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Abbey Daley
Class of 2013 (Update/Correct)
1000m Run2012-01-27Virginia Tech Invitational03:09.6417
1500m Run2012-04-20Knights Invitational05:07.366
1500m Run2010-04-16Knights Invitational05:11.223
1600m Run2011-01-08Montgomery Invitational05:12.24c7
1600m Run2013-02-074A West Regional05:12.383
1600m Run2010-05-12MoCo Championship05:14.195
1600m Run2012-01-23Montgomery Co. TF Championship05:16.261
1600m Run2010-05-283A State Championship05:16.403
1600m Run2011-12-13MCPS Meet #105:17.721
1600m Run2010-05-193A West Region05:17.791
1600m Run2011-01-24Montgomery Co. TF Championship05:18.304
1600m Run2012-02-214A State Championship05:19.044
1600m Run2011-02-233A State Championship05:19.271
1600m Run2013-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship05:22.463
1600m Run2012-05-164A West Region05:24.107
1600m Run2013-05-164A West Championship05:24.127
1600m Run2010-04-28Cb, Wheaton @ Pool05:251
1600m Run2011-05-273A State Championship05:25.225
1600m Run2010-12-18Smithsburg Invitational05:26.291
1600m Run2010-05-08Katie Jenkins Invitational05:26.361
1600m Run2010-02-233A State Championship05:28.431
1600m Run2011-12-17Dickinson Invitational05:29.792
1600m Run2011-05-10MoCo Championship05:29.827
1600m Run2013-04-20Waldorf Track Classic05:30.613
1600m Run2011-05-183A West Regional05:30.802
1600m Run2013-05-08MoCo Championship05:30.9913
1600m Run2010-02-173A West Regional05:31.503
1600m Run2012-04-11Clarksburg and QO at Northwest05:31.61
1600m Run2012-02-094A West Regional05:33.053
1600m Run2012-03-23Coyote Invitational05:33.176
1600m Run2012-05-09MCPS Championship05:33.709
1600m Run2013-02-194A State Championship05:34.2011
1600m Run2012-12-21Dwight Scott Invitational05:35.315
1600m Run2010-04-07SV, SB @ Clarksburg05:39.72
1600m Run2013-04-09NW and WM at Clarksburg05:40.90
1600m Run2011-02-093A West Region05:42.001
1600m Run2013-03-21Coyote Invitational05:46.498
1600m Run2011-04-06Cburg, Sherwood @ SB05:474
1600m Run2011-04-13Clarksburg @ Poolesville05:502
1600m Run2011-03-30Wheaton, SV @ Clarksburg07:010
2000m Steeple2012-04-14Woodward Relays07:48.882
2000m Steeple2010-04-10Woodward Relays07:49.122
3 Mile XC2012-09-29Frank Keyser Invitational18:08.13
3 Mile XC2009-10-03Frank Keyser Invitational18:09.31
3 Mile XC2011-10-01Frank Keyser Invitational18:17.42
3 Mile XC2012-10-04Coyote XC Invitational18:291
3 Mile XC2010-10-02Frank Keyser Invitational18:29.331
3 Mile XC2012-11-014A West Regional19:1010
3 Mile XC2012-11-104A State Championship20:05.410
3 Mile XC2011-11-124A State Championship20:15.37
3 Mile XC2010-11-133A State Championship20:172
3 Mile XC2009-09-26Bull Run Invitational20:211
3 Mile XC2010-09-25Bull Run Invitational20:231
3 Mile XC2012-09-22Bull Run Invitational20:313
3 Mile XC2009-11-14MD State Championship20:402
3 Mile XC2011-09-24Bull Run Invitational20:422
3000m Run2010-04-16Knights Invitational11:02.592
3000m Run2012-04-20Knights Invitational11:06.424
300m Dash2011-12-28MCPS Meet #249.2446
300m Hurdles2010-04-10Woodward Relays53.3710
300m Hurdles2013-04-23Clarksburg and WM at SV53.402
300m Hurdles2010-04-07SV, SB @ Clarksburg53.505
300m Hurdles2013-04-16Clarksburg at QO60.58
3200m Run2013-01-26Last Track to Philly11:24.401
3200m Run2013-05-254A State Championship11:30.426
3200m Run2013-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship11:30.642
3200m Run2013-01-12Montgomery Invitational11:30.697
3200m Run2013-05-08MoCo Championship11:30.794
3200m Run2013-02-074A West Regional11:31.362
3200m Run2012-05-264A State Championship11:34.035
3200m Run2011-02-233A State Championship11:34.441
3200m Run2010-05-193A West Region11:35.521
3200m Run2011-12-17Dickinson Invitational11:35.693
3200m Run2011-01-24Montgomery Co. TF Championship11:36.422
3200m Run2012-05-164A West Region11:36.714
3200m Run2013-05-164A West Championship11:37.583
3200m Run2012-05-09MCPS Championship11:39.525
3200m Run2010-05-12MoCo Championship11:39.827
3200m Run2011-12-13MCPS Meet #111:40.711
3200m Run2011-05-273A State Championship11:42.193
3200m Run2010-05-283A State Championship11:44.306
3200m Run2010-01-09Montgomery Invitational11:45.9410
3200m Run2012-12-21Dwight Scott Invitational11:45.961
3200m Run2011-05-183A West Regional11:49.021
3200m Run2012-01-23Montgomery Co. TF Championship11:50.963
