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Boys All-Freshman Track & Field Team
By: Kevin Milsted

Going on four years, has shown a special interest in the freshman of Montgomery County. The first discussion on the class of 2009 can still be found in the archives of the mocorunning forum here. It was a disorganized, casual conversation and I said some things that make me look pretty silly in hindsight, but it was the beginning of the tradition of naming the All-Freshman Track and Field Team. The process has become increasingly more organized every year, and hopefully when you are reading the Class of 2015 All-Freshman Team, you can click back to this article and see where the Class of 2012 started out.

The Boys All-Freshman Team is composed of a Freshman of the Year and the next ten talented young athletes with the most potential to be future stars. Results from indoor and outdoor track were used to assess the freshmen for this team (cross country season has its own All-Freshman Team). Additional bright young athletes are included as honorable mention.

Freshman of the Year

Ryan Watson, Good Counsel - Watson threw 40-03 in the shot put in his first scrimmage and never threw under 40 feet the rest of the season. He won the WCAC title in the shot put with a season best throw of 47-10.50 and placed fourth in the WCAC in the discus. By the end of the season he ranked seventh in Montgomery County in the shot put and fourth in Montgomery County in the discus with a season best throw of 140-05. He is the #1 freshman in the Mocorunning database in the shot put and discus in the last four years.

Joey Chapin, Georgetown Prep - Chapin was an indoor All-American when he ran a personal best 4:44.24 for fifth place in the freshman mile at the National Scholastic Indoor Championship. He also clocked a time of 10:14.63 for 3200 meters at the Jesuit Indoor Invitational.

Will Conway, Churchill - Conway may have had the best range of all freshmen. His times of 54.7 in the 400 and 4:51 in the 1600 show how versatile he is, but his times of 1:10.81 in the indoor 500m, and 2:03.59 in the 800 suggest that he may be the county's next best middle distance specialist.

Nadim Elhage, Churchill - If not for Watson, Elhage would have the best freshman discus throw among Montgomery County freshman in the past four years. He threw 121-03 which ranks 13th in Montgomery County this year. He later cracked 40 feet with a throw of 40-01.75 at the 4A West Regional where he was the top freshman in a tenth place effort.

Josh Ellis, Walter Johnson - Ellis won the 1600 at the Montgomery County B Championship in a season-best time of 4:39.0. He later just missed qualifying for the state championship in the 800, finishing fifth in 2:03.00 at the 4A West Regional Meet. Both times were Montgomery County freshman bests this year.

Andrew Gyenis, Georgetown Prep - Gyenis was Mocorunning's cross country freshman of the year and he did not disappoint during track season, despite the swim team remaining his primary sport. He was an indoor All-American when he placed fourth in the freshman mile at the National Scholastic Indoor Championship. He later ran 4:43.1 for the mile at the Cougar Relays and placed fifth at the IAC Championship in the 3200 with a personal best time of 10:10.7.

David Hamilton, Richard Montgomery - Hamilton had the top Montgomery County freshman time in the 400 and 500 meter dashes this year. His time of 51.73 placed him tenth in the 400m at the outdoor 4A West Regional Championship, and his time of 1:10.31 placed him seventh in the 500m at the indoor 4A West Regional Championship. He also split 2:02 in the 4x800 relay that ran 8:01.54 at the state championship.

Micah Phillips-Spencer, Churchill - Phillips-Spencer had the top Montgomery County freshman time in the 200-meter dash with a season best of 23.32. He also had the best 100m time among freshmen at the Montgomery County Championship where he ran 11.41, but was later topped at regionals by Woodard of Magruder.

Mamud Sankoh, Clarksburg - Sankoh owns the top triple jump mark among Montgomery County freshman the last four years. His season-best TJ mark of 39-04.50 placed him seventh at the 3A West Regional Meet days after he placed second in the triple jump and third in the long jump at the Montgomery County B Meet.

