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Nathan Phillips
James H. Blake
Class of 2018 (Update/Correct)
100 Dash ht2016-04-19Blake, Spring at Sher10.81
100 Dash ht2015-04-14Sherwood, Blake at Gaithersburg11.834
200 Dash ht2016-04-19Blake, Spring at Sher21.61
200 Dash ht2015-04-14Sherwood, Blake at Gaithersburg23.262
200m Dash2018-03-09New Balance Indoor Nationals22.4311
200m Dash2016-03-11NB Indoor Nationals22.4916
200m Dash2015-05-07MoCo Championship22.504
200m Dash2015-05-07MoCo Championship22.575
200m Dash2018-05-213A West Regional22.655
200m Dash2018-04-20Scorpion Classic22.731
200m Dash2018-05-09MCPS Championship22.736
200m Dash2017-03-12New Balance Nationals22.7729
200m Dash2016-05-193A South Regional22.814
200m Dash2016-05-193A South Regional22.846
200m Dash2017-05-203A South Regional23.044
200m Dash2017-05-203A South Regional23.427
300m Dash2016-02-043A West Regional35.381
300m Dash2016-02-233A State Championship35.422
300m Dash2016-12-27MCPS Meet #335.611
300m Dash2017-12-21Ed Bowie Invitational35.763
300m Dash2016-01-20Montgomery Co. TF Championship35.822
300m Dash2017-12-26MCPS Meet #335.911
300m Dash2018-02-083A West Regional35.912
300m Dash2018-02-203A State Championship36.304
300m Dash2015-12-08MCPS Meet #236.302
300m Dash2015-12-29MCPS Meet #336.371
300m Dash2017-12-05MCPS Meet #136.851
300m Dash2014-12-30MCPS Meet #340.0741
300m Dash2014-12-09MCPS Meet #241.7365
300m Hurdles2018-04-10Blake at Springbrook41.752
300m Hurdles2018-03-28Blake at Paint Branch42.91
300m Hurdles2018-04-04Sherwood, Blake at Gaithersburg44.302
400m Dash2018-04-10Blake at Springbrook50.281
400m Dash2016-05-11Montgomery Co. Championship50.402
400m Dash2016-04-19Blake, Spring at Sher50.61
400m Dash2018-04-04Sherwood, Blake at Gaithersburg51.391
400m Dash2018-03-28Blake at Paint Branch51.61
400m Dash2017-03-22Sherwood at Blake 54.31
500m Dash2016-12-27MCPS Meet #301:09.602
500m Dash2018-01-20Virginia Showcase01:11.0649
55m Dash2016-01-20Montgomery Co. TF Championship6.573
55m Dash2016-02-233A State Championship6.584
55m Dash2016-02-233A State Championship6.584
55m Dash2016-02-043A West Regional6.602
55m Dash2016-12-06MCPS Meet #26.632
55m Dash2016-02-043A West Regional6.651
55m Dash2015-12-08MCPS Meet #26.662
55m Dash2015-12-29MCPS Meet #36.713
55m Dash2016-01-20Montgomery Co. TF Championship6.734
55m Dash2015-02-054A West Regional6.8513
55m Dash2015-01-20Montgomery Co. TF Championship6.8713
55m Dash2017-01-18Montgomery Co. TF Championship7.0628
55m Dash2014-12-30MCPS Meet #37.1228
Individual Titles

IT 20163A West Region300m Dash
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