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Chase Osborne
Class of 2018 (Update/Correct)
1600m Run2017-02-094A West Regional04:25.983
1600m Run2017-04-19NW Poolesville at WM04:31.471
1600m Run2017-05-02Northwest at Quince Orchard 04:31.92
1600m Run2017-12-29Mountain Express Invite04:32.631
1600m Run2016-01-20Montgomery Co. TF Championship04:35.245
1600m Run2015-05-144A West Regional04:36.2216
1600m Run2016-01-02UMES Invitational04:37.28c4
1600m Run2017-02-214A State Championship04:37.618
1600m Run2017-04-22Harry Green Invitational04:37.724
1600m Run2016-04-19Damascus, QO at Northwest04:37.83
1600m Run2017-12-05MCPS Meet #104:38.435
1600m Run2017-01-28Franklin & Marshall Invitational04:38.575
1600m Run2016-12-06MCPS Meet #204:39.832
1600m Run2017-04-08Heurich Invitational04:39.972
1600m Run2016-12-27MCPS Meet #304:41.686
1600m Run2016-04-05NW, Pool at Clarksburg04:42.90
1600m Run2016-03-22Northwest at Seneca Valley04:43.471
1600m Run2017-01-18Montgomery Co. TF Championship04:43.5110
1600m Run2015-04-14Dam, Pool at Northwest04:462
1600m Run2015-04-18Madric HOF Invitational04:46.801
1600m Run2015-01-24Last Track to Philly04:49.14c10
1600m Run2015-01-20Montgomery Co. TF Championship04:50.8216
1600m Run2015-03-28Central Falcon Invite04:50.843
1600m Run2015-01-10Montgomery Invitational04:51.9135
1600m Run2016-01-16PG Invitational04:52.132
1600m Run2014-12-06MCPS Meet #104:53.4023
1600m Run2017-03-25Central Invitational04:53.465
1600m Run2015-02-054A West Regional04:53.9915
1600m Run2015-05-09MoCo B Championship04:54.9512
1600m Run2018-04-17Watkins Mill at Northwest04:56.021
1600m Run2014-12-30MCPS Meet #304:56.6726
1600m Run2015-03-25NW at Seneca Valley04:56.942
2.5 Mile XC2017-10-14Manhattan Invitational13:37.112
2.5 Mile XC2015-10-10Manhattan Invitational13:46.031
3 Mile XC2015-10-17Frank Keyser Invite16:19.919
3 Mile XC2017-09-02Brunswick Invitational16:39.032
3 Mile XC2016-09-24DC XC Invitational16:4119
3 Mile XC2016-09-03Brunswick Invitational16:53.2211
3 Mile XC2016-11-12Maryland State Championship16:59.1324
3 Mile XC2017-11-114A State Championship17:20.6542
3 Mile XC2015-11-14MD State Championship17:53.5466
3 Mile XC2014-11-084A State Championship18:10.181
3200m Run2015-04-21NW, WM at Clarksburg10:420
4000m Run2016-10-08Manhattan Invitational14:02.345
400m Dash2017-05-10MCPS Championships50.264
400m Dash2017-04-05Clarksburg, NW at Damascus 50.411
400m Dash2016-04-12Watkins Mill at Northwest52.02
5000m XC2017-09-23DCXC Invitational16:1310
5000m XC2017-10-04Tidewater Classic16:41.936
5000m XC2017-09-19Northwest, Blair at B-CC16:46.63
5000m XC2017-10-11Churchill at Northwest16:50.541
5000m XC2016-10-05Tidewater Classic16:50.707
5000m XC2017-09-09Rebel Invitational16:53.55
5000m XC2017-10-21Montgomery Co. Championship16:58.2043
5000m XC2015-10-26MoCo XC Championship16:59.437
5000m XC2016-10-22Montgomery Co. Championship17:04.0724
5000m XC2015-09-05Brunswick Invitational17:07.24
5000m XC2016-09-20PB, Einstein at Northwest17:102
5000m XC2015-11-054A West Regional17:20.826
5000m XC2015-10-07Tidewater Classic17:23.1616
5000m XC2017-09-26Wootton at Northwest17:25.782
5000m XC2017-09-16Oatlands Invitational17:2849
5000m XC2017-11-024A West Regional17:32.0017
5000m XC2016-09-10Track and Trail Invitational17:36.87
5000m XC2016-09-27Einstein, NW, WW at Sherwood17:41.424
5000m XC2016-11-034A West Regional17:43.6645
5000m XC2015-09-19Oatlands Invitational17:494
