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Eric Pauley
Class of 2003 (Update/Correct)
1600m Run2003-05-07Montgomery Co. Championship04:22.001
1600m Run2003-05-27Maryland State Meet04:23.701
1600m Run2003-02-24MD Indoor State Meet04:24.843
1600m Run2003-01-27Montgomery Co. TF Championship04:28.281
1600m Run2002-05-09Montgomery Co. Championship04:29.03
1600m Run2002-05-23Maryland Outdoor State Meet04:30.946
1600m Run2001-05-24Maryland State Meet04:32.269
1600m Run2002-05-154A West Regional04:32.32
1600m Run2002-02-19Maryland Indoor State04:32.704
1600m Run2003-02-103A/4A West Regional04:34.302
1600m Run2001-05-174A West Regional04:34.93
1600m Run2002-04-06Colonial Relays04:37.90c13
1600m Run2002-02-043A-4A West Regional04:38.34
1600m Run2002-01-26Montgomery Co. TF Championship04:38.94
1600m Run2001-02-143A-4A West Regional04:59.112
3 Mile XC2002-10-05William and Mary Invitational15:316
3 Mile XC2002-09-14Frank Keyser Invitational15:32.62
3 Mile XC2001-10-06William and Mary Invitational16:0420
3 Mile XC2002-11-09MD XC State Championship16:32.342
3 Mile XC2002-09-20Bull Run Invitational16:351
3 Mile XC2000-10-07William & Mary Invitational16:4555
3 Mile XC2001-11-10MD XC State Championship17:00.276
3 Mile XC2001-09-22Bull Run Invitational17:4121
3 Mile XC2000-11-06MD XC State Championship17:43.6628
3000m Run2003-04-19Penn Relays08:47.0715
3000m Run2003-04-05Colonial Relays08:49.821
3200m Run2003-05-27Maryland State Meet09:24.041
3200m Run2003-05-00TC Williams Invitational09:27.931
3200m Run2003-05-07Montgomery Co. Championship09:34.001
3200m Run2002-05-23Maryland Outdoor State Meet09:55.294
3200m Run2003-01-27Montgomery Co. TF Championship09:58.282
3200m Run2002-05-154A West Regional10:03.62
3200m Run2002-02-043A-4A West Regional10:15.34
3200m Run2002-02-19Maryland Indoor State10:18.886
5000m XC2001-10-27Montgomery Co. XC Championship16:21.91
5000m XC2002-10-26Montgomery Co. XC Championship16:36.72
5000m XC2001-11-014A West Regional16:42.373
5000m XC2002-10-01NW, Gburg, Magruder, Churchill16:442
5000m XC2001-09-08Peter Geraghty Invitational16:48.74
5000m XC2002-10-314A West Regional16:53.362
5000m XC2000-10-26Montgomery Co. XC Championship16:57.413
5000m XC2000-11-024A West Regional17:17.0912
5000m XC2001-09-28Knights Invitational17:33.714
5000m XC2000-10-21Georgetown Prep Classic17:52.5862
5000m XC2000-09-28Knights Invitational18:02.818
5000m XC2000-09-09Peter Geraghty Invitational19:15.8100
800m Run2003-05-174A West Regional02:01.01
800m Run2002-05-154A West Regional02:03.25
800m Run2003-01-27Montgomery Co. TF Championship02:04.623
800m Run2003-05-27Maryland State Meet02:14.7016
800m Run2001-02-143A-4A West Regional02:14.815
Mile Run2003-01-11Montgomery Invitational04:33.677
Mile Run2002-01-12Montgomery Invitational04:38.4913
Mile Run2002-04-06Colonial Relays04:39.5213
Individual Titles

IT 2003Montgomery County1600m Run
OT 2003Montgomery County3200m Run
OT 2003Montgomery County1600m Run
OT 20034A West Region800m Run
OT 20034A State3200m Run
OT 20034A State1600m Run
XC 2001Montgomery County5000m XC
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