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Boys All-Freshman XC Team
By: Kevin Milsted

Freshman of the Year:
Collin Crilly - Good Counsel

Collin Crilly made his season debut at Mount St. Mary's where he finished 19th in 17:00.98. He was diagnosed with a stress fracture in his foot and cross trained on the bike and in the pool for nearly a month. When he returned to running in October, he developed epiphysitis in his heel and ran in great discomfort at the WCAC Championship. He only managed 19:30 in the JV race. He ran pain-free at the DC-MD Private Schools Championship and won the junior varsity race by 18 seconds in 17:06. He will run with the varsity team at the NXN Southeast Regional Meet in a week.

2. Alex Hadley - The Heights

Alex Hadley is the youngest of four Hadley brother to come through Moco and he may be the best yet. A big personal best time of 17:11 at the DC-MD Private Schools Championship was key to helping The Heights win the small schools title. Hadley had the fastest time among Montgomery County freshman at the Magruder Invitational (17:57.2) and the Georgetown Prep Classic (18:24).

3. Chase Weaverling - Poolesville

Chase Weaverling led all freshman at the Montgomery County Championship with a season-best 5k time of 17:22.02. He placed 48th in the varsity race. After running 16:33.72 on a 3 mile course at the 2A West Region Meet, he ran the second fastest freshman time of the state championship, 18:01. Only a Catoctin freshman was faster in the 1A classification.

4. Jonaton Baginski - Rockville

Jonaton Baginski won the Magruder Invitational freshman race in 18:29.9 and later placed 70th at the county championship in a season best time of 17:39.86. He beat out Poolessville's Chase Weaverling at the 2A West Region Meet with a 3 mile time of 16:26.93. He then placed 27th at the 2A state championship in 18:12. He also placed second in both the AAU and USATF Regional Championships. He will compete in the USATF National Junior Olympics in Hoover, Alabama and the AAU National Junior Olympics in Disney World.

5. Bradley Shawen - Quince Orchard

Bradley Shawen missed nearly the entire month of September with a stress fracture. He dropped a time of 17:50 at a Gaithersburg dual meet and then edged out Alex Hadley of The Heights by one second to take second place in the freshman race at Glory Days. He placed second in the freshman-sophomore race at the Montgomery County Championship in a season best time of 17:28.84. When he finally got a crack at varsity action, he placed 19th in the 3A west region and 56th at the 3A state championship (18:29).

6. Danniel Belay - Gaithersburg

Danniel Belay placed second in the freshman race at the Magruder Invitational and eighth in the freshman race at Glory Days. He placed 67th at the county championship meet with a season-best time of 17:36.83. Coach Herb Tolbert explains that he beat out the freshman-best time of eventual county champ Eric Pauley.

7. Stephen Alexander - Richard Montgomery

Stephen Alexander ran under 19 minutes in most of his races this season including his first two races at Clear Spring (18:29) and Gettysburg (18:56). He dropped a time of 17:23 on a three mile course at Boonsboro. He placed 9th in the freshman race at the Georgetown Prep Classic in 18:58 and 6th in the freshman-sophomore race at the Montgomery County Championship with a season-best 5k time of 17:45.73.

8. Adam Jung - Richard Montgomery

Adam Jung ran 17:27 on a 3 mile course at Boonsboro before placing 5th in the freshman race at Georgetown Prep in 18:51. He broke 18:00 in the 5k when he placed 7th in the county championship freshman-sophomore race in 17:50.35.

9. Kyle Melnick - Rockville

Kyle Melnick was in third place during the first mile of the Magruder Invitational freshman race but did not finish due to the flu. He broke out at the county championship meet where he placed 79th with a huge personal best time of 17:51.48. He underperformed at the 2A west region meet due to a nagging leg injury (19:03.50).

10. Trevor Stepek - Gaithersburg

In "the most technologically advanced cross country race ever," Trevor Stepek's time showed up in the results four minutes slower than he actually ran. He placed 8th in the freshman race at the Magruder Invitational and ran 18:44 in a home dual meet. At the county championship, he placed 12th in the freshman-sophomore race with a season-best time of 18:15, but his result showed up at 22:19. That's technology. He is the fourth of four Stepek brother to come through Gaithersburg. Next will come the Stepek sisters.

