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Halsey Sinclair
Montgomery Blair
Class of 2007 (Update/Correct)
1500m Run2004-04-27North County Invitational04:48.62
1500m Run2006-04-11Knights Invitational04:52.91
1500m Run2004-04-27North County Invitational10:32.81
1600m Run2004-03-14Nike Indoor Championships05:06.13c1
1600m Run2007-05-164A West Regional05:06.342
1600m Run2006-05-174A West Regional05:07.01
1600m Run2007-01-27Virginia Tech Invitational05:07.421
1600m Run2006-05-11Montgomery Co. Championship05:07.71
1600m Run2004-06-18adidas Outdoor Championships05:07.77c3
1600m Run2004-05-06Montgomery Co. Championship05:07.81
1600m Run2004-05-28MD State Championship05:08.003
1600m Run2005-05-26Maryland Outdoor State Meet05:09.053
1600m Run2005-05-184A West Regional05:09.112
1600m Run2007-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship05:09.252
1600m Run2004-05-194A West Regional05:09.41
1600m Run2007-01-13Montgomery Invitational05:09.41c4
1600m Run2007-01-06Hispanic Games05:09.45c7
1600m Run2007-03-24Cougar Relays05:09.96c1
1600m Run2007-05-10Montgomery Co. Championship05:10.62
1600m Run2006-01-14Montgomery Invitational05:10.90c3
1600m Run2004-02-16Indoor State Championship05:11.582
1600m Run2006-01-23Montgomery Co. TF Championship05:11.61
1600m Run2007-02-224A/3A State Championship05:11.613
1600m Run2007-05-26State Championship Day 305:11.753
1600m Run2006-05-274A State Championship05:12.362
1600m Run2007-05-04Katie Jenkins Invitational05:12.61
1600m Run2007-02-203A/4A West Regional05:13.02
1600m Run2006-02-20Indoor State Championship05:14.832
1600m Run2004-01-24Montgomery Co. TF Championship05:16.231
1600m Run2005-01-24Montgomery Co. TF Championship05:17.751
1600m Run2005-02-143A/4A West Regional05:19.372
1600m Run2005-02-21MD Indoor State Meet05:23.706
1600m Run2004-02-123a-4a West Regional05:30.01
1600m Run2006-02-073A/4A West Regional05:30.81
3 Mile XC2006-10-13Meade Autumn Classic17:53.52
3 Mile XC2005-10-01William and Mary Invitational18:386
3 Mile XC2006-09-30Bull Run Invitational19:252
3 Mile XC2003-11-08MD XC State Championship19:362
3 Mile XC2004-11-13MD XC State Championship19:521
3 Mile XC2006-11-114A Maryland State Championship20:17.08
3 Mile XC2005-11-12Maryland XC State Meet20:48.0224
3000m Run2006-04-11Knights Invitational10:52.81
3200m Run2006-05-11Montgomery Co. Championship11:01.31
3200m Run2007-05-164A West Regional11:02.31
3200m Run2004-05-28MD State Championship11:04.011
3200m Run2004-12-18Howard County Winterfest11:07.181
3200m Run2006-05-174A West Regional11:08.21
3200m Run2007-05-10Montgomery Co. Championship11:09.11
3200m Run2004-05-06Montgomery Co. Championship11:11.21
3200m Run2005-01-08Montgomery Invitational11:11.512
3200m Run2006-05-05Katie Jenkins Invitational11:14.01
3200m Run2007-01-13Montgomery Invitational11:14.452
3200m Run2004-05-194A West Regional11:14.501
3200m Run2006-06-16Nike Outdoor Nationals11:16.99c10
3200m Run2005-05-10Montgomery Co. Championship11:17.01
3200m Run2005-05-184A West Regional11:19.161
3200m Run2007-02-224A/3A State Championship11:19.564
3200m Run2007-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship11:20.92
3200m Run2006-01-14Montgomery Invitational11:21.074
3200m Run2005-05-00TC Williams Invitational11:21.381
3200m Run2006-05-274A State Championship11:21.55
3200m Run2007-05-04Katie Jenkins Invitational11:22.01
3200m Run2006-01-23Montgomery Co. TF Championship11:23.61
3200m Run2005-05-26Maryland Outdoor State Meet11:26.313
3200m Run2004-02-16Indoor State Championship11:27.841
3200m Run2005-01-24Montgomery Co. TF Championship11:28.661
3200m Run2004-01-24Montgomery Co. TF Championship11:32.281
3200m Run2006-02-20Indoor State Championship11:36.864
3200m Run2007-05-25State Championship Day 211:38.55
3200m Run2005-12-17Howard County Winter Trackfest11:38.983
3200m Run2005-02-21MD Indoor State Meet11:41.796
3200m Run2007-02-203A/4A West Regional11:42.14
3200m Run2006-02-073A/4A West Regional11:49.22
