11-05Community College Regional
1988-11-034A Region II
1988-10-31MCPS Division Champions
1988-10-26Churchill, Wootton at WJ
1988-10-26Whitman, Gburg at SV
1988-10-25Einstein, Rockville at B-CC
1988-10-25Sherwood, QO at RM
1988-10-25Springbrook, Wheaton at Blair
1988-10-22Gallaudet at MC
1988-10-21Montgomery Co. XC Championship
1988-10-18B-CC at Springbrook
1988-10-18Blair at Rockville
1988-10-18Einstein at Wheaton
1988-10-18Gaithersburg at Churchill
1988-10-18SV at Wootton
1988-10-18WJ at Whitman
1988-10-15Georgetown Prep Classic
1988-10-13SV at Churchill
1988-10-11QO at Kennedy
1988-10-04B-CC at Wheaton
1988-10-04Churchill at Whitman
1988-10-04Einstein at Blair
1988-10-04Kennedy at Sherwood
1988-10-04Magruder at RM
1988-10-04Rockville at Springbrook
1988-10-04SV and Walter Johnson
1988-10-04Wootton at Gaithersburg
1988-10-01Salesianum Invitational
1987-11-11Maryland State Championship
1987-10-31MCPS Division Champions
1987-10-30Montgomery Co. XC Championship
1987-10-17Georgetown Prep Classic
1987-10-03Salesianum Invitational
1987-10-00Whitman, Blair, Churchill
1987-10-00Paint Branch at RM
1987-10-00Einstein, Rockville at Springbrook
1987-10-00Marguder, Sherwood at JFK
1987-10-00Wheaton, Blair at B-CC
1987-10-00WJ, Churchill at SV
1986-11-08Maryland State Championship
1986-10-31MCPS Division Champions
1986-10-25Catholic Championships
1986-10-24Montgomery Co. XC Championship
1986-10-18Georgetown Prep Classic
1986-10-00Whitman, Gburg at Springbrook
1986-10-00Seneca Valley, Blair at Rockville
1986-10-00Kennedy, Einstein at B-CC
1986-10-00PB, Wheaton at Wootton
1986-10-00Damascus, Sherwood at RM
1986-10-00WJ at Woodward
1986-10-00Magruder at Churchill
1985-11-001985 All-County All-Division
1985-11-00Maryland State Championship
1985-10-31MCPS Division Champions
1985-10-25Montgomery Co. XC Championship
1985-10-05Salesianum Invitational
1985-10-00Georgetown Prep Classic
1985-10-00Arundel Invitational
1985-10-00Pallotti Invitational
1985-10-00William & Mary Invitational
1985-10-00Poolesville at RM
1985-10-00Magruder, WJ at Sherwood
1985-10-00Woodward at Damascus
1985-10-00Gaithersburg at Blair
1985-10-00Kennedy at Paint Branch
1985-10-00Einstein at Wootton
1985-10-00WC, Rockville at Springbrook
1985-09-00Spiked Shoe Invitational
1985-09-00George Mason Invitational
1985-09-00Hereford Invitational
1984-11-01Class B Region II
1984-11-01Class A Region I
1984-11-01Class A Region II
1984-11-01Class AA Region I
1984-11-00Maryland State Championship
1984-11-00Maryland Catholic Championships
1984-10-31MCPS Division Champions
1984-10-24Rockville vs. Churchill
1984-10-24B-CC at Paint Branch
1984-10-24Blair at Kennedy
1984-10-24RM at Einstein
1984-10-24Seneca Valley at Whitman
1984-10-24Springbrook, Gburg at Wheaton
1984-10-16Damascus, Woodward
1984-10-16Gaithersburg, Whitman
1984-10-16Poolesville, RM, Northwood
1984-10-16Kennedy, PB, Magruder
1984-10-16Walter Johnson, Einstein
1984-10-16Wootton, Blair
1984-10-16Seneca Valley, Rockville, Wheaton
1984-10-12Montgomery Co. XC Championship
1984-10-09Einstein, Poolesville, Damascus
1984-10-09Woodward, RM
1984-10-09Wootton, PB
1984-10-09Springbrook, Seneca Valley
1984-10-09Whitman, Churchill, Wheaton
1984-10-09Northwood, Walter Johnson
1984-10-09Blair, B-CC, Magruder
1984-10-00Georgetown Prep Classic
1984-10-00Metro Catholic Championships
1983-11-00Maryland State Championship
1983-10-31MCPS Division Champions
1983-10-19Montgomery Co. XC Championship
1983-10-15Georgetown Prep Classic
1982-11-13Maryland State Championship
1982-11-13IAC Championship
1982-11-04Class A Region II
1982-11-04Class AA Region I
1982-11-04MoCo Class B-C Qualifiers
1982-10-31MCPS Division Champions
1982-10-29Montgomery Co. XC Championship
1982-10-23Fordham Invitational
1982-10-09Hereford Invitational
1981-11-14Maryland State Championship
1981-10-31MCPS Division Champions
1981-10-30Montgomery Co. XC Championship
1981-10-22Magruder, Poolesville at Woodward
1980-11-01Maryland State Championship
1980-10-31MCPS Division Champions
1980-10-24Montgomery Co. XC Championship
1979-10-31MCPS Division Champions
1979-10-26Montgomery Co. XC Championship
1978-10-31MCPS Division Champions
1978-10-27Montgomery Co. XC Championship
1977-10-28Montgomery Co. XC Championship
1974-11-07MoCo XC Championship for Girls
1973-11-14MoCo XC Championship for Girls
1973-10-20Georgetown Prep Classic
1972-10-21Georgetown Prep Classic
1971-11-13MD State Championships
1971-11-06Montgomery Co. District Meet
1971-11-06PG County Championships
1971-10-23Manhattan Invitational
1971-10-23Georgetown Prep Invitational
1971-10-09American University Invitational
1970-11-07MD State Championship
1969-11-00MD State Championship
1969-10-31Montgomery Co. District Meet
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