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Hereford Invitational
Bull Run Invitational History
Hosted By: Hereford
Parkton, Maryland

8th Annual Hereford Invitational (10/14/1978)
Highlights from the Montgomery Journal
Source: Katy Williams, "Churchill Runners Like Hills of Hereford," Montgomery Journal, October 18, 1978
 Weather changed from cloudy to rain

 Boys Large School (A1) Varsity
	1.	Churchill 33 points
	2.	Old Mill 82 points
 Boys Large School Individuals
	1.	Kelly Long (Westminster)
	2.	Tommy Hall (Churchill)
	3.	Scott Simonetta (Old Mill)
	4.	Dave Whitnah (Churchill)
	5.	Kenny Short (Churchill)
	10.	Junior McDonald (Churchill)
	12.	Jerry Gerstein (Churchill)
	17.	Matt Howard (Churchill)  45 seconds behind Hall

 Boys Small School, Section I
	5.	Sherwood (170 points)  
		(finished behind Hereford, 2 PA schools, Williamsport)
 Boys Small School Individuals, Section I
	18.	Danny Intile (Sherwood)
	21.	Ron Rasmussen (Sherwood)
	23.	Jeff Pilgrim (Sherwood)

 Boys Small School Section II
	8.	Blair
 Boys Small School Individuals, Section II
	1.	Brad Gordon (Pikesville)
	2.	Gary Hopkins (Einstein)

 Boys Large School JV
	1.	Churchill (55 points)  37 second spread (15)
		Carlos Restrepo (5th), Mike Cassidy (6th); 
	2.	Oxon Hill (86 points)

 Girls Large School Varsity
	1.	Chambersburg, PA
	2.	Oxon Hill
	3.	Churchill (113 points)
 Girls Large School Individuals
	6.	Kim Kokulis (Churchill)  13:03

 Girls Small School Varsity, Section I
	5.	Woodward
 Girls Small School Individuals, Section I
	1.	Jeanette Simms (Smithsburg), 1977 state champ, set new meet record 
		(unspecified time, old record was 12:25)
	2.	Colleen Desmond (Damascus)  12:49
	7.	Doreen Marraffa (Sherwood)  13:07
	16.	Lynnette Hallgren (Woodward)

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