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Reginald Steele
Paint Branch
Class of 2010 (Update/Correct)
100m Dash2010-05-194A West Region10.841
100m Dash2010-05-12MoCo Championship10.901
100m Dash2010-05-284A State Championship10.941
100m Dash2010-05-284A State Championship10.961
100m Dash2010-05-12MoCo Championship11.171
100m Dash2010-05-194A West Region11.181
100m Dash2010-05-194A West Region11.211
100m Dash2010-04-17Meade Stampede11.9434
200 Dash ht2010-04-20PB @ Rockville22.581
200 Dash ht2008-05-143A West Regional22.73
200 Dash ht2008-05-143A West Regional23.24
200m Dash2010-05-12MoCo Championship21.751
200m Dash2010-05-284A State Championship22.031
200m Dash2010-05-284A State Championship22.051
200m Dash2010-05-194A West Region22.111
200m Dash2009-05-23MD State Championship22.413
200m Dash2009-05-133A West Regional22.462
200m Dash2009-05-23MD State Championship22.524
200m Dash2010-05-12MoCo Championship22.602
200m Dash2009-05-06MoCo Championship22.672
200m Dash2009-05-06MoCo Championship22.735
200m Dash2009-04-18Meade Stampede22.787
200m Dash2010-05-194A West Region22.841
200m Dash2009-05-133A West Regional22.964
200m Dash2009-03-13Nike Indoor Nationals23.0329
200m Dash2008-05-08Montgomery Co. Championship23.139
200m Dash2010-04-17Meade Stampede23.1512
200m Dash2009-04-03MRW NOVA Invitational23.443
200m Dash2008-05-143A West Regional23.495
200m Dash2008-04-19Meade Stampede23.9625
200m Dash2007-04-13MR&W Invite24.4339
200m Dash2008-04-05Morgan State Invitational24.809
300m Dash2009-01-23Virginia Tech Invitational36.5915
300m Dash2008-12-06Hoco/Moco Challenge37.654
300m Dash2009-01-26Montgomery Co. TF Championship38.0312
300m Dash2008-12-20MRW Holiday Invitational38.0623
400m Dash2009-03-25Damascus @ PB50.71
400m Dash2009-03-13Nike Indoor Nationals50.8528
400m Dash2009-04-03MRW NOVA Invitational52.4612
400m Dash2009-01-10Montgomery Invitational53.7324
400m Dash2010-01-09Montgomery Invitational54.4029
400m Dash2010-04-20PB @ Rockville55.242
400m Dash2007-05-163A west Regional55.4212
400m Dash2008-04-01PB @ Damascus56.25
55m Dash2009-02-173A State Championship6.799
55m Dash2009-02-043A West Regional6.974
55m Dash2009-02-043A West Regional7.011
55m Dash2009-02-043A West Regional7.012
High Jump2008-04-01PB @ Damascus5-02.005
High Jump2007-05-163A west Regional5-03.007
High Jump2009-03-25Damascus @ PB5-041
High Jump2010-04-20PB @ Rockville5-061
High Jump2009-01-03Coach O Invitational5-08.004
High Jump2008-12-06Hoco/Moco Challenge5-08.004
High Jump2008-12-20MRW Holiday Invitational5-08.008
High Jump2009-01-26Montgomery Co. TF Championship5-10.007
Individual Titles

OT 2010Montgomery County200m Dash
OT 2010Montgomery County100m Dash
OT 20104A West Region100m Dash
OT 20104A West Region200m Dash
OT 20104A State200m Dash
OT 20104A State100m Dash
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Reginald Steele's Bio
Update Bio for Reginald Steele


MoCoRunning Forum Name:

Reggie Steele


I run Indoor and Outdoor Track

Why Track/XC?:

I really jus love running track .. my goal is to make it to te college of my choice and run to the best o my ablility when i get there

Competing Since:

i started 9th grade and i was because i was scouted by my hogh school coach lynnett hopkins and promised her that i would run for her

Favorite Event:

the 200 meter dash and the 4x100 relay

Proudest Accomplishments:

I would have to say running in Nationals and Penn Relays during the school year but in summer track definetly running in he junior olympics in Nebraska

Memorable Moments:

running in nationals and finishing second in my heat in the 400 meter dash. the funniest moments were with my team mates Marcus Malcolm and Omar at Penn Relays we always had alot of fun.


The computer, running, partying, and chilling with friends


"Every One looks Good on Paper but you need to show up and prove them wrong" ~Lynnett Hopkins~ "Have Fun and Run Fast" ~Lynnett Hopkins & Coach Walker~

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