5000m XC2014-10-01Tidewater Invitational 17:59.2322
5000m XC2017-09-12Northwest at Whitman18:12.932
5000m XC2016-09-17William and Mary Invitational18:21.6764
5000m XC2014-10-18Montgomery Co. Championship18:236
5000m XC2015-09-09Paint Branch at Northwest18:233
5000m XC2014-09-23Cburg, NW, GP at Sherwood18:24.0014
5000m XC2015-09-29Sherwood, NW at QO18:29.85
5000m XC2014-09-27PG Invitational18:41.94
5000m XC2016-09-07Northwest at Clarksburg18:471
5000m XC2015-09-15Wootton, NW, PV at Sherwood18:51.9518
5000m XC2014-09-10Einstein, NW at QO20:34.725
5000m XC2014-09-16Churchill at Northwest20:4538
500m Dash2017-12-16Howard Co Winterfest01:07.192
500m Dash2017-12-26MCPS Meet #301:08.183
500m Dash2018-01-30Montgomery Co. Championship01:08.652
500m Dash2015-12-05MCPS Meet #101:11.15
500m Dash2015-12-29MCPS Meet #301:12.611
800m Run2018-06-01John Hay Distance Festival01:53.556
800m Run2017-05-274A State Championship01:54.262
800m Run2018-05-174A West Regional01:55.341
800m Run2018-05-264A State Championship01:56.392
800m Run2016-05-194A West Regional01:56.525
800m Run2017-02-094A West Regional01:56.611
800m Run2018-05-09MCPS Championship01:56.722
800m Run2017-05-204A West Regional01:57.092
800m Run2017-06-18NB Outdoor Nationals01:57.3131
800m Run2016-05-274A State Championship01:57.496
800m Run2017-02-214A State Championship01:57.931
800m Run2018-02-204A State Championship01:58.011
800m Run2018-04-23NW and QO at Clarksburg01:58.81
800m Run2016-04-16Viking Invitational01:58.833
800m Run2017-12-05MCPS Meet #101:59.262
800m Run2016-05-11Montgomery Co. Championship01:59.305
800m Run2017-01-14Montgomery Invitational01:59.562
800m Run2017-01-28Franklin & Marshall Invitational01:59.653
800m Run2018-01-20Virginia Showcase02:00.277
800m Run2017-04-08Heurich Invitational02:00.931
800m Run2018-01-13Montgomery Invitational02:01.273
800m Run2016-03-26Central Invitational02:01.684
800m Run2016-04-05NW, Pool at Clarksburg02:01.80
800m Run2016-12-27MCPS Meet #302:02.502
800m Run2016-02-234A State Championship02:03.137
800m Run2016-04-19Damascus, QO at Northwest02:03.23
800m Run2017-03-25Central Invitational02:03.407
800m Run2016-03-22Northwest at Seneca Valley02:03.411
800m Run2017-04-19NW Poolesville at WM02:03.901
800m Run2016-12-06MCPS Meet #202:04.243
800m Run2016-01-20Montgomery Co. TF Championship02:04.865
800m Run2015-12-12Howard Co. Invitational02:04.956
800m Run2015-12-08MCPS Meet #202:05.16
800m Run2017-05-10MCPS Championships02:05.5013
800m Run2017-12-29Mountain Express Invite02:05.761
800m Run2017-04-05Clarksburg, NW at Damascus 02:061
800m Run2016-02-044A West Regional02:06.324
800m Run2018-02-084A West Regional02:06.335
800m Run2018-04-17Watkins Mill at Northwest02:06.901
800m Run2015-04-14Dam, Pool at Northwest02:073
800m Run2015-04-18Madric HOF Invitational02:07.551
800m Run2016-04-12Watkins Mill at Northwest02:083
800m Run2015-05-09MoCo B Championship02:09.065
800m Run2015-03-28Central Falcon Invite02:11.659
800m Run2015-12-29MCPS Meet #302:13.620
800m Run2015-03-25NW at Seneca Valley02:15.295
800m Run2017-05-02Northwest at Quince Orchard 02:17.08
800m Run2015-01-03UMES HS Invitational02:17.6726
Mile Run2016-01-02UMES Invitational04:38.894
Mile Run2015-01-24Last Track to Philly04:50.8210
Mile Run2015-01-03UMES HS Invitational04:58.2613
Individual Titles

IT 20174A West Region800m Run
IT 20174A State800m Run
IT 20184A State800m Run
OT 20184A West Region800m Run
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