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Damion Rowe
Seneca Valley
Class of 2015 (Update/Correct)
100 Dash ht2014-04-08NW, SV at Poolesville10.92
100 Dash ht2015-04-14Seneca Valley at Watkins Mill11.22
100 Dash ht2013-04-09Damascus and QO at SV11.615
100 Dash ht2015-04-21QO, SV at Poolesville11.702
100 Dash ht2015-03-31Clarksburg, Damascus at SV12.20
100m Dash2014-05-03Katie Jenkins Invitational11.131
100m Dash2014-03-22Screaming Eagle Invitational11.181
100m Dash2014-05-243A State Championship11.2010
100m Dash2014-05-07Montgomery Co. Championship11.324
100m Dash2014-05-03Katie Jenkins Invitational11.371
100m Dash2014-05-173A West Regional11.422
100m Dash2014-05-173A West Regional11.451
100m Dash2015-05-143A West Regional11.509
100m Dash2014-03-22Screaming Eagle Invitational11.631
100m Dash2015-05-07MoCo Championship12.0026
200 Dash ht2014-04-08NW, SV at Poolesville22.41
200 Dash ht2015-04-14Seneca Valley at Watkins Mill22.91
200 Dash ht2013-04-17Seneca Valley at Poolesville24.42
200 Dash ht2013-04-09Damascus and QO at SV24.858
200m Dash2014-05-173A West Regional22.041
200m Dash2014-05-243A State Championship22.443
200m Dash2014-03-22Screaming Eagle Invitational22.781
200m Dash2014-05-03Katie Jenkins Invitational22.801
200m Dash2014-05-07Montgomery Co. Championship22.917
200m Dash2014-05-243A State Championship23.167
200m Dash2013-05-253A State Championship23.1817
200m Dash2013-05-163A West Championship23.205
200m Dash2014-03-14NB Indoor Nationals23.2154
200m Dash2013-05-08MoCo Championship23.299
200m Dash2014-05-173A West Regional23.322
200m Dash2015-05-07MoCo Championship23.3714
200m Dash2013-05-163A West Championship23.476
200m Dash2013-04-20Viking Invitational23.5413
200m Dash2013-05-04Katie Jenkins Invitational23.825
200m Dash2015-05-02Katie Jenkins Invitational23.9410
300m Dash2014-02-103A West Regional35.542
300m Dash2014-01-28Montgomery Co. TF Championship36.505
300m Dash2014-02-183A State Championship38.0013
300m Dash2012-12-26MCPS Meet #241.2224
300m Dash2013-01-05CCBC-Essex Invitational #346.7118
400m Dash2014-04-08NW, SV at Poolesville51.61
400m Dash2015-04-21QO, SV at Poolesville54.101
400m Dash2015-05-02Katie Jenkins Invitational56.2718
400m Dash2015-04-14Seneca Valley at Watkins Mill57.70
500m Dash2012-12-11MCPS Meet #101:17.1035
500m Dash2013-01-05CCBC-Essex Invitational #301:19.219
500m Dash2013-12-30MCPS Meet #301:21.836
55 Dash ht2013-12-07MCPS Meet #1 6.52
55m Dash2014-02-103A West Regional6.652
55m Dash2014-02-103A West Regional6.693
55m Dash2014-01-04Southern MD Classic6.737
55m Dash2014-01-04Southern MD Classic6.736
55m Dash2014-01-04Southern MD Classic6.746
55m Dash2014-01-28Montgomery Co. TF Championship6.816
55m Dash2014-02-183A State Championship6.8315
55m Dash2014-01-28Montgomery Co. TF Championship6.848
55m Dash2013-12-28FIT Invitational6.8715
55m Dash2014-01-11Montgomery Invitational6.8936
55m Dash2013-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship6.9210
55m Dash2012-12-11MCPS Meet #17.0516
55m Dash2012-12-26MCPS Meet #27.1615
55m Dash2013-02-063A West Regional7.2317
High Jump2013-04-23Clarksburg and WM at SV5-00.004
High Jump2015-04-14Seneca Valley at Watkins Mill5-02.004
High Jump2013-05-04Katie Jenkins Invitational5-02.0011
High Jump2013-04-20Viking Invitational5-04.009
High Jump2013-12-30MCPS Meet #35-06.008
High Jump2013-12-07MCPS Meet #1 5-06.005
High Jump2013-04-17Seneca Valley at Poolesville5-081
Individual Titles

OT 20143A West Region200m Dash
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