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Simone Harris
Class of 2010 (Update/Correct)
100 Dash ht2008-04-30GB @ Pooleville12.31
100 Dash ht2010-04-13WC, GB @ WM13.02
100m Dash2008-05-144A West Regional12.572
100m Dash2008-05-144A West Regional12.694
100m Dash2008-05-24MD State Championship12.7011
100m Dash2009-05-06MoCo Championship12.729
100m Dash2007-05-10Montgomery Co. Championship12.773
100m Dash2007-04-21Urbana Hawks Relays12.814
100m Dash2007-05-164A West Regional12.832
100m Dash2007-05-10Montgomery Co. Championship12.843
100m Dash2008-05-144A West Regional12.864
100m Dash2008-05-03Howard County Track Classic12.962
100m Dash2010-05-194A West Region12.969
100m Dash2008-04-19Meade Stampede12.9919
100m Dash2010-05-194A West Region13.028
100m Dash2007-04-21Urbana Hawks Relays13.036
100m Dash2010-05-12MoCo Championship13.0510
100m Dash2007-05-164A West Regional13.126
100m Dash2007-05-05HoCo Spring Classic13.1211
100m Dash2007-05-05HoCo Spring Classic13.1810
100m Dash2008-05-03Howard County Track Classic13.186
100m Dash2009-05-134A West Regional13.199
100m Dash2009-05-134A West Regional13.247
100m Dash2007-04-11Gburg NW at Whitman13.433
200m Dash2010-05-194A West Region26.696
200m Dash2010-05-12MoCo Championship26.9510
200m Dash2007-05-164A West Regional27.0612
200m Dash2010-05-194A West Region27.154
200m Dash2009-05-134A West Regional28.0714
200m Dash2007-04-11Gburg NW at Whitman28.656
300m Dash2009-02-114A West Regional44.539
300m Dash2007-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship46.2819
55 Dash ht2010-02-174A West Regional7.363
55 Dash ht2008-02-064A West Regional7.45
55 Dash ht2010-02-174A West Regional7.463
55 Dash ht2008-02-064A West Regional7.54
55 Dash ht2008-02-064A West Regional7.912
55 Hurdles ht2010-02-174A West Regional11.1417
55m Dash2008-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship7.397
55m Dash2007-02-224A/3A State Championship7.446
55m Dash2007-02-224A/3A State Championship7.486
55m Dash2010-01-09Montgomery Invitational7.5011
55m Dash2008-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship7.503
55m Dash2010-02-234A State Championship7.5112
55m Dash2010-01-25Montgomery Co. TF Championship7.549
55m Dash2007-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship7.5810
55m Dash2007-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship7.585
55m Dash2007-02-203A/4A West Regional7.636
55m Dash2008-01-05Southern Maryland Invitational7.6423
55m Dash2007-02-203A/4A West Regional7.658
55m Dash2008-01-05Southern Maryland Invitational7.6614
55m Dash2007-02-203A/4A West Regional7.775
55m Dash2008-01-12Montgomery Invitational7.9457
55m Hurdles2010-01-25Montgomery Co. TF Championship09.288
55m Hurdles2009-01-26Montgomery Co. TF Championship09.314
55m Hurdles2009-01-10Montgomery Invitational09.4623
55m Hurdles2009-02-114A West Regional10.1713
55m Hurdles2010-01-25Montgomery Co. TF Championship10.838
55m Hurdles2008-01-05Southern Maryland Invitational10.9239
55m Hurdles2009-01-26Montgomery Co. TF Championship11.318
Long Jump2008-04-30GB @ Pooleville12-013
Long Jump2008-05-03Howard County Track Classic12-10.0017
Long Jump2010-01-25Montgomery Co. TF Championship13-05.0017
Long Jump2008-04-19Meade Stampede14-01.0017
Long Jump2008-04-05Cougar Relays14-02.0011
Long Jump2008-04-12Woodward Relays14-04.008
Long Jump2008-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship14-07.006
Individual Titles

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