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Ty Mason
James H. Blake
Class of 2017 (Update/Correct)
100 Dash ht2016-05-11Montgomery Co. Championship11.002
100 Dash ht2016-04-19Blake, Spring at Sher11.14
100 Dash ht2016-05-11Montgomery Co. Championship11.102
100 Dash ht2017-04-18Blake, Springbrook at PB11.35
100m Dash2016-05-193A South Regional11.053
100m Dash2016-05-193A South Regional11.072
100m Dash2017-05-203A South Regional11.072
100m Dash2017-05-273A State Championship11.1215
100m Dash2016-05-273A State Championship11.155
100m Dash2016-05-273A State Championship11.176
100m Dash2017-05-203A South Regional11.173
100m Dash2017-05-10MCPS Championships11.188
100m Dash2016-04-02Crimson Tide Invitational11.386
100m Dash2016-04-02Crimson Tide Invitational11.475
100m Dash2015-05-02TC Williams Invitational11.482
100m Dash2017-05-06TC Williams Invitational11.533
100m Dash2017-05-06TC Williams Invitational11.576
110 Hurdles ht2015-04-14Sherwood, Blake at Gaithersburg16.542
200 Dash ht2017-04-18Blake, Springbrook at PB23.04
200m Dash2016-05-07Katie Jenkins Invitational22.732
200m Dash2015-04-18Riverdale Invitational23.7013
300m Dash2016-12-27MCPS Meet #338.0610
55m Dash2017-02-213A State Championship6.522
55m Dash2017-01-18Montgomery Co. TF Championship6.532
55m Dash2017-01-18Montgomery Co. TF Championship6.572
55m Dash2016-01-20Montgomery Co. TF Championship6.584
55m Dash2016-02-043A West Regional6.613
55m Dash2017-02-213A State Championship6.647
55m Dash2016-02-233A State Championship6.678
55m Dash2016-02-233A State Championship6.677
55m Dash2016-12-06MCPS Meet #26.684
55m Dash2016-03-11NB Indoor Nationals6.68c34
55m Dash2016-01-02UMES Invitational6.71c5
55m Dash2016-02-043A West Regional6.723
55m Dash2016-12-27MCPS Meet #36.723
55m Dash2017-01-28Virginia Tech Invitational6.7431
55m Dash2016-01-20Montgomery Co. TF Championship6.757
55m Dash2017-02-093A West Regional6.752
55m Dash2016-12-22Ed Bowie Invitational6.7713
55m Dash2017-02-093A West Regional6.854
55m Dash2015-12-08MCPS Meet #26.866
60m Dash2016-03-11NB Indoor Nationals7.1834
60m Dash2016-01-02UMES Invitational7.215
60m Dash2016-01-02UMES Invitational7.215
High Jump2015-04-18Riverdale Invitational5-04.005
Long Jump2015-04-14Sherwood, Blake at Gaithersburg19-05.501
Long Jump2015-05-02TC Williams Invitational19-10.009
Long Jump2015-06-21NB Outdoor Nationals19-10.2525
Long Jump2015-04-11Waldorf Track Classic20-03.504
Long Jump2016-04-19Blake, Spring at Sher20-08.501
Long Jump2015-05-164A North Regional20-11.752
Long Jump2017-04-29Penn Relays21-01.2515
Long Jump2015-04-18Riverdale Invitational21-01.252
Long Jump2017-03-12New Balance Nationals21-03.2530
Long Jump2015-05-07MoCo Championship21-07.502
Long Jump2017-05-10MCPS Championships21-11.001
Long Jump2016-05-11Montgomery Co. Championship22-00.501
Long Jump2016-04-30Penn Relays22-00.7512
Long Jump2016-01-20Montgomery Co. TF Championship22-02.001
Long Jump2017-05-273A State Championship22-02.503
Long Jump2016-04-02Crimson Tide Invitational22-03.001
Long Jump2017-05-06TC Williams Invitational22-04.001
Long Jump2017-01-28Virginia Tech Invitational22-04.754
Long Jump2015-12-08MCPS Meet #222-06.251
Long Jump2017-03-12New Balance Nationals22-07.006
Long Jump2017-01-18Montgomery Co. TF Championship22-09.002
Long Jump2017-05-203A South Regional22-09.751
Long Jump2016-01-02UMES Invitational22-09.751
Long Jump2016-05-193A South Regional22-10.501
Long Jump2015-05-234A State Championship23-00.003
Long Jump2016-12-22Ed Bowie Invitational23-02.501
Long Jump2016-03-11NB Indoor Nationals23-05.501
Long Jump2016-05-273A State Championship23-06.502
Long Jump2016-06-19NB Outdoor Nationals23-10.254
Shot Put2016-05-07Katie Jenkins Invitational43-04.503
Triple Jump2016-04-19Blake, Spring at Sher41-08.752
Individual Titles

IT 2016Montgomery CountyLong Jump
OT 2016Montgomery CountyLong Jump
OT 20163A South RegionLong Jump
OT 2016All AmericanLong Jump
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