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Nick Adams
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Class of 2012 (Update/Correct)
1600m Run2011-05-184A West Regional04:25.715
1600m Run2011-05-10MoCo Championship04:29.377
1600m Run2011-05-274A State Championship04:32.8018
1600m Run2011-03-29WJ, JFK @ Whitman04:38.012
1600m Run2010-05-194A West Region04:39.7812
1600m Run2012-01-23Montgomery Co. TF Championship04:39.927
1600m Run2011-03-22RM @ Whitman04:41.203
1600m Run2010-05-12MoCo Championship04:41.2412
1600m Run2011-04-30Cassel's Track Experience04:45.7514
1600m Run2011-01-08Montgomery Invitational04:48.4334
1600m Run2010-04-17Viking Invitational04:53.6437
1600m Run2010-03-23Wootton @ Whitman05:03.36
1600m Run2009-05-09MoCo B Championship05:09.0035
1600m Run2009-04-21Whitman @ Wootton05:24.710
1600m Run2009-03-25Blake @ Whitman05:33.9810
2.5 Mile XC2009-10-10Manhattan Invitational14:36.680
3 Mile XC2011-11-124A State Championship17:01.88
3 Mile XC2010-10-05Whitman, Wootton at WJ17:467
3 Mile XC2010-09-28Whitman, NW at Churchill18:09.806
3 Mile XC2009-11-14MD State Championship19:0067
3200m Run2011-02-234A State Championship09:48.596
3200m Run2011-05-184A West Regional09:51.375
3200m Run2011-04-16Viking Invitational09:55.328
3200m Run2010-05-194A West Region10:00.3411
3200m Run2011-02-104A West Region10:00.748
3200m Run2011-04-05Whitman @ Wootton10:09.301
3200m Run2011-05-10MoCo Championship10:16.1213
3200m Run2011-04-30Cassel's Track Experience10:16.1612
3200m Run2010-05-12MoCo Championship10:17.5114
3200m Run2011-03-22RM @ Whitman10:24.001
3200m Run2011-01-24Montgomery Co. TF Championship10:26.8213
3200m Run2011-12-28MCPS Meet #210:28.203
3200m Run2010-04-27Blake, WJ @ Whitman10:42.573
3200m Run2010-12-17HCC Invitational10:48.459
3200m Run2010-03-23Wootton @ Whitman11:02.14
3200m Run2010-02-174A West Regional11:19.5316
400m Dash2009-05-09MoCo B Championship61.0038
5000m XC2011-10-22Montgomery County Championship16:19.386
5000m XC2011-09-03Peter Geraghty Invitational16:20.0010
5000m XC2011-09-30Paul Short Invitational16:313
5000m XC2011-11-034A West Regional16:33.05
5000m XC2011-11-26NXN Southeast Regional16:36.50109
5000m XC2011-09-17Oatlands Invitational16:4738
5000m XC2011-10-11Poolesville, RM @ Whitman16:59.691
5000m XC2011-10-04DAM, WW, B-CC @ Magruder17:01.001
5000m XC2011-10-15Georgetown Prep XC Classic17:10.56
5000m XC2010-10-02Octoberfest Invitational17:1853
5000m XC2010-09-04Peter Geraghty Invitational17:25.4739
5000m XC2010-10-23MoCo XC Championship17:30.6661
5000m XC2009-10-03Great American XC Festival17:4952
5000m XC2010-10-16Georgetown Prep XC Classic17:5117
5000m XC2010-09-25Oatlands Invitational17:5254
5000m XC2009-10-24MoCo XC Championship18:0561
5000m XC2009-09-26X-Country Festival at Maymont18:0689
5000m XC2011-09-14B-CC @ Whitman18:17.921
5000m XC2009-09-30Dam, Whit @ Sherwood18:32.0011
5000m XC2009-11-054A West Regional18:3445
5000m XC2009-11-21Battle of the Potomac18:3411
5000m XC2010-09-21Damascus at Whitman18:41.003
5000m XC2009-09-23NW, WJ @ Whitman18:59.6417
5000m XC2011-11-19Battle of the Potomac19:0213
5000m XC2010-11-044A West Region Championship19:04.2432
5000m XC2009-09-15Whitman at Churchill19:20.1012
800m Run2012-01-07Montgomery Invitational02:04.6215
800m Run2010-04-27Blake, WJ @ Whitman02:16.5811
800m Run2009-05-09MoCo B Championship02:24.8048
800m Run2009-03-25Blake @ Whitman02:29.752
Mile Run2012-01-07Montgomery Invitational04:36.949
Mile Run2011-01-29Last Track to Philly04:47.694
Individual Titles

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