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Nandini Satsangi
Class of 2019 (Update/Correct)
1600m Run2017-05-273A State Championship05:09.913
1600m Run2017-04-22Viking Invitational05:14.78c4
1600m Run2017-05-173A West Regional05:17.151
1600m Run2016-05-193A West Regional05:20.564
1600m Run2016-05-273A State Championship05:22.4810
1600m Run2017-04-08Jim Vollmer Invitational05:23.252
1600m Run2017-05-06Katie Jenkins Invitational05:28.061
1600m Run2016-04-05NW, Pool at Clarksburg05:47.30
3 Mile XC2016-09-24DC XC Invitational18:252
3 Mile XC2017-09-02Brunswick Invitational18:59.971
3 Mile XC2015-11-14MD State Championship19:45.602
3 Mile XC2016-11-12Maryland State Championship19:55.268
3 Mile XC2016-09-03Brunswick Invitational20:03.703
3 Mile XC2015-09-26DCXC Invitational20:12.02
3200m Run2017-05-273A State Championship11:07.011
3200m Run2017-05-10MCPS Championships11:19.222
3200m Run2016-05-11Montgomery Co. Championship11:29.305
3200m Run2016-05-273A State Championship11:31.254
3200m Run2017-04-01North Capitol Invitational11:34.862
3200m Run2017-03-25Screaming Eagles Invitational11:36.891
3200m Run2016-05-193A West Regional11:38.262
3200m Run2016-05-07Katie Jenkins Invitational11:39.871
3200m Run2017-04-08Jim Vollmer Invitational11:40.880
3200m Run2017-05-173A West Regional11:44.521
3200m Run2016-04-16Jim Vollmer Invitational11:51.342
400m Dash2016-04-12Damascus at Poolesville69.206
5000m XC2017-10-14Third Battle Invitational18:21.74
5000m XC2016-11-033A West Regional18:371
5000m XC2016-10-22Montgomery Co. Championship18:40.593
5000m XC2015-10-26MoCo XC Championship18:57.67
5000m XC2017-09-23DCXC Invitational18:591
5000m XC2016-10-01Urbana Invitational19:03.341
5000m XC2016-11-26Footlocker Northeast Regional19:04.529
5000m XC2017-10-07Glory Days Invitational19:184
5000m XC2016-10-08Wildcat Invitational19:30.641
5000m XC2015-11-28Footlocker NE Regional19:40.649
5000m XC2016-10-05Blair at Poolesville19:45.721
5000m XC2017-09-16Oatlands Invitational19:5310
5000m XC2015-08-29Great Meadow Invitational19:537
5000m XC2016-09-17Oatlands Invitational20:0217
5000m XC2015-10-17Georgetown Prep Classic20:06815
5000m XC2016-09-20Blake Damascus Pool at Gburg20:241
5000m XC2015-11-053A West Regional20:45.43
5000m XC2015-10-06Pville, PB at Sherwood20:57.893
5000m XC2015-09-08Wootton, QO at Poolesville20:58.002
5000m XC2016-09-13Nwd, Spb, Pool at Gaithersburg21:191
5000m XC2016-11-19Battle of the Potomac22:063
5000m XC2015-11-21Battle of the Potomac22:496
5000m XC2017-09-06Poolesville, Paint Branch at RM23:235
800m Run2017-05-173A West Regional02:26.959
800m Run2016-04-12Damascus at Poolesville02:36.602
800m Run2016-04-05NW, Pool at Clarksburg02:38.80
800m Run2016-04-16Jim Vollmer Invitational02:42.4111
Mile2017-04-22Viking Invitational05:16.624
Individual Titles

OT 20173A West Region3200m Run
OT 20173A West Region1600m Run
OT 20173A State3200m Run
XC 20163A West Region5000m XC
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