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Woodward Relays
Woodward XC Relays History
Hosted By: Charles Woodward
Rockville, Maryland

Woodward Relays
September 19, 1975

Boys Team Standings
1. Georgetown Prep
1. Churchill
3. Whitman

Girls Team Standings
1. Kennedy	5
2. Springbrook	8
3. Whitman	11
4. Woodward
5. Walter Johnson
6. B-CC

Boys Six Mile Relay
1. John Donegan and Dean Drewyer	Georgetown Prep
2. Richard Brody and Brian Brody	Whitman
3. Dave Hall and Jim Angell		Churchill
5. John Stewart and Mark Dorsett	Richard Montgomery
6. Bill Huott and Steve Strothers	Springbrook
6. Anthony Desir and Roger O'Donoghue	Georgetown Prep
7. Tim Good and Bill Kouach		Springbrook
8. Mike Jurgovan and George DeWitt	Churchill
9. Pat Key and Jim Hoge			Peary
10. Larry Delaplane and Rob Lamar	Whitman
11. Mark Eades and John Carville	Magruder
12. Wayne Harris and John Holcombe	Kennedy
13. Joe Taboda and robert Jones		Richard Montgomery
14. Rich Coffin and Chris Lockett	Churchill
15. John Fitch and Glen Blaszkewicz	Sherwood

Girls Two Mile Relay
1. Julia Lin and Karen Brown		Kennedy
2. Ruth Drengwitz and Mary Drengwitz	Northwood
3. Erica Weimann and Karla Cory		Springbrook
4. Caterina Gor and Susan White		Springbrook
5. Patty Fogarty and Patty Pingitore	Kennedy
6. Karen Felber and Moira Guay		Walter Johnson
7. Cathy Lumpkin and Sandy Weimann	Springbrook
8. Patty Sullivan and Liz Hantzes	Woodward
9. Anne Li and Andrea Ray		Whitman
10. Gay Plungas and Margaret Durfey	Woodward
11. Lynn Siguenza and Charlene Ozahne	Woodward
12. Kristi Nelson and Anne Keeler	B-CC
13. Dawn Ludwig and Krista Carallo	Gaithersburg
14. Joanne Corini and Giselle Weimann	Springbrook	
15. Margaret Leibler and Eileen Wall	Walter Johnson

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