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MCPS Meet #1 Recap
By: Kevin Milsted

Here is a scrimmage-caliber recap of an unseeded, unscored scrimmage meet. The MCPS Meet #1 was unscored because the allotted opportunity for MCPS to compete at the PG Sportsplex landed one day before the MPSSAA's first play date of December 5, 2018.

This writer showed up late. Inexcusable, I know. In the first race that I witnessed, the Blair boys won the 4x800 in 8:20.

Madison Depry of Wheaton cleared 5-06 in the high jump while Taylor Wright of Northwest cleared 5-08 on her first attempt. Any other year, this would be a huge deal, but it has become commonplace for these two. Wright cleared 5-09 last indoor season and Depry cleared 5-07 last indoor season. It's great to see that both are back near top form already.

Some of the fastest times from the girls 4x200-meter relay included Northwest at 1:48.2, Quince Orchard at 1:48.8, Blake at 1:53.4, and Kennedy at 1:56.3. Some of the fastest times from the boys 4x200-meter relay included Northwest at 1:34.1, Paint Branch at 1:34.5, Wootton at 1:38.7, and B-CC at 1:39.0.

Nandini Satsangi of Poolesville kicked off the girls 4x1600-meter race with a blazing 5:18 split. Northwood's Madison Armonda looked good in second place with a 5:28. Whitman moved up from third place to first place quickly after that and finished first in 23:20.

Blair crossed the finish line first in the boys 4x1600-meter relay, but the consensus following the race was that one Blair runner skipped a lap. Northwood's Baraka Sila opened up the race with a 4:48 split and Northwood finished in 20:20.

Some of the fastest times from the girls 4x400-meter relay included Northwest in 4:21, Whitman in 4:25, Walter Johnson in 4:26, Gaithersburg in 4:27, and B-CC in 4:27. Some of the fastest times from the boys 4x400-meter relay included Blair in 3:37, Gaithersburg in 3:41, Paint Branch in 3:41, and Springbrook in 3:42.


2018-12-05 21:40:52

Damn, blair is tough

2018-12-05 21:47:37

Blair is most certainly not tough

2018-12-05 21:53:12

Thanks for showing up to a scrimmage. As a current moco runner, I greatly appreciate the time you spend covering us. Really. And big thanks to md milesplit for taking videos and pictures.

2018-12-06 10:56:50

Blair is big tuff

2018-12-06 11:04:19

Blair is small tough

2018-12-06 18:36:12

Blair was tuff in 1978

We’ll see about that
2018-12-06 19:59:03

We’ll see about that

2018-12-06 20:06:29

Blair is mid tough

2018-12-06 21:40:14

the 4x8 will be a good race this year, fast teams and a lot of competition. If I were to give a top 3 it’ll probably be Blair, Northwest, Paint Branch

2018-12-06 22:01:41

Blair will win the 4x8 if they can keep everyone healthy imo.

2018-12-07 10:49:42

Northwest is some S A U C E

2018-12-07 11:00:05

Watch out for the triple threats and simera on the 4x400

Ya movah
2018-12-07 18:00:09

Marissa Branham is sauce

2018-12-12 09:29:47

That kid with the Neon and black compression is most def fastest freshman

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