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Ben Simpson
Albert Einstein
Class of 2019 (Update/Correct)
100 Dash ht2018-04-04JFK, Wheaton at Einstein13.323
100 Dash ht2018-05-12County B Championship13.362
100 Dash ht2018-04-10Einstein, Rockville at NWD13.5516
110 Hurdles ht2018-04-10Einstein, Rockville at NWD22.025
1600m Run2017-04-19Einstein at Blair 05:15.73
200 Dash ht2018-05-12County B Championship27.565
3 Mile XC2015-09-09Einstein at RM18:01.006
3 Mile XC2016-11-12Maryland State Championship18:10.60104
3 Mile XC2015-09-26Bull Run Invitational18:59.569
3 Mile XC2018-09-26Poolesville at Einstein19:20.309
3 Mile XC2018-09-22Bull Run Invitational19:58.399
300m Hurdles2018-04-10Einstein, Rockville at NWD53.243
3200m Run2017-03-28Rockville Wheaton at Einstein 11:39.004
400m Dash2017-03-21Einstein at Kennedy 59.974
400m Dash2018-04-04JFK, Wheaton at Einstein63.87
5000m XC2016-10-22Montgomery Co. Championship17:16.8537
5000m XC2017-10-21Montgomery Co. Championship17:23.4065
5000m XC2015-10-26MoCo XC Championship17:24.260
5000m XC2016-09-24Westminster Invitational17:48.913
5000m XC2015-11-054A West Regional17:57.445
5000m XC2017-09-16Barnhart Invitational17:58.455
5000m XC2016-11-034A West Regional17:59.7257
5000m XC2017-10-06Scorpion Crawl18:00.0320
5000m XC2016-09-14Clarksburg at Einstein18:01.003
5000m XC2016-10-15MCPS Consortia Championships18:0616
5000m XC2015-09-12Rebel Invitational18:08.014
5000m XC2016-09-10Rebel Invitational18:08.412
5000m XC2017-10-14Consortia Championships18:1020
5000m XC2017-09-09Rebel Invitational18:13.738
5000m XC2015-10-17MCPS Consortia Championships18:1419
5000m XC2017-09-05Quince Orchard at Einstein18:15.005
5000m XC2016-09-27Einstein, NW, WW at Sherwood18:22.6512
5000m XC2018-10-09Einstein at Clarksburg18:27.005
5000m XC2017-09-12WJ, Einstein at Poolesville18:27.76
5000m XC2015-09-19William & Mary Invitational18:3194
5000m XC2018-10-13Consortia Championships18:36.7332
5000m XC2016-09-20PB, Einstein at Northwest18:4014
5000m XC2017-11-024A West Regional18:55.0054
5000m XC2018-09-08Rebel Invitational19:00.448
5000m XC2017-09-26Einstein and RM at WJ19:0212
5000m XC2017-10-03WJ, Einstein at Paint Branch19:09.218
5000m XC2018-10-02Einstein, Sherwood at NWD19:38.008
5000m XC2015-09-15Whitman at Einstein19:42.007
800m Run2017-03-21Einstein at Kennedy 02:23.133
800m Run2017-04-21Scorpion Invitational02:24.0136
Shot Put2018-04-10Einstein, Rockville at NWD27-085
Shot Put2018-05-12County B Championship27-09.0029
Shot Put2018-04-14Vollmer Invitational28-00.0043
Shot Put2018-05-05DCC Championship28-11.006
Individual Titles

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