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Developmental #1 Meet Notes
By: Kevin Milsted

Alex Doll of B-CC led the fast heat of the girl's 4x800. She brought it out in 1:12 and settled with a final split of 2:32, handing off in first place. B-CC runner Kathleen Tatem held onto the lead for three laps before Whitman's Tessa Morrison made a big move on her final lap to put a gap on B-CC. Whitman's Liza Schalch held a 5 second lead over B-CC's Addie Tousley before handing off to Gabe McKenzie. Hannah Richardson of B-CC made a big move to take the lead on her second lap. Whitman's McKenzie held on for two laps before Richardson broke it open. B-CC won over Whitman 10:19 to 10:27.

Several runners took turns leading on the first leg of the boys 4x800. First Ben Constantinides of Damascus led the first two laps in just under a minute. Russell Speiden of Sherwood took over for one lap before Alex Prevost of B-CC and Alex Bodaken of Einstein took the lead. The two approached their teammates neck and neck but a bad hand off gave Einstein a slim lead across the line. Kyle Short of B-CC broke the race open with a 2:05 split, but Walter Johnson remained within striking distance with a strong leg by Sean O'Leary. A 2:15 split by B-CC's James Lough and a good run by Asger Glocker brought Walter Johnson within three seconds of B-CC at the handoff. WJ showed why they are the defending 4x8 county champions in the final leg. Chris Moen made up the 3 second gap in the first 100 meters, catching B-CC's Dylan Straughan off guard. Straughan matched Moen's pace but would not be able to catch him. Moen split 2:04 while Straughan split 2:08.

In the girls 55-hurdles, Poolesville' Olivia Durr held a small lead of Magruder's Elana Diestel with Durr running about 8.5. The two would meet again later in the 4x4.

Tyler Jackson of Richard Montgomery had another good run in the 55-meter hurdles with a time of about 7.8.

Jennyeka Neil of WJ, Suzanne Falk of Wootton, and Karissa Harris of Poolesville won three consecutive heats in the 55 dash in about 7.4.

WJ showed more strength in the 300-meter race when Renee McClinton ran all alone for the win in the first heat in 43.1.

The boys 300-meter race was a little more hotly contested with RM's Brendan Etzel, Northwood's Derrick Powell, and Clarksburg's Myles Daughtry. Etzel held a lead the entire race for the win in 35.7. Powell was 2nd in 36.9 with Daughtry right on his side in about 37.1.

For 7 laps, Blair's Johanna Gretschel held a comfortable 3 second lead on the field in the 1600-meter race, but lurking just behind her the entire race was Whitman's Leslie Morrison. With 100 meters to go, Morrison moved past Gretschel. Gretschel fought back down the final stretch for an exciting finish. Morrison prevailed in 5:23.

Alex Bodaken of Einstein took out the boys 1600 in a 1:11 first quarter followed by Sherwood's pair, Speiden and Balderson. Balderson took over the lead on the third lap as Bodaken was pushed to fourth place behind Speiden and B-CC's Alex Prevost. The pace remained moderate and the pack remained tight with no moves until the final lap. Bodaken regained the lead just before the final lap in 4:09. He turned on the jets and dropped all but Prevost. Prevost chased but did not have enough to answer Bodaken's monster kick. Bodaken got the win in 4:39 with a final 200 in 30 seconds. Prevost was second in 4:42.

Wootton's Veronica Salcido led the 500-meter race the entire way before Renee McClinton made a move on the final curve. Salcido matched the kick, and both seemed to slow down right at the finish with Salcido taking the win.

Nilan Schnure of Blair dominated the first heat of the 500 with a time of 1:09, but for whatever reason, several of the best athletes ran in the 2nd heat. Derrick Powell of Northwood took it out hard and led Blair's Louis Varella and Northwest's Chris Onuigbo for the first lap. Varella made a move in the final 100 to out-kick Powell 1:07.6.

Whitman's Debbie Isen and Liza Shalch along with Northwest's Kathy Aherne controlled the 3200-meter race the entire way. They ran the first 800 in 3:04 and came through the first mile in just over 6:00. The pack remained the same for quite a while until Isen took the lead with a quarter to go. Isen pushed the pace for two laps for a decisive win in 12:06.

The boys 3200 meter race started off with WJ's Chris Moen taking a commanding 3 second lead on the first lap. B-CC's Kyle Short and Dylan Straughan were able to work up to him by the third lap before Moen re-opened the gap even larger. Moen came through the half in 2:28, about 3 seconds in front of Einstein's Sebi Devlin-Foltz. The pack in second place shifted around as they all worked their way back up to Moen before the first mile. Moen and Graves were working together in 1st and 2nd place as they came through the first mile in 5:03. Kyle Short was on their tails. There was no further development in the race until Graves and Short blew by Moen at 2400 meters. It quickly became a two person race with Moen falling into 4th behind Straughan. Short and Graves ran together before Short opened up a ferocious kick in the last 200 meters. His last lap was in 30 seconds, finishing in 10:01 and opening up an 8 second gap on 2nd place Brian Graves (10:09). Straughan was 3rd in 10:14, Devlin-Foltz finished 4th in 10:20, and Moen was 5th in 10:28.

WJ girls won the first heat of the 4x2 by leading from start to finish in what Coach Martin jokingly described as "not very fast." (Their finishing time was 1:57).

Blair had more dominating victories in the 4x2 and 4x4 with an overall time of 1:32.5 in the 4x2 and 3:32 in the 4x4. In the 4x2, they had splits of about 23.5 by Enuma Nezsi, 23.6 by Chris Grindley, 22.8 by Louis Varella and 22.6 from Jonathan Haughton. In the 4x4, Nilan Schnure split 53.1, Jonathan Haughton split 53.1, Chris Grindley split 54.7, and Louis Varella anchored in 51.1.

Johanna Gretschel of Blair took the early lead in the 800-meter race going 37 and 1:13 for the first two laps. Hannah Richardson of B-CC was sitting back and waiting before passing her on the final lap. Gretschel fought back but Richardson took the win in 2:27.

In the boys 800, Chris Gregorski of Magruder led the field through the first 200 in 30 seconds. He and Walter Beller-Morales from B-CC put a gap on the field through the quarter mile in 60 seconds. Gregorski opened up a gap on Beller Morales in the second half and took home the win in 2:03. Beller Morales was 2nd in 2:06.

Olivia Durr and Elana Diestel got their rematch from the hurdle race in the 4x4. Diestel led the field through in 30, but Durr took the lead around the final curve to split about 62. WJ's 2nd leg took over the lead over Poolesville, but it was immediately taken back by Poolesville's Jen Fink on the 3rd leg. Fink built a 2 second lead over WJ over the course of the 3rd leg before handing off to Karissa Harris. WJ's Renee McClinton was too far back to make up the difference. Poolesville won in 4:18. WJ was 2nd in 4:20.

Field Events

Girls Shot Put - Cori Talley, Blake 33-00.25
Girls HJ - Ashley Dabney, Wheaton and Olivia Durr, Poolesville 5-0
Boys HJ - Keenan Woods, Northwood 5-8
Girls TJ - Falk, Wootton 33-09
Boys Shot Put - Uchenna Ahaghota, Springbrook 45-06.50
Boys TJ - Ian Francis, Walter Johnson 42-10
Girls LJ - Suzanne Falk, Wootton 15-02


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Nice kick from Bodaken

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