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Micah Phillips-Spencer
Winston Churchill
Class of 2012 (Update/Correct)
100 Dash ht2011-04-13Northwood @ Churchill11.02
100 Dash ht2009-05-134A West Regional11.105
100 Dash ht2010-03-24Blair @ Churchill11.21
100 Dash ht2010-04-13WC, GB @ WM11.22
100 Dash ht2011-03-29B-CC, Blair @ Churchill11.31
100 Dash ht2010-04-28BCC, Nwood, StA @ WC11.42
100 Dash ht2009-04-21Wheaton, Churchill @ Sherwood11.51
100 Dash ht2009-04-01Churchill @ Kennedy11.52
100 Dash ht2009-03-24WJ @ Churchill11.83
100 Dash ht2009-04-15B-CC @ Churchill11.91
100m Dash2011-05-07Katie Jenkins Invitational11.041
100m Dash2012-05-05Katie Jenkins Invitational11.041
100m Dash2010-05-194A West Region11.152
100m Dash2012-05-164A West Region11.203
100m Dash2011-05-184A West Regional11.212
100m Dash2011-05-10MoCo Championship11.221
100m Dash2012-05-164A West Region11.261
100m Dash2010-05-284A State Championship11.274
100m Dash2011-05-10MoCo Championship11.281
100m Dash2011-05-184A West Regional11.351
100m Dash2010-05-194A West Region11.373
100m Dash2012-05-264A State Championship11.3710
100m Dash2010-05-284A State Championship11.387
100m Dash2010-05-01Hornet Invitational11.383
100m Dash2010-05-12MoCo Championship11.395
100m Dash2010-05-12MoCo Championship11.397
100m Dash2011-05-07Katie Jenkins Invitational11.421
100m Dash2011-04-16Viking Invitational11.431
100m Dash2011-04-16Viking Invitational11.442
100m Dash2010-04-17Viking Invitational11.482
100m Dash2009-05-06MoCo Championship11.486
100m Dash2011-05-274A State Championship11.5010
100m Dash2009-05-134A West Regional11.506
100m Dash2010-04-17Viking Invitational11.538
100m Dash2011-05-07Katie Jenkins Invitational11.603
100m Dash2009-04-18Viking Invitational11.6010
100m Dash2010-05-194A West Region11.628
100m Dash2012-05-09MCPS Championship13.3536
200 Dash ht2012-04-13Friday Night Spikes22.31
200 Dash ht2011-04-13Northwood @ Churchill22.61
200 Dash ht2011-03-29B-CC, Blair @ Churchill22.62
200 Dash ht2010-04-28BCC, Nwood, StA @ WC22.91
200 Dash ht2009-04-01Churchill @ Kennedy23.71
200 Dash ht2009-03-24WJ @ Churchill23.93
200 Dash ht2009-04-15B-CC @ Churchill24.21
200m Dash2012-05-164A West Region22.352
200m Dash2011-05-10MoCo Championship22.451
200m Dash2012-05-264A State Championship22.517
200m Dash2012-05-164A West Region22.531
200m Dash2011-05-10MoCo Championship22.542
200m Dash2011-05-184A West Regional22.642
200m Dash2010-05-12MoCo Championship22.775
200m Dash2010-05-194A West Region22.903
200m Dash2011-05-184A West Regional22.911
200m Dash2010-05-194A West Region23.063
200m Dash2010-05-12MoCo Championship23.127
200m Dash2011-05-274A State Championship23.2013
200m Dash2012-05-264A State Championship23.268
200m Dash2010-05-01Hornet Invitational23.274
200m Dash2010-05-284A State Championship23.2813
200m Dash2009-05-06MoCo Championship23.3210
200m Dash2009-05-134A West Regional23.557
200m Dash2009-05-134A West Regional23.5612
200m Dash2009-04-18Viking Invitational23.609
200m Dash2009-05-134A West Regional23.708
200m Dash2010-04-17Viking Invitational23.7414
200m Dash2009-12-12Howard County Winterfest23.898
300m Dash2011-02-104A West Region35.901
300m Dash2012-01-23Montgomery Co. TF Championship36.103
300m Dash2011-02-234A State Championship36.185
300m Dash2012-01-07Montgomery Invitational36.278
300m Dash2011-01-24Montgomery Co. TF Championship37.4410
300m Dash2012-02-094A West Regional43.8115
400m Dash2012-03-24Screaming Eagles Invitational53.854
400m Dash2012-03-21Churchill, Gaithersburg at B-CC53.93
400m Dash2009-05-02Katie Jenkins Invitational57.9015
5000m XC2009-10-24MoCo XC Championship20:0149
55 Dash ht2010-02-174A West Regional6.463
55 Dash ht2010-02-174A West Regional6.642
55m Dash2011-01-24Montgomery Co. TF Championship6.601
55m Dash2012-01-27Virginia Tech Invitational6.626
55m Dash2012-01-27Virginia Tech Invitational6.638
55m Dash2012-01-23Montgomery Co. TF Championship6.641
55m Dash2012-01-23Montgomery Co. TF Championship6.661
55m Dash2011-02-104A West Region6.662
55m Dash2011-01-24Montgomery Co. TF Championship6.743
55m Dash2012-01-07Montgomery Invitational6.759
55m Dash2011-01-08Montgomery Invitational6.7510
55m Dash2010-01-25Montgomery Co. TF Championship6.776
55m Dash2010-02-234A State Championship6.7810
55m Dash2010-01-25Montgomery Co. TF Championship6.816
55m Dash2011-02-104A West Region6.813
55m Dash2010-12-18PR Holiday Invitational6.8212
55m Dash2011-02-234A State Championship6.8411
55m Dash2010-01-09Montgomery Invitational6.8934
55m Dash2012-02-094A West Regional7.057
55m Dash2009-02-114A West Regional7.0716
55m Dash2008-12-20MRW Holiday Invitational7.1646
55m Dash2012-02-094A West Regional7.318
Long Jump2010-04-10Woodward Relays15-03.2549
Long Jump2011-04-02Cougar Relays15-06.0025
Long Jump2010-01-25Montgomery Co. TF Championship17-00.5019
Individual Titles

IT 2011Montgomery County55m Dash
IT 20114A West Region300m Dash
IT 2012Montgomery County55m Dash
OT 2011Montgomery County100m Dash
OT 20114A West Region200m Dash
OT 20114A West Region100m Dash
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