Zachary Weinstein, Churchill - Weinstein ran the fastest freshman 3200 meter time this year with his 10:09.64 tenth place effort at the 4A West Regional Championship Meet. This came after his dominating 3200 victory at the County B Championship and a 4:45.9 1600m run at the Katie Jenkins Invitational.

Jermaine Woodard, Magruder - Woodard ended the season with the top Montgomery County freshman time in the 100-meter dash. His time of 11.40q (FAT) qualified for the finals at the regional meet, and his fourth place time of 11.0 (handtimed) earned him a ticket to the state championship. He was unable to compete at the state championship due to complications at school.

Honorable Mention

Sterling Cadeau Watkins Mill, Eli Crutchfield Good Counsel, Isaac Cudjoe Seneca Valley, Gregory Hadley The Heights, Devin Haywood Quince Orchard, Melvin Hernandez Albert Einstein, Nick Hu Richard Montgomery, Michael Hunter Landon, Andrew Kyeremeh Northwest, Kenny Lang Quince Orchard, Evan Laratta Quince Orchard, Darnell Leslie Quince Orchard, Darius Lewis Quince Orchard, John Lynagh Good Counsel, Kyle Martin Good Counsel, Abdul Mohammed Watkins Mill, Scott Sheehan Walter Johnson, Jack Riely Good Counsel, Simba Gwashavanhu Gaithersburg, William Yougnia Watkins Mill

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2009-06-02 11:55:01

not just the first team but the whole lot of the freshman boys are talented

2009-06-02 12:49:28

Churchill could be dominate in a few years

2009-06-02 14:07:26

it weird how there are people who made it to states and there under honerable mention

2009-06-02 14:10:12

400m Dash 2009-05-13 3A West Regional 51.38 10 Sterling Cadeau Watkins Mill, fastest 400 county time.

2009-06-02 15:47:41

I think this is the worst write up ever. basically everyone that was talked about on the forums where put on here. How is will conway the most versitile freshmen when Ellis is ran a 55.1/2:03/4:39 ? and that was like his first 400 ever.

2009-06-02 16:04:44

Watkins Mill is about to have a sick 4x2 senior year! & 4x1

2009-06-02 17:08:56

Why are y'all hatin on kp? Howbout he doesn't do a writeup at all, would you like that?

2009-06-02 17:38:03

just some tips to make it better. i mean i think we should have a suggestion box. i think everyone is very great full for KP. i know i am.

2009-06-02 18:30:20

this is the suggestion box

2009-06-02 20:22:54

we should all pitch in with the articles and stuff and oh lets make something to admire the sophomores each year. i noticed they don't get a lot of attention. Maybe it's because freshmen have stuff to work for ( freshmen of the year ) Seniors ( it's there last year so they want to do there best ) Juniors ( need to look for colleges and stuff ) but sophomores are just kind of running .. any one know what i am talking about?

2009-06-02 23:41:42

churchill WIN

2009-06-03 08:20:32

Everybody knows the 3A west 400's were bogus

2009-06-03 18:04:01

churchill will be nice in a few years if everyone stays, they all work hard so expect them to improve

2009-06-03 19:33:52


2009-06-04 09:36:55

did ellis make the team? yes he did so dont complain. kp thinks that conway MAY be the most versatile runner.

2009-06-04 12:35:43

conway IS* the most versatile, he only ran the 1600 once all season and ran the 400 twice in outdoor. he definetly could have posted better times but he was focusing on the 800....KP IS RIGHT

2009-06-05 14:33:46

thats right. conway will take ellis by storm. he will be the next wayne. or better.

2009-06-17 01:38:39


2009-11-29 20:58:44

actually, matt kim of sidwell and mike crozier of gonzaga had the fastest freshman 2mile times of 10:04 and 10:05, respectively...and matt kim ran a 4:32 mile, and crozier didn't do too bad with a 4:45. are they not mentioned because, technically, those schools are outside moco?? just wondering...

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