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Jeremy Blair
Richard Montgomery
Class of 2009 (Update/Correct)
200 Dash ht2009-04-01RM @ Springbrook23.42
200 Dash ht2008-05-10County B Championship24.004
200m Dash2009-05-02Katie Jenkins Invitational23.565
200m Dash2009-05-02Katie Jenkins Invitational24.044
200m Dash2009-05-02Katie Jenkins Invitational24.054
3 Mile XC2006-10-13Meade Autumn Classic17:15.128
3 Mile XC2007-09-29Bull Run Invitational19:0261
3 Mile XC2006-09-30Bull Run Invitational19:0580
400m Dash2009-05-134A West Regional51.286
400m Dash2009-04-25Zimmerman Invitational51.431
400m Dash2009-04-01RM @ Springbrook52.01
400m Dash2008-05-144A West Regional52.839
400m Dash2008-05-02Katie Jenkins Invitational53.06
400m Dash2008-05-10County B Championship53.801
400m Dash2007-05-09Montgomery County B Meet54.62
400m Dash2006-05-05Katie Jenkins Invitational55.38
400m Dash2007-05-04Katie Jenkins Invitational55.517
400m Dash2006-05-10Montgomery County B Meet56.49
400m Dash2007-04-18RM Whitman at QO56.65
400m Dash2008-04-01CB, AE, RM @ Mag56.75
400m Dash2006-03-28QO, RM vs. Whitman56.79
5000m XC2008-10-18Montgomery Co. Championship17:41.5671
5000m XC2008-10-01Magruder RM at Gaithersburg17:58.113
5000m XC2008-09-17RM at Damascus18:0012
5000m XC2007-10-20MoCo Championship18:07.0671
5000m XC2007-10-06Interstate Classic18:22.040
5000m XC2007-09-08Peter Geraghty Invitational18:36.1746
5000m XC2008-09-13Magruder Invitational18:41.2760
5000m XC2008-09-23RM and Wootton at Sherwood18:43.013
5000m XC2006-09-26RM Whitman @ QO18:54.224
5000m XC2006-09-13RM @ Sherwood18:56.012
5000m XC2006-09-09Peter Geraghty Invitational19:00.862
5000m XC2008-10-304A West Regional19:02.5758
5000m XC2007-11-014A West Regional19:18.569
5000m XC2007-09-19RM @ QO19:19.59
5000m XC2007-10-02RM @ WJ19:33.6015
5000m XC2005-09-27RM, Magruder, Dam, Sherwood19:37.0034
5000m XC2007-09-25RM, Sher, Whit @ NW19:54.4625
500m Dash2009-01-23Virginia Tech Invitational01:10.3326
500m Dash2008-01-25Virginia Tech Invitational01:11.3028
500m Dash2009-01-26Montgomery Co. TF Championship01:11.5011
500m Dash2008-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship01:13.0020
500m Dash2008-02-064A West Regional01:16.515
800m Run2009-05-02Katie Jenkins Invitational02:06.685
800m Run2007-05-164A West Regional02:11.8728
800m Run2006-05-05Katie Jenkins Invitational02:19.523
Triple Jump2008-04-29RM, Prep @ Northwood38-024
Individual Titles

OT 2008Montgomery County JV400m Dash
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