Honorable Mention

Matthew Aham - Quince Orchard
Kyle Beatty - Winston Churchill
David Bloch - Walt Whitman
Jarrett Harman - Sherwood
Peter Horton - B-CC
Patrick Krisko - Poolesville
Matthew Morris - Montgomery Blair
Luke Simpson - Albert Einstein
Kevin Soraci - Landon
Michael Spak - Walter Johnson

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Sweet Apple
2010-11-19 20:03:55

The future of Moco looks bright

2010-11-19 20:18:39

I'm sorry, so long as this article disregards the individual rankings, then it needs to take a closer look at these individual runners. Ever since the Georgetown Prep Classic, Chase Weaverling he has moved up from the number 4 slot to the number 2 slot on the Poolesville XC team, until he was the number 1 freshman at the MOCO XC Championships. After that, he continued to improve until he was once again the number one MOCO freshman, this time at States! Overall, it's a disappointment that the number 1 MOCO freshman at both the County Championships and the State Championships is degraded to the number three slot on this list.

2010-11-19 20:19:41

Even though Tai Dinger isn't technically from Moco he definitely deserves the number one spot here just look at his times and how he did at meets like IACs and DC-MD private school champs.

2010-11-19 20:28:17

Crilly got 17:06 at the Private Schools Championships!

2010-11-19 20:42:36

but then again, he's from moco

Ripe pomegranate
2010-11-19 20:50:49

Then again, St. Albans is DC. Not moco. Ridiculously fast for a freshman, and definitely someone to keep an eye on. But not moco, and not a moco freshman of the year

2010-11-19 22:23:45

the problem is that the private school guys didn't really race a lot of the public school guys... and I mean, the courses aren't comparable. Crilly and Hadley ran in the low 17's at their championship, while Weaverling and Baginski ran in the low 18's at theirs but, seriously, Hereford can't be compared to any other course. And if people don't take account how different courses are faster than others, Weaverling and Baginski both ran in the 16's at the short 2A West championship.

2010-11-20 08:53:59

between this list and the honorable mentions, it looks like Rockville, RM, Gaithersburg, Quince Orchard, and Poolesville may be bigger threats in the next few years.

xc fan
2010-11-20 10:28:29

It's great to see some of the smaller schools such as Rockville and Poolesville getting some good freshman coming in. RM looks like they will continue to have a strong program in years to come as well.

2010-11-20 18:02:21

true ^^. next year poolesville is gonna be legit in 2A.

2010-11-20 23:24:53

Micheal Spak will be good. By senior year, He could be great. Mark my words. Nay, Micheal my words

2010-11-21 17:33:55

is my man Alex Hadley running in pumps in that picture?

tart banana
2010-11-22 09:31:40

How is this list compiled?

African horned cucumber
2010-11-22 10:47:50

Maybe look at what Alex Hadley did this year before declaring it a shame that a public school runner is not #1. He raced public school runners plenty of times and just raced several more at the Battle of the Potomac.

strawberries are the best
2010-11-22 18:08:14

yeah alex hadley is a beast. But i think the runner to watch out for in this area is Louis Colson from Edison. He won the frosh Glory Days race and placed top 15 in the Battle of the Potomac. 17:17 and that course is super hard.

strawberries are the best
2010-11-22 18:13:15

actually Haben Zemichael is also a freshman. wow. but battlefield is pretty far out there

I support the recycling of rotten tomatoes
2010-11-23 13:58:08

Sorry that you are upset that Chase is not the #1 guy. He had a great year and has a bright future. But what about the other two ahead of him? Why dont you support them and say man it took some good freshman performances to beat this Weaverling character. My hat goes off. You act like this list will make or break his entire existence. This is not an entrance exam to Wharton my friend. Ease up. Congrats to all the top 10 and honorable mentions. have fun

2010-11-23 20:54:53

Recycling is right. In a years time, this list won't matter. These 10 have 3 more years to duke it out, and the only thing that's certain is they are all going to be ridic

Old Timer
2012-10-23 00:35:52

It's crazy how much these former freshmen have changed in the past few years. Many of them are still the best in the county!

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