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Andrew Jesien
Walter Johnson
Class of 2005 (Update/Correct)
1000m Run2004-01-31Microtel Invitational02:31.051
1000m Run2005-01-29Virginia Tech Invitational02:32.652
1500m Steeple2005-04-00Woodward Relays04:42.211
1600m Run2005-04-28Penn Relays04:09.35c1
1600m Run2005-02-21MD Indoor State Meet04:16.981
1600m Run2005-05-184A West Regional04:17.381
1600m Run2005-05-10Montgomery Co. Championship04:17.41
1600m Run2005-05-26Maryland Outdoor State Meet04:19.611
1600m Run2005-02-04Millrose Games04:19.84c3
1600m Run2003-05-27Maryland State Meet04:21.801
1600m Run2003-05-153A West Regional04:26.702
1600m Run2005-03-22Gaithersburg vs. Walter Johnson04:271
1600m Run2004-01-24Montgomery Co. TF Championship04:27.891
1600m Run2004-03-14Nike Indoor Championships04:28.22c21
1600m Run2005-02-143A/4A West Regional04:29.621
1600m Run2002-05-153A West Regional04:38.26
1600m Run2003-02-103A/4A West Regional04:44.603
1600m Run2004-02-123a-4a West Regional04:49.21
1600m Run2003-02-01Virginia Tech Invitational04:59.03116
1600m Run2003-02-24MD Indoor State Meet05:03.2211
2.5 Mile XC2003-10-11Manhattan Invitational13:07.06
2000m Steeple2003-06-14adidas Outdoor Championships06:15.0313
3 Mile XC2004-10-02Maymont XC Festival14:592
3 Mile XC2003-10-04William and Mary Invitational15:031
3 Mile XC2003-11-08MD XC State Championship16:352
3 Mile XC2002-10-05William and Mary Invitational16:3715
3 Mile XC2004-11-13MD XC State Championship16:492
3 Mile XC2002-11-09MD XC State Championship17:51.3934
3200m Run2005-05-26Maryland Outdoor State Meet09:19.841
3200m Run2005-05-184A West Regional09:32.101
3200m Run2005-02-21MD Indoor State Meet09:32.151
3200m Run2005-02-143A/4A West Regional09:37.901
3200m Run2005-01-24Montgomery Co. TF Championship09:56.431
3200m Run2005-03-22Gaithersburg vs. Walter Johnson10:031
3200m Run2004-02-123a-4a West Regional10:38.91
5000m XC2004-10-08Meade Classic15:37.431
5000m XC2003-10-25Montgomery Co. XC Championship15:48.441
5000m XC2004-10-23Montgomery Co. XC Championship15:50.811
5000m XC2004-10-16Georgetown Prep Classic15:54.681
5000m XC2003-10-304A West Regional Boys16:13.991
5000m XC2003-10-18Georgetown Prep Classic16:16.062
5000m XC2004-11-044A West Regional16:40.941
5000m XC2003-09-06Best Little Invitational16:58:001
5000m XC2002-10-313A West Regional17:03.613
5000m XC2002-10-26Montgomery Co. XC Championship17:09.36
5000m XC2004-09-18Lake Fairfax Invitational17:462
5000m XC2002-09-27Knights Invitational17:503
500m Dash2004-01-31Microtel Invitational01:07.3414
800m Run2005-05-10Montgomery Co. Championship01:54.31
800m Run2003-05-07Montgomery Co. Championship01:56.201
800m Run2005-05-184A West Regional01:57.661
800m Run2005-05-26Maryland Outdoor State Meet01:57.922
800m Run2002-05-23Maryland Outdoor State Meet01:58.434
800m Run2003-05-153A West Regional01:59.103
800m Run2002-05-153A West Regional02:00.74
800m Run2005-02-143A/4A West Regional02:01.521
800m Run2003-05-27Maryland State Meet02:01.788
800m Run2004-01-24Montgomery Co. TF Championship02:02.071
800m Run2005-03-22Gaithersburg vs. Walter Johnson02:031
800m Run2003-01-18Yale Track Classic02:04.4217
800m Run2004-02-123a-4a West Regional02:13.01
Mile Run2005-04-28Penn Relays04:10.801
Mile Run2005-01-08Montgomery Invitational04:19.461
Mile Run2005-02-04Millrose Games04:21.353
Mile Run2004-01-17Yale Track Classic04:22.021
Mile Run2004-01-11Montgomery Invitational04:25.661
Mile Run2004-03-14Nike Indoor Championships04:29.7821
Mile Run2005-06-18Nike Outdoor Nationals04:30.6927
Individual Titles

IT 20043A/4A West Region1600m Run
IT 20054A/3A State1600m Run
OT 20054A West Region1600m Run
IT 2004Montgomery County1600m Run
IT 20053A/4A West Region1600m Run
OT 2005Montgomery County1600m Run
OT 20054A State1600m Run
OT 20033A State1600m Run
OT 20054A West Region3200m Run
IT 20053A/4A West Region3200m Run
IT 2005Montgomery County3200m Run
OT 20054A State3200m Run
IT 20043A/4A West Region3200m Run
IT 20054A/3A State3200m Run
XC 2004Montgomery County5000m XC
XC 20034A West Region5000m XC
XC 2003Montgomery County5000m XC
XC 20044A West Region5000m XC
OT 2003Montgomery County800m Run
IT 20043A/4A West Region800m Run
OT 20054A West Region800m Run
IT 2004Montgomery County800m Run
IT 20053A/4A West Region800m Run
OT 2005Montgomery County800m Run
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