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Veronica Salcido
Thomas S. Wootton
Class of 2008 (Update/Correct)
1000m Run2005-01-29Virginia Tech Invitational02:58.542
1600m Run2005-04-30Dogwood Track Classic04:57.231
1600m Run2005-05-26Maryland Outdoor State Meet05:01.422
1600m Run2005-02-21MD Indoor State Meet05:06.131
1600m Run2005-05-184A West Regional05:06.301
1600m Run2005-05-00TC Williams Invitational05:07.701
1600m Run2005-05-10Montgomery Co. Championship05:09.11
1600m Run2005-04-16Cougar Relays05:09.891
1600m Run2005-02-143A/4A West Regional05:14.751
1600m Run2007-02-203A/4A West Regional05:18.44
1600m Run2005-01-29Virginia Tech Invitational05:18.629
1600m Run2007-01-13Montgomery Invitational05:18.763
1600m Run2007-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship05:21.044
1600m Run2007-02-03Last Track to Philly05:27.131
1600m Run2007-04-28Charger Track Classic05:32.215
1600m Run2006-05-11Montgomery Co. Championship05:33.612
1600m Run2007-03-27Wootton at Magruder05:42.63
1600m Run2007-03-21Kennedy Sherwood at Wootton05:47.61
3 Mile XC2007-11-104A State Championship19:375
3 Mile XC2005-09-17Bull Run Invitational20:012
3 Mile XC2004-11-13MD XC State Championship20:083
3 Mile XC2007-09-29Bull Run Invitational20:091
3 Mile XC2005-11-12Maryland XC State Meet20:10.7411
3 Mile XC2006-09-30Bull Run Invitational20:172
3 Mile XC2006-11-114A Maryland State Championship20:34.415
5000m XC2004-10-23Montgomery Co. XC Championship18:30.212
5000m XC2005-10-22Montgomery Co. XC Championship19:02.003
5000m XC2007-10-13Glory Days Girls19:053
5000m XC2004-10-16Georgetown Prep Classic19:09.835
5000m XC2005-10-15Scorpion Crawl19:19.93
5000m XC2004-10-09Glory Days Invitational19:201
5000m XC2005-09-24Maymont XC Festival19:242
5000m XC2004-11-044A West Regional19:25.602
5000m XC2006-10-14Glory Days Grill Invitational19:2621
5000m XC2006-10-10Magruder Wootton @ Gaithersburg19:27.01
5000m XC2007-10-20MoCo Championship19:30.0911
5000m XC2007-09-26B-CC, Woot @ Damascus19:331
5000m XC2004-11-27Footlocker Northeast Regional19:36.41
5000m XC2005-11-034A West Regional19:36.451
5000m XC2005-09-13B-CC, Wootton at Gaithersburg19:441
5000m XC2007-09-15Woot, Blk, Cburg @ Gburg19:491
5000m XC2007-09-19Blair @ Wootton19:541
5000m XC2005-10-05Gaithersburg, WJ, Wootton at WW19:561
5000m XC2006-10-21MoCo XC Championship20:01.111
5000m XC2007-11-014A West Regional20:04.010
5000m XC2006-11-024A West Regional20:10.89
5000m XC2006-10-04Wootton @ Churchill20:381
5000m XC2006-09-13Wootton Blair @ Magruder21:19.03
5000m XC2007-09-11Mag @ Wootton21:211
5000m XC2006-08-25Magruder Watermelon Scrimmage21:28.03
5000m XC2005-11-034A West Regional23:50.4360
500m Dash2005-01-24Montgomery Co. TF Championship01:18.581
500m Dash2008-02-194A State Championship01:20.453
500m Dash2008-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship01:20.684
500m Dash2008-01-10Fast Time Invite01:21.082
500m Dash2008-02-064A West Regional01:24.41
800m Run2005-04-30Dogwood Track Classic02:15.481
800m Run2005-05-26Maryland Outdoor State Meet02:15.892
800m Run2005-05-10Montgomery Co. Championship02:17.11
800m Run2005-05-184A West Regional02:17.841
800m Run2005-02-21MD Indoor State Meet02:19.494
800m Run2005-01-24Montgomery Co. TF Championship02:19.511
800m Run2005-01-08Montgomery Invitational02:19.553
800m Run2005-05-00TC Williams Invitational02:19.721
800m Run2007-05-26State Championship Day 302:19.8111
800m Run2007-02-224A/3A State Championship02:20.304
800m Run2005-02-143A/4A West Regional02:20.341
800m Run2007-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship02:20.343
800m Run2007-05-164A West Regional02:20.827
800m Run2007-05-04Katie Jenkins Invitational02:20.92
800m Run2007-02-203A/4A West Regional02:20.904
800m Run2006-05-11Montgomery Co. Championship02:21.46
800m Run2007-05-10Montgomery Co. Championship02:21.56
800m Run2008-05-144A West Regional02:21.816
800m Run2007-01-13Montgomery Invitational02:23.517
800m Run2008-04-19Urbana Hawks Relays02:24.904
800m Run2008-04-26Cassel's XBC Track Experience02:25.06
800m Run2008-05-08Montgomery Co. Championship02:25.127
800m Run2007-03-27Wootton at Magruder02:26.32
800m Run2007-04-28Charger Track Classic02:26.38
800m Run2006-05-174A West Regional02:26.911
800m Run2008-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship02:27.475
800m Run2006-05-06TC Williams Invitational02:29.65
800m Run2008-02-064A West Regional02:31.55
800m Run2007-03-21Kennedy Sherwood at Wootton02:32.01
Mile Run2007-03-24Cougar Relays05:21.54
Individual Titles

IT 20084A West Region500m Dash
IT 2005Montgomery County800m Run
IT 2005Montgomery County500m Dash
IT 20053A/4A West Region1600m Run
IT 20053A/4A West Region800m Run
IT 20054A/3A State1600m Run
OT 2005Montgomery County1600m Run
OT 2005Montgomery County800m Run
OT 20054A West Region1600m Run
OT 20054A West Region800m Run
XC 2004Footlocker NE Freshman5000m XC
XC 20054A West Region5000m XC
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