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India Knight
Class of 2012 (Update/Correct)
1600m Run2009-04-03MRW NOVA Invitational05:49.635
200 Dash ht2009-03-31Northwest @ Wootton26.341
200m Dash2010-04-17Viking Invitational25.845
200m Dash2012-05-09MCPS Championship26.218
200m Dash2010-05-01Nike Spring Invitational26.254
3 Mile XC2009-10-10Glory Days Invitational21:227
300m Dash2010-01-25Montgomery Co. TF Championship42.575
300m Dash2010-02-234A State Championship44.0810
300m Dash2010-02-174A West Regional44.253
400m Dash2010-05-194A West Region56.522
400m Dash2012-05-164A West Region57.082
400m Dash2010-05-01Nike Spring Invitational57.282
400m Dash2012-04-14Meade Stampede57.501
400m Dash2010-05-284A State Championship57.517
400m Dash2010-05-12MoCo Championship57.733
400m Dash2011-05-10MoCo Championship58.033
400m Dash2012-05-264A State Championship58.145
400m Dash2010-04-17Viking Invitational58.322
400m Dash2011-05-07Nike Spring Invitational58.421
400m Dash2009-05-134A West Regional58.504
400m Dash2010-02-27Mid-Atlantic Track Classic58.755
400m Dash2011-05-184A West Regional58.983
400m Dash2011-03-11NB Indoor Nationals59.0614
400m Dash2011-05-274A State Championship59.299
400m Dash2009-05-23MD State Championship59.3011
400m Dash2010-02-27Mid-Atlantic Track Classic59.343
400m Dash2012-05-09MCPS Championship59.493
400m Dash2011-01-08Montgomery Invitational59.565
400m Dash2009-04-03MRW NOVA Invitational59.693
400m Dash2012-04-24Northwest at Seneca Valley62.701
400m Dash2009-01-10Montgomery Invitational63.6226
5000m XC2008-10-03Paul Short Run21:04151
5000m XC2008-10-18Montgomery Co. Championship21:08.8746
5000m XC2008-10-11Glory Days Invitational21:1611
5000m XC2008-09-13Magruder Invitational21:58.491
5000m XC2008-10-07Northwest and Churchill at QO22:1716
5000m XC2011-10-04NW, WJ @ Landon22:17.807
5000m XC2008-09-23Northwest Whitman at Landon 22:2210
5000m XC2009-09-26Oatlands Invitational22:2317
5000m XC2009-10-24MoCo XC Championship22:252
5000m XC2008-09-17Northwest at Walter Johnson 22:46.6012
5000m XC2008-09-20Oatlands Invitational22:5443
5000m XC2009-09-23NW, WJ @ Whitman23:44.6722
5000m XC2011-09-27Northwest @ Sherwood24:069
5000m XC2011-10-11QO Homecoming Invitational24:1328
5000m XC2011-09-03Peter Geraghty Invitational24:34.00189
500m Dash2012-02-214A State Championship01:17.334
500m Dash2011-02-104A West Region01:18.393
500m Dash2011-02-234A State Championship01:19.353
500m Dash2011-12-13MCPS Meet #101:19.492
500m Dash2012-01-23Montgomery Co. TF Championship01:20.914
500m Dash2009-02-114A West Regional01:21.455
500m Dash2012-02-094A West Regional01:21.712
500m Dash2009-01-26Montgomery Co. TF Championship01:23.9810
800m Run2011-06-16NB Outdoor Nationals02:14.928
800m Run2012-04-20Darius Ray Invitational02:19.501
800m Run2011-05-10MoCo Championship02:22.135
800m Run2011-05-07Nike Spring Invitational02:25.355
800m Run2009-04-18Viking Invitational02:26.408
800m Run2011-12-13MCPS Meet #102:28.281
800m Run2012-02-094A West Regional02:34.408
Long Jump2010-05-01Nike Spring Invitational15-00.752
Individual Titles

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