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Elton Quansah
Class of 2017 (Update/Correct)
1600m Run2016-12-27MCPS Meet #304:46.7712
1600m Run2016-12-06MCPS Meet #204:50.8512
1600m Run2017-04-05Clarksburg, NW at Damascus 04:524
1600m Run2017-01-28Franklin & Marshall Invitational04:58.5529
1600m Run2015-04-18Madric HOF Invitational05:03.084
1600m Run2014-04-12Charas Heurich Invitational05:03.377
1600m Run2016-05-11Montgomery Co. Championship05:03.9020
1600m Run2014-05-10Montgomery County B05:04.7629
1600m Run2015-04-21NW, WM at Clarksburg05:080
1600m Run2014-04-29Clarksburg, NW at QO05:09.88
2.5 Mile XC2015-10-10Manhattan Invitational13:50.640
2.5 Mile XC2014-10-11Manhattan Invitational14:20.754
3 Mile XC2015-10-17Frank Keyser Invite16:30.326
3 Mile XC2016-09-24DC XC Invitational16:3835
3 Mile XC2015-11-14MD State Championship17:36.2445
3 Mile XC2016-09-03Brunswick Invitational17:38.3728
300m Dash2014-12-30MCPS Meet #339.6629
300m Dash2013-12-07MCPS Meet #1 39.717
300m Dash2015-01-20Montgomery Co. TF Championship41.1136
3200m Run2016-04-05NW, Pool at Clarksburg10:56.60
3200m Run2014-04-08NW, SV at Poolesville11:30.73
3200m Run2014-04-01Damascus at Northwest12:002
4000m Run2016-10-08Manhattan Invitational14:22.268
400m Dash2017-05-204A West Regional52.107
400m Dash2017-04-19NW Poolesville at WM52.402
400m Dash2017-05-02Northwest at Quince Orchard 52.72
400m Dash2017-04-22Harry Green Invitational52.744
400m Dash2015-05-144A West Regional52.838
400m Dash2015-05-09MoCo B Championship53.082
400m Dash2017-03-25Central Invitational53.2018
400m Dash2016-03-26Central Invitational53.5518
400m Dash2017-01-28Franklin & Marshall Invitational53.578
400m Dash2016-05-194A West Regional53.8817
400m Dash2017-04-08Heurich Invitational54.165
400m Dash2016-04-19Damascus, QO at Northwest54.44
400m Dash2015-04-14Dam, Pool at Northwest54.73
400m Dash2016-03-22Northwest at Seneca Valley55.874
400m Dash2014-05-10Montgomery County B56.7325
400m Dash2014-03-22Screaming Eagle Invitational56.937
5000m XC2015-10-07Tidewater Classic17:04.337
5000m XC2015-10-26MoCo XC Championship17:04.442
5000m XC2016-10-05Tidewater Classic17:09.3910
5000m XC2015-09-05Brunswick Invitational17:25.38
5000m XC2015-11-054A West Regional17:26.029
5000m XC2016-09-17William and Mary Invitational17:36.1738
5000m XC2014-10-01Tidewater Invitational 17:45.1816
5000m XC2016-09-10Track and Trail Invitational17:49.911
5000m XC2016-09-27Einstein, NW, WW at Sherwood17:56.428
5000m XC2014-09-27PG Invitational17:59.32
5000m XC2015-09-19Oatlands Invitational18:1516
5000m XC2015-09-15Wootton, NW, PV at Sherwood18:24.6110
5000m XC2015-09-09Paint Branch at Northwest18:304
5000m XC2014-09-23Cburg, NW, GP at Sherwood18:31.0019
5000m XC2014-10-18Montgomery Co. Championship18:327
5000m XC2014-09-16Churchill at Northwest18:3417
5000m XC2015-09-29Sherwood, NW at QO19:02.58
5000m XC2016-09-07Northwest at Clarksburg19:105
5000m XC2014-09-10Einstein, NW at QO19:16.714
5000m XC2014-09-13William and Mary Invitational19:29.422
500m Dash2015-02-054A West Regional01:11.5611
500m Dash2016-01-02UMES Invitational01:12.0011
500m Dash2015-12-05MCPS Meet #101:12.913
500m Dash2015-01-03UMES HS Invitational01:13.3617
500m Dash2014-12-06MCPS Meet #101:13.639
500m Dash2014-12-30MCPS Meet #301:14.4319
500m Dash2013-12-30MCPS Meet #301:17.227
55 Dash ht2013-12-07MCPS Meet #1 8.967
800m Run2016-04-16Viking Invitational02:04.5715
800m Run2017-04-08Heurich Invitational02:06.205
800m Run2016-01-09Montgomery Invitational02:06.9521
800m Run2017-05-02Northwest at Quince Orchard 02:07.02
800m Run2016-03-22Northwest at Seneca Valley02:08.054
800m Run2016-04-19Damascus, QO at Northwest02:08.46
800m Run2015-12-29MCPS Meet #302:08.410
800m Run2015-12-08MCPS Meet #202:08.811
800m Run2015-04-18Madric HOF Invitational02:10.093
800m Run2015-05-09MoCo B Championship02:10.708
800m Run2016-01-16PG Invitational02:10.768
800m Run2016-02-044A West Regional02:11.5311
800m Run2015-04-21NW, WM at Clarksburg02:12.30
800m Run2016-01-02UMES Invitational02:12.6410
800m Run2015-03-25NW at Seneca Valley02:14.113
800m Run2014-12-09MCPS Meet #202:15.3938
800m Run2015-04-14Dam, Pool at Northwest02:1710
800m Run2014-04-29Clarksburg, NW at QO02:25.314
800m Run2014-04-01Damascus at Northwest02:275
Individual Titles

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