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Thomas Arias
Class of 2010 (Update/Correct)
1600m Run2010-02-233A State Championship04:28.333
1600m Run2010-01-13DCIAA Invitational04:33.232
1600m Run2010-02-173A West Regional04:35.912
1600m Run2009-12-11Warrior Invitational04:37.942
1600m Run2009-12-11Warrior Invitational04:37.942
1600m Run2009-01-17Dickinson Invitational #204:40.184
1600m Run2008-05-143A West Regional04:41.858
1600m Run2009-03-25Damascus @ PB04:421
1600m Run2009-04-18Harry Green Invitational04:42.472
1600m Run2009-12-05Delaware Invitational04:43.312
1600m Run2008-04-15Poolesville, Dam @ QO04:45.23
1600m Run2008-12-27Mountain Express Meet04:46.634
1600m Run2009-03-21Seneca Valley Invitational04:491
1600m Run2009-03-31QO @ Damascus04:502
1600m Run2008-05-10County B Championship04:50.04
1600m Run2007-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship04:57.824
1600m Run2007-05-164A West Regional05:01.027
1600m Run2007-03-21Damascus WJ at Wheaton05:04.55
1600m Run2007-05-04Katie Jenkins Invitational05:05.926
1600m Run2007-04-29FSK Invitational05:06.98
1600m Run2007-03-28Damascus at B-CC05:07.14
1600m Run2007-01-12Dickinson College Invite05:08.023
1600m Run2007-02-203A/4A West Regional05:15.422
2.5 Mile XC2009-10-10Manhattan Invitational13:20.0443
2.5 Mile XC2008-10-11Manhattan Invitational13:34.8729
2.5 Mile XC2007-10-13Manhattan Invitational14:33.088
3 Mile XC2008-09-13Spiked Shoe Invitational16:01.02
3 Mile XC2009-09-05Interstate Classic16:19.63
3 Mile XC2008-09-20William & Mary Invitational16:324
3 Mile XC2009-09-16Mountain Run16:35.531
3 Mile XC2008-11-08Maryland State Championship17:187
3 Mile XC2009-11-14MD State Championship17:499
3 Mile XC2007-11-103A State Championship17:5531
3 Mile XC2007-09-19Mountain Run Invitational18:05.7021
3200m Run2009-05-23MD State Championship09:50.964
3200m Run2009-05-133A West Regional09:56.142
3200m Run2009-02-173A State Championship10:02.214
3200m Run2008-12-13Howard County Winter Trackfest10:15.138
3200m Run2009-04-28Damascus, SV @ Poolesville10:20.61
3200m Run2008-03-29Patriot Invitational10:33.866
3200m Run2008-04-05Crimson Tide Classic10:45.4710
3200m Run2008-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship10:46.0313
3200m Run2008-01-05Southern Maryland Invitational10:47.8724
3200m Run2009-02-043A West Regional10:54.883
3200m Run2008-02-213A West Regional Meet10:55.185
3200m Run2007-05-09Montgomery County B Meet11:00.010
3200m Run2008-04-01PB @ Damascus11:07.561
5000m XC2009-09-30Tidewater Fall Classic16:131
5000m XC2008-10-18Montgomery Co. Championship16:43.3121
5000m XC2009-09-26PG County Invitational16:48.002
5000m XC2008-10-01Tidewater Fall Classic16:493
5000m XC2008-10-07Damascus, Wootton at Magruder 17:00.413
5000m XC2009-10-06Churchill, NW @ Dam17:014
5000m XC2009-10-24MoCo XC Championship17:0819
5000m XC2008-09-17RM at Damascus17:081
5000m XC2008-09-10Sherwood at Damascus 17:102
5000m XC2008-09-23Damascus at Gaithersburg 17:102
5000m XC2009-11-053A West Regional17:192
5000m XC2007-09-26B-CC, Woot @ Damascus17:2110
5000m XC2009-09-11Howard County Invitational17:30.556
5000m XC2008-10-303A West Regional17:31.352
5000m XC2008-09-05Douglas Eagle Invitational17:34.91
5000m XC2007-10-20MoCo Championship17:47.5759
5000m XC2007-10-02Damascus @ Magruder18:00.005
5000m XC2007-09-29Oatlands Invitational Boys18:01.0624
5000m XC2007-11-013A West Regional18:20.717
5000m XC2007-09-11Blair, Dam @ Gburg 18:2110
5000m XC2007-09-05St. Johns Invitational18:28.3711
5000m XC2009-10-17Georgetown Prep Fall Classic18:3810
800m Run2010-01-25Montgomery Co. TF Championship01:58.111
800m Run2010-02-173A West Regional01:59.511
800m Run2009-05-06MoCo Championship01:59.862
800m Run2010-02-233A State Championship02:00.072
800m Run2009-05-23MD State Championship02:00.765
800m Run2008-06-07Milestat Elite Track Gala02:00.9127
800m Run2009-05-133A West Regional02:01.243
800m Run2009-04-18Harry Green Invitational02:02.391
800m Run2009-12-11Warrior Invitational02:04.321
800m Run2009-12-11Warrior Invitational02:04.321
800m Run2009-12-05Delaware Invitational02:04.621
800m Run2009-01-17Dickinson Invitational #202:06.362
800m Run2009-03-31QO @ Damascus02:06.52
800m Run2009-03-21Seneca Valley Invitational02:073
800m Run2008-04-05Crimson Tide Classic02:07.3810
800m Run2008-04-01PB @ Damascus02:16.003
800m Run2007-03-28Damascus at B-CC02:16.45
800m Run2007-05-09Montgomery County B Meet02:18.216
Mile Run2007-03-24Cougar Relays05:05.416
Individual Titles

IT 2010Montgomery County800m Run
IT 20103A West Region800m Run
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