3200m Run2004-01-11Montgomery Invitational11:50.372
3200m Run2005-02-143A/4A West Regional11:51.002
3200m Run2004-02-123a-4a West Regional12:32.01
5000m Track2007-06-14Nike Outdoor Nationals18:09.192
5000m Track2007-03-11Nike Indoor Nationals18:36.747
5000m XC2004-10-23Montgomery Co. XC Championship18:28.661
5000m XC2006-10-21MoCo XC Championship18:39.83
5000m XC2006-09-19Churchill Blair @ Gaithersburg18:431
5000m XC2003-10-25Montgomery Co. XC Championship18:45.391
5000m XC2006-11-25Footlocker Northeast Regional18:48.227
5000m XC2004-09-29Gburg, Dam, WC, Blair18:48:001
5000m XC2004-10-16Georgetown Prep Classic18:51.192
5000m XC2005-10-22Montgomery Co. XC Championship18:59.001
5000m XC2003-10-18Georgetown Prep Classic19:04.892
5000m XC2006-11-024A West Regional19:05.31
5000m XC2004-11-044A West Regional19:15.371
5000m XC2003-10-08Blair, Whitman at Wheaton19:23:001
5000m XC2004-11-27Footlocker Northeast Regional19:35.852
5000m XC2003-11-29Footlocker Northeast Regional19:44.549
5000m XC2003-09-00Blair Wootton Sherwood19:57:002
5000m XC2006-09-13Wootton Blair @ Magruder20:00.01
5000m XC2004-09-18Bull Run Invitational20:021
5000m XC2005-11-034A West Regional20:23.3010
5000m XC2005-09-09Howard County Invitational20:55.53
5000m XC2005-10-05Blair, Damascus, PB, Magruder21:121
5000m XC2003-09-15Blair vs. Quince Orchard21:25:001
800m Run2007-05-26State Championship Day 302:16.995
800m Run2004-05-194A West Regional02:18.01
800m Run2004-05-28MD State Championship02:18.055
800m Run2006-05-174A West Regional02:18.42
800m Run2005-05-26Maryland Outdoor State Meet02:18.723
800m Run2007-05-10Montgomery Co. Championship02:19.14
800m Run2007-05-164A West Regional02:19.413
800m Run2007-05-04Katie Jenkins Invitational02:20.21
800m Run2006-05-11Montgomery Co. Championship02:20.74
800m Run2004-05-06Montgomery Co. Championship02:21.04
800m Run2004-04-27North County Invitational02:21.22
800m Run2005-05-184A West Regional02:24.284
800m Run2006-01-23Montgomery Co. TF Championship02:24.93
800m Run2006-05-274A State Championship02:25.6712
800m Run2005-02-143A/4A West Regional02:27.013
800m Run2004-02-16Indoor State Championship02:27.117
800m Run2005-01-24Montgomery Co. TF Championship02:27.323
800m Run2005-02-21MD Indoor State Meet02:28.5212
800m Run2004-02-123a-4a West Regional02:32.11
High Jump2004-12-29MCPS Developmental Relays4-045
Mile Run2004-03-14Nike Indoor Championships05:07.911
Mile Run2004-06-18adidas Outdoor Championships05:09.563
Mile Run2007-01-13Montgomery Invitational05:11.214
Mile Run2007-01-06Hispanic Games05:11.257
Mile Run2007-03-24Cougar Relays05:11.81
Mile Run2006-01-14Montgomery Invitational05:12.713
Mile Run2005-01-08Montgomery Invitational05:13.084
Mile Run2004-01-11Montgomery Invitational05:22.415
Two Mile Run2006-06-16Nike Outdoor Nationals11:20.910
Two Mile Run2005-06-18Nike Outdoor Nationals11:26.5928
Individual Titles

IT 2006Montgomery County3200m Run
IT 2006Montgomery County1600m Run
IT 20063A/4A West Region1600m Run
OT 2006Montgomery County1600m Run
OT 2006Montgomery County3200m Run
OT 20064A West Region1600m Run
OT 20064A West Region3200m Run
OT 2007Montgomery County3200m Run
OT 20074A West Region3200m Run
XC 20064A West Region5000m XC
IT 2004Montgomery County3200m Run
IT 2004Montgomery County1600m Run
IT 20043A/4A West Region3200m Run
IT 20043A/4A West Region1600m Run
IT 20043A/4A West Region800m Run
IT 20044A/3A State3200m Run
IT 2005Montgomery County3200m Run
IT 2005Montgomery County1600m Run
OT 2004Montgomery County3200m Run
OT 2004Montgomery County1600m Run
OT 20044A West Region1600m Run
OT 20044A West Region800m Run
OT 20044A West Region3200m Run
OT 20044A State3200m Run
OT 2005Montgomery County3200m Run
OT 20054A West Region3200m Run
XC 2003Montgomery County5000m XC
XC 2004Montgomery County5000m XC
XC 20044A West Region5000m XC
XC 20044A State3 Mile XC
XC 2005Montgomery County5000m XC
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