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Ashley Dabney
Class of 2009 (Update/Correct)
100 Dash ht2009-03-31B-CC, WJ @ Wheaton13.985
100 Dash ht2006-03-28Wheaton @ Damascus18.52
100 Hurdles ht2008-05-143A West Regional16.02
100 Hurdles ht2008-05-02Katie Jenkins Invitational16.33
100 Hurdles ht2009-04-21Wheaton, Churchill @ Sherwood16.33
100 Hurdles ht2009-03-31B-CC, WJ @ Wheaton16.41
100 Hurdles ht2008-04-15Churchill, WJ @ Wheaton16.53
100 Hurdles ht2008-05-02Katie Jenkins Invitational16.65
100 Hurdles ht2008-05-143A West Regional16.64
100 Hurdles ht2008-04-08Sher, Land, SR @ Wheaton16.82
100 Hurdles ht2008-05-02Katie Jenkins Invitational17.03
100 Hurdles ht2008-04-02Wheaton @ JFK17.51
100 Hurdles ht2006-04-19Wheaton @ BCC18.31
100 Hurdles ht2007-04-17B-CC at Wheaton18.51
100 Hurdles ht2006-05-05Katie Jenkins Invitational18.513
100 Hurdles ht2009-04-28Wheaton Tri18.73
100 Hurdles ht2007-03-27Wheaton at WM18.71
100 Hurdles ht2007-03-21Damascus WJ at Wheaton197
100 Hurdles ht2007-05-04Katie Jenkins Invitational1915
100m Hurdles2008-05-08Montgomery Co. Championship16.475
100m Hurdles2009-05-133A West Regional16.544
100m Hurdles2009-05-06MoCo Championship16.559
100m Hurdles2008-05-08Montgomery Co. Championship16.586
100m Hurdles2009-05-02Katie Jenkins Invitational16.733
100m Hurdles2009-05-02Katie Jenkins Invitational16.822
100m Hurdles2008-05-143A West Regional16.834
100m Hurdles2009-05-02Katie Jenkins Invitational17.492
100m Hurdles2008-05-24MD State Championship22.8013
200 Dash ht2008-04-02Wheaton @ JFK29.81
55m Hurdles2009-01-10Montgomery Invitational09.3721
55m Hurdles2008-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship09.374
55m Hurdles2009-01-26Montgomery Co. TF Championship09.5010
55m Hurdles2008-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship09.512
55m Hurdles2008-02-213A West Regional Meet09.607
55m Hurdles2008-02-213A West Regional Meet09.618
800m Run2007-03-27Wheaton at WM03:09.03
High Jump2007-05-10Montgomery Co. Championship4-06.009
High Jump2006-05-05Katie Jenkins Invitational4-06.006
High Jump2007-04-17B-CC at Wheaton4-081
High Jump2007-05-163A west Regional4-08.002
High Jump2007-03-27Wheaton at WM4-101
High Jump2009-04-28Wheaton Tri4-101
High Jump2006-04-19Wheaton @ BCC4-101
High Jump2008-04-08Sher, Land, SR @ Wheaton4-101
High Jump2008-04-02Wheaton @ JFK4-101
High Jump2009-05-02Katie Jenkins Invitational4-10.002
High Jump2007-05-04Katie Jenkins Invitational4-10.003
High Jump2006-03-25Cougar Relays4-10.502
High Jump2008-05-143A West Regional4-11.002
High Jump2007-03-21Damascus WJ at Wheaton5-002
High Jump2006-03-28Wheaton @ Damascus5-002
High Jump2007-12-12Developmental Meet 15-001
High Jump2008-12-30Developmental Meet #25-001
High Jump2008-04-15Churchill, WJ @ Wheaton5-00.001
High Jump2008-02-213A West Regional Meet5-00.003
High Jump2006-05-273A State Championship5-00.003
High Jump2008-04-12Woodward Relays5-00.001
High Jump2009-02-173A State Championship5-00.004
High Jump2009-05-23MD State Championship5-00.006
High Jump2009-02-043A West Regional5-00.003
High Jump2009-01-10Montgomery Invitational5-00.009
High Jump2009-03-31B-CC, WJ @ Wheaton5-021
High Jump2009-01-26Montgomery Co. TF Championship5-02.003
High Jump2008-05-08Montgomery Co. Championship5-02.004
High Jump2008-05-02Katie Jenkins Invitational5-02.002
High Jump2008-05-24MD State Championship5-02.002
High Jump2009-04-21Wheaton, Churchill @ Sherwood5-02.001
High Jump2007-05-26State Championship Day 35-02.003
High Jump2008-12-10Developmental Meet #15-02.002
High Jump2009-05-06MoCo Championship5-02.001
High Jump2009-05-133A West Regional5-03.003
High Jump2008-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship5-04.001
High Jump2008-02-253A State Championship5-04.002
High Jump2007-12-26Developmental Meet 25-051
Long Jump2007-03-21Damascus WJ at Wheaton11-096
Long Jump2009-04-28Wheaton Tri13-03.54
Long Jump2006-03-28Wheaton @ Damascus14-022
Triple Jump2008-04-08Sher, Land, SR @ Wheaton29-00.52
Triple Jump2007-05-04Katie Jenkins Invitational29-05.009
Triple Jump2007-05-10Montgomery Co. Championship30-02.2515
Triple Jump2007-05-163A west Regional30-02.5012
Triple Jump2009-03-31B-CC, WJ @ Wheaton30-043
Triple Jump2009-05-133A West Regional31-08.007
Triple Jump2009-05-02Katie Jenkins Invitational31-10.006
Individual Titles

IT 2008Montgomery CountyHigh Jump
OT 2009Montgomery CountyHigh Jump
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