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Susanna Maisto
Montgomery Blair
Class of 2016 (Update/Correct)
3 Mile XC2015-09-26Bull Run Invitational23:14.159
300m Dash2014-12-30MCPS Meet #343.367
300m Dash2015-12-08MCPS Meet #243.644
300m Dash2014-01-28Montgomery Co. TF Championship43.8317
300m Dash2015-12-29MCPS Meet #343.898
300m Dash2014-12-06MCPS Meet #144.087
300m Dash2013-12-07MCPS Meet #1 44.29
300m Dash2015-02-054A West Regional44.2314
300m Dash2015-12-05MCPS Meet #144.247
300m Dash2014-02-064A West Regional45.0115
300m Dash2014-01-04Southern MD Classic45.3232
300m Dash2012-12-13PG County Invitational45.5114
300m Dash2013-12-30MCPS Meet #345.819
400m Dash2016-05-194A West Regional57.973
400m Dash2016-04-16Viking Invitational58.324
400m Dash2016-05-274A State Championship58.779
400m Dash2016-05-11Montgomery Co. Championship59.103
400m Dash2015-05-144A West Regional59.883
400m Dash2015-05-02DCC Championship60.001
400m Dash2016-04-19Blair at Kennedy60.161
400m Dash2016-04-02Screaming Eagles Invitational60.194
400m Dash2015-05-234A State Championship60.5716
400m Dash2014-05-164A West Regional60.856
400m Dash2013-05-164A West Championship61.7610
400m Dash2013-04-20Viking Invitational62.2714
400m Dash2013-04-06Largo Lion Invitational62.6320
400m Dash2013-05-04Katie Jenkins Invitational62.6812
400m Dash2015-03-21Screaming Eagles Invitational64.2513
5000m XC2015-10-26MoCo XC Championship21:23.087
5000m XC2014-10-304A West Regional21:29.9156
5000m XC2014-10-18Montgomery County Championship21:41.1468
5000m XC2015-10-17MCPS Consortia Championships21:4511
5000m XC2013-10-19MCPS Championship 22:0387
5000m XC2013-10-01Coyote Run 22:0334
5000m XC2013-10-314A West Region Championship 22:09.3061
5000m XC2013-09-21Spiked Shoe Invitational 22:1536
5000m XC2014-09-23Blair at Blake22:306
5000m XC2013-10-12MCPS Consortia Championships22:3114
5000m XC2012-10-20MoCo Championship22:39.7518
5000m XC2014-10-11MCPS Consortia Championships22:5220
5000m XC2012-10-13MCPS Consortia Championships22:5517
5000m XC2012-10-09Blair at Springbrook22:589
5000m XC2015-10-06Blair, Nwd, SpB at Clarksburg22:5911
5000m XC2014-09-16Springbrook at Blair23:004
5000m XC2014-09-10Blair at Northwood23:015
5000m XC2014-09-30PB, Blair at Gburg23:368
5000m XC2015-11-054A West Regional23:42.874
5000m XC2015-09-29Blair, SpB, Blake at Nwd23:4315
5000m XC2012-10-04Blair at Rockville24:03.19
5000m XC2013-09-24Northwest, Blair at Whitman24:06.4825
5000m XC2013-10-08Churchill, Blair @ Landon24:08.0326
5000m XC2013-09-11Blair at Poolesville24:18.0011
5000m XC2014-09-27DC XC Invitational24:32107
5000m XC2015-09-15Nwd, Gburg, SpB at Blair24:5211
5000m XC2013-11-23Battle of the Potomac29:4759
500m Dash2016-01-20Montgomery Co. TF Championship01:19.922
500m Dash2015-02-233A-4A State Championship01:20.578
500m Dash2016-02-234A State Championship01:20.674
500m Dash2015-02-054A West Regional01:20.903
500m Dash2015-01-20Montgomery Co. TF Championship01:22.155
500m Dash2016-01-09Montgomery Invitational01:22.2813
500m Dash2015-01-10Montgomery Invitational01:24.6228
500m Dash2016-02-044A West Regional01:25.203
500m Dash2015-12-05MCPS Meet #101:25.55
800m Run2016-04-16Viking Invitational02:25.646
800m Run2014-01-11Montgomery Invitational02:34.3432
800m Run2015-12-29MCPS Meet #302:35.19
800m Run2014-01-28Montgomery Co. TF Championship02:35.8920
800m Run2014-01-04Southern MD Classic02:38.3119
800m Run2013-12-07MCPS Meet #1 02:39.916
Individual Titles

OT 2015Down County Consortium400m Dash
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