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Ryan Lockett
Class of 2018 (Update/Correct)
1600m Run2017-04-22Viking Invitational04:15.10c1
1600m Run2017-05-10MCPS Championships04:16.651
1600m Run2017-05-173A West Regional04:22.841
1600m Run2017-02-213A State Championship04:23.161
1600m Run2017-05-273A State Championship04:23.701
1600m Run2017-01-28Virginia Tech Invitational04:25.868
1600m Run2017-01-18Montgomery Co. TF Championship04:25.922
1600m Run2016-12-22Ed Bowie Invitational04:28.371
1600m Run2017-02-093A West Regional04:38.702
1600m Run2015-01-20Montgomery Co. TF Championship04:50.1615
1600m Run2014-12-30MCPS Meet #304:51.0819
1600m Run2015-02-072A West Regional04:55.957
3 Mile XC2016-09-24DC XC Invitational15:443
3 Mile XC2016-11-12Maryland State Championship16:00.651
3 Mile XC2016-09-03Brunswick Invitational16:23.777
3 Mile XC2016-09-10Howard County Invitational17:08.7418
3 Mile XC2014-11-082A State Championship17:14.212
3000m Run2017-04-29Penn Relays08:24.432
3200m Run2017-06-18NB Outdoor Nationals09:18.53c3
3200m Run2017-03-12New Balance Nationals09:19.77c4
3200m Run2017-05-273A State Championship09:24.621
3200m Run2017-05-10MCPS Championships09:28.731
3200m Run2017-01-14Montgomery Invitational09:29.422
3200m Run2017-01-18Montgomery Co. TF Championship09:33.811
3200m Run2017-04-01North Capitol Invitational09:34.791
3200m Run2017-03-24Raleigh Relays09:35.0515
3200m Run2017-05-173A West Regional09:35.121
3200m Run2017-01-28Virginia Tech Invitational09:38.757
3200m Run2017-02-213A State Championship09:41.041
3200m Run2017-01-06Smithsburg Invitational09:47.582
3200m Run2017-02-093A West Regional10:00.822
5000m XC2016-10-22Montgomery Co. Championship15:53.752
5000m XC2016-11-033A West Regional16:051
5000m XC2016-10-08Wildcat Invitational16:28.112
5000m XC2016-10-01Urbana Invitational16:302
5000m XC2016-09-17Oatlands Invitational16:3513
5000m XC2016-09-13Nwd, Spb, Pool at Gaithersburg16:36.731
5000m XC2016-11-26Footlocker Northeast Regional16:41.446
5000m XC2014-10-18Montgomery County Championship16:44.1118
5000m XC2014-10-07B-CC at Poolesville17:007
5000m XC2014-09-27DC XC Invitational17:011
5000m XC2016-10-05Blair at Poolesville17:06.122
5000m XC2014-10-11Wildcat Invitational17:07.601
5000m XC2014-09-13Howard County Invitational17:215
5000m XC2016-09-20Blake Damascus Pool at Gburg17:222
5000m XC2014-10-302A West Regional17:26.910
5000m XC2016-11-19Battle of the Potomac17:401
5000m XC2014-09-06Brunswick Invitational17:40.24
5000m XC2014-09-23Poolesville, HC at WJ17:54.969
5000m XC2014-11-22Battle of the Potomac18:0620
5000m XC2014-09-09RM, Poolesville at Wootton18:44.919
800m Run2017-05-173A West Regional01:57.181
800m Run2017-05-06Katie Jenkins Invitational01:58.992
800m Run2017-05-273A State Championship01:59.538
800m Run2014-12-09MCPS Meet #202:08.1211
800m Run2015-01-10Montgomery Invitational02:10.7734
800m Run2015-02-072A West Regional02:14.5418
Mile2017-04-22Viking Invitational04:16.591
Two Mile Run2017-06-18NB Outdoor Nationals09:21.793
Two Mile Run2017-03-12New Balance Nationals09:23.014
Individual Titles

IT 2017Montgomery County3200m Run
IT 20173A State3200m Run
IT 20173A State1600m Run
OT 2017Montgomery County3200m Run
OT 2017Montgomery County1600m Run
OT 20173A West Region3200m Run
OT 20173A West Region1600m Run
OT 20173A West Region800m Run
OT 20173A State3200m Run
OT 20173A State1600m Run
OT 2017All AmericanTwo Mile Run
XC 20163A West Region5000m XC
XC 20163A State3 Mile XC
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