3200m Run2012-12-15Dickinson HS Invitational11:51.823
3200m Run2010-01-25Montgomery Co. TF Championship11:51.973
3200m Run2010-05-08Katie Jenkins Invitational11:52.851
3200m Run2013-04-16Clarksburg at QO11:54.41
3200m Run2010-12-18Smithsburg Invitational11:54.781
3200m Run2010-02-233A State Championship12:01.293
3200m Run2010-02-173A West Regional12:02.932
3200m Run2009-12-12Holiday Invitational12:06.792
3200m Run2011-05-10MoCo Championship12:07.859
3200m Run2012-02-094A West Regional12:15.465
3200m Run2012-04-11Clarksburg and QO at Northwest12:20.32
3200m Run2011-04-06Cburg, Sherwood @ SB12:252
3200m Run2011-02-093A West Region12:34.201
3200m Run2013-04-09NW and WM at Clarksburg12:46.20
3200m Run2010-04-28Cb, Wheaton @ Pool12:511
400m Dash2013-04-23Clarksburg and WM at SV69.348
5000m XC2011-11-26NXN Southeast Regional18:57.0036
5000m XC2010-10-23MoCo XC Championship18:59.153
5000m XC2012-10-13Glory Days Invitational19:1116
5000m XC2010-11-27Nike Southeast Regional19:11.1049
5000m XC2011-10-22Montgomery Co. Championship19:16.54
5000m XC2012-10-20MoCo Championship19:16.946
5000m XC2011-09-03Peter Geraghty Invitational19:19.905
5000m XC2010-09-10Magruder Invitational19:27.41
5000m XC2011-11-034A West Regional19:27.43
5000m XC2009-10-06AE, Pool at CB19:281
5000m XC2010-09-04Peter Geraghty Invitational19:40.884
5000m XC2010-09-28Blair at Clarksburg19:411
5000m XC2009-10-24MoCo XC Championship19:417
5000m XC2012-09-11Clarksburg at Springbrook19:501
5000m XC2010-09-21Clarksburg at Poolesville19:541
5000m XC2012-09-19Blair, Clarksburg at Damascus19:551
5000m XC2012-09-08Oakdale Invitational19:55.51
5000m XC2009-09-11Magruder Invitational19:55.504
5000m XC2012-09-01Seahawk Invitational19:561
5000m XC2009-09-15Clarksburg at Springbrook19:591
5000m XC2012-11-24NXN Southeast20:01.00131
5000m XC2010-11-20Battle of the Potomac20:024
5000m XC2011-09-27Blair, Einstein @ Clarksburg20:051
5000m XC2010-09-15Clarksburg, Einstein at Rockville20:081
5000m XC2010-10-16Georgetown Prep XC Classic20:08.811
5000m XC2011-11-19Battle of the Potomac20:163
5000m XC2009-09-30CB, Rville @ Mag20:19.001
5000m XC2012-09-14South Carroll Invitational20:27.21
5000m XC2011-09-14Springbrook @ Clarksburg20:331
5000m XC2012-11-17Battle of the Potomac 720:3813
5000m XC2011-10-11QO Homecoming Invitational20:401
5000m XC2009-11-053A West Regional20:403
5000m XC2010-11-043A West Region Championship21:08.311
5000m XC2010-10-05Clarksburg at Northwood21:281
500m Dash2011-12-28MCPS Meet #201:28.269
500m Dash2013-01-05Southern Maryland Classic01:29.1935
500m Dash2009-12-16Around the Town Invite Day 201:30.503
500m Dash2011-12-10CCBC Essex Invite #101:31.6711
800m Run2011-12-28MCPS Meet #202:28.732
800m Run2011-02-233A State Championship02:29.966
800m Run2013-04-20Waldorf Track Classic02:30.876
800m Run2011-01-24Montgomery Co. TF Championship02:30.966
800m Run2011-05-183A West Regional02:31.644
800m Run2012-01-23Montgomery Co. TF Championship02:31.699
800m Run2012-05-164A West Region02:32.5621
800m Run2013-01-05Southern Maryland Classic02:33.5312
800m Run2013-04-23Clarksburg and WM at SV02:34.602
800m Run2011-02-093A West Region02:34.703
800m Run2009-12-16Around the Town Invite Day 202:35.102
800m Run2012-04-11Clarksburg and QO at Northwest02:35.73
800m Run2012-03-23Coyote Invitational02:36.048
800m Run2013-04-12Lanham Rebel Relays02:36.334
800m Run2010-12-11CCBC Essex Invite02:37.64
800m Run2013-04-09NW and WM at Clarksburg02:37.90
800m Run2010-04-28Cb, Wheaton @ Pool02:381
800m Run2011-05-273A State Championship02:40.8216
800m Run2012-02-094A West Regional02:41.8114
800m Run2013-03-21Coyote Invitational02:42.099
High Jump2011-04-13Clarksburg @ Poolesville4-03
High Jump2011-03-30Wheaton, SV @ Clarksburg4-00
High Jump2009-12-12Holiday Invitational4-00.0011
Mile Run2011-01-08Montgomery Invitational05:14.067
Mile Run2012-01-07Montgomery Invitational05:16.515
Mile Run2011-01-29Last Track to Philly05:22.781
Individual Titles

IT 20103A State1600m Run
IT 20113A West Region3200m Run
IT 20113A West Region1600m Run
IT 20113A State1600m Run
IT 20113A State3200m Run
IT 2012Montgomery County1600m Run
OT 20103A West Region3200m Run
OT 20103A West Region1600m Run
OT 20113A West Region3200m Run
XC 20103A West Region5000m XC
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