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David Wilson
Class of 2010 (Update/Correct)
1600m Run2010-04-17Viking Invitational04:39.0318
1600m Run2010-05-202A West Region04:44.0013
1600m Run2010-05-12MoCo Championship04:45.1415
1600m Run2009-01-23Virginia Tech Invitational04:49.4037
1600m Run2010-04-14Pool, SV, GP @ Sherwood04:50.07
1600m Run2010-04-28Cb, Wheaton @ Pool04:513
1600m Run2008-05-151A West Regional04:53.9812
1600m Run2009-05-06MoCo Championship04:54.0019
1600m Run2009-01-311A West Regional04:57.243
1600m Run2007-05-191A South Regional04:58.37
1600m Run2007-05-09Montgomery County B Meet04:58.718
1600m Run2008-04-30GB @ Pooleville05:01.82
1600m Run2008-02-041A West Regional Meet05:02.125
1600m Run2009-05-151A West Regional05:02.3411
1600m Run2008-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship05:04.7519
1600m Run2008-04-08PB @ Poolesville05:05.51
1600m Run2008-01-12Montgomery Invitational05:07.8567
1600m Run2007-03-28Poolesville at Whitman05:08.68
1600m Run2010-01-25Montgomery Co. TF Championship05:09.1925
1600m Run2007-02-021A/2A West Regional05:20.818
1600m Run2009-02-161A State Championship05:22.279
2000m Steeple2010-04-10Woodward Relays06:53.984
3 Mile XC2009-11-052A West Regional16:44.7914
3 Mile XC2008-11-08Maryland State Championship17:538
3 Mile XC2006-11-021A West Regional17:53.621
3 Mile XC2009-11-14MD State Championship18:0010
3 Mile XC2009-09-26Bull Run Invitational18:0716
3 Mile XC2008-10-11Bull Run Invitational 18:3022
3 Mile XC2007-09-29Bull Run Invitational18:3228
3 Mile XC2006-11-111A Maryland State Championship18:56.427
3 Mile XC2006-09-30Bull Run Invitational19:0645
3200m Run2007-05-24State Championship Day 110:31.112
3200m Run2010-05-202A West Region10:32.2010
3200m Run2009-04-18Viking Invitational10:38.4615
3200m Run2008-03-29Patriot Invitational10:41.6311
3200m Run2010-04-14Pool, SV, GP @ Sherwood10:42.04
3200m Run2009-02-161A State Championship10:44.586
3200m Run2010-02-172A West Regional10:46.185
3200m Run2008-05-151A West Regional10:52.7512
3200m Run2009-01-311A West Regional10:53.393
3200m Run2008-05-08Montgomery Co. Championship10:54.6320
3200m Run2009-05-151A West Regional10:55.029
3200m Run2007-05-191A South Regional10:58.13
3200m Run2008-04-30GB @ Pooleville11:15.11
3200m Run2007-05-09Montgomery County B Meet11:19.821
3200m Run2008-04-08PB @ Poolesville11:24.21
3200m Run2007-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship11:24.723
3200m Run2007-02-021A/2A West Regional11:34.219
5000m XC2008-10-301A West Regional16:57.76
5000m XC2008-10-18Montgomery County Championship17:05.3243
5000m XC2009-10-06AE, Pool at CB17:165
5000m XC2008-09-13Brunswick Invitational17:247
5000m XC2008-09-16Poolesville at Clarksburg 17:261
5000m XC2007-10-20MoCo Championship17:35.6949
5000m XC2008-10-01Poolesville and Blair at PB 17:393
5000m XC2008-10-07Springbrook, Einstein at Poolesvill17:432
5000m XC2007-10-13Don Stoner Invitational17:446
5000m XC2009-09-12Brunswick Invitational17:4518
5000m XC2009-10-24MoCo XC Championship17:5253
5000m XC2007-09-15Brunswick Invitational17:528
5000m XC2007-10-02Pville, Wheat @ Rockville17:592
5000m XC2009-11-21Battle of the Potomac17:5941
5000m XC2008-11-15Battle of the Potomac18:1238
5000m XC2006-10-11Run From the Lionís Den18:14.025
5000m XC2009-09-23SB, Pool @ Rockville18:226
5000m XC2007-09-11Nwood, Pville @ JFK18:272
5000m XC2006-10-21MoCo XC Championship18:28.189
5000m XC2007-11-011A West Regional18:59.748
5000m XC2006-10-04Poolesville @ Wheaton19:112
800m Run2010-04-14Pool, SV, GP @ Sherwood02:10.16
800m Run2007-04-21Viking Invitational02:20.135
800m Run2007-03-28Poolesville at Whitman02:21.96
800m Run2008-02-041A West Regional Meet02:24.617
Mile Run2008-03-29Patriot Invitational04:58.148
Mile Run2008-04-05Cougar Relays05:11.314
Mile Run2007-03-24Cougar Relays05:19.622
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