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Dylan Bikim
Quince Orchard
Class of 2016 (Update/Correct)
100 Dash ht2016-04-12QO, Clarksburg at SV11.8511
100 Dash ht2016-04-19Damascus, QO at Northwest12.112
100 Dash ht2013-04-09Damascus and QO at SV13.1818
200 Dash ht2016-04-19Damascus, QO at Northwest24.311
200 Dash ht2015-04-21QO, SV at Poolesville24.705
200 Dash ht2015-04-15Clarksburg at Quince Orchard25.05
200m Dash2016-04-16Viking Invitational24.8338
200m Dash2015-04-18Viking Invitational25.0726
200m Dash2016-04-02Screaming Eagles Invitational25.1942
400m Dash2016-05-194A West Regional53.8416
400m Dash2016-04-19Damascus, QO at Northwest54.75
400m Dash2016-04-02Screaming Eagles Invitational55.6636
High Jump2013-04-19Darius Ray Invitational5-06.006
High Jump2015-12-05MCPS Meet #15-08.001
High Jump2014-04-29Clarksburg, NW at QO5-08.001
High Jump2016-02-044A West Regional5-08.004
High Jump2016-04-12QO, Clarksburg at SV5-103
High Jump2014-03-29Cougar Relays5-10.003
High Jump2016-04-19Damascus, QO at Northwest5-10.003
High Jump2014-04-11Poolesville at Quince Orchard5-10.001
High Jump2013-05-254A State Championship5-10.007
High Jump2013-04-23Poolesville and NW at QO5-10.004
High Jump2013-03-21Coyote Invitational5-10.003
High Jump2014-05-07Montgomery Co. Championship5-10.007
High Jump2014-04-05Coyote Invitational5-10.003
High Jump2014-05-164A West Regional5-11.003
High Jump2013-04-09Damascus and QO at SV6-001
High Jump2013-05-164A West Championship6-00.005
High Jump2016-04-02Screaming Eagles Invitational6-00.002
High Jump2016-01-09Montgomery Invitational6-00.004
High Jump2016-05-11Montgomery Co. Championship6-00.001
High Jump2013-05-08MoCo Championship6-00.005
High Jump2013-04-06Cougar Relays6-00.003
High Jump2016-01-02Southern MD Invitational6-00.001
High Jump2016-01-20Montgomery Co. TF Championship6-00.002
High Jump2015-04-21QO, SV at Poolesville6-00.001
High Jump2015-05-07MoCo Championship6-02.001
High Jump2014-05-244A State Championship6-02.003
High Jump2013-04-16Clarksburg at QO6-02.003
High Jump2015-04-11Don Boyer Invitational6-02.001
High Jump2015-12-29MCPS Meet #36-02.001
High Jump2015-05-144A West Regional6-03.001
High Jump2016-02-234A State Championship6-04.001
High Jump2015-04-18Viking Invitational6-04.001
High Jump2015-04-15Clarksburg at Quince Orchard6-04.001
High Jump2016-05-274A State Championship6-04.001
High Jump2015-03-28Cougar Relays6-04.001
High Jump2016-05-194A West Regional6-05.001
High Jump2015-05-234A State Championship6-06.001
Individual Titles

IT 20164A StateHigh Jump
OT 2015Montgomery CountyHigh Jump
OT 20154A West RegionHigh Jump
OT 20154A StateHigh Jump
OT 2016Montgomery CountyHigh Jump
OT 20164A West RegionHigh Jump
OT 20164A StateHigh Jump
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