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Montgomery County's All-Time Greatest High School Boys

These rankings will be updated at the end of each season. Email to add a historical performance to the list.

All track performances in English units are converted to metric equivalents using the standardized conversion table on
All field event performances in metric units are converted to feet and inches, rounding down to the nearest quarter inch.
Hand timed performances are only used for events 200 meters and shorter if from a major championship meet or invitational.
All hand-timed performances are given a penalty of 0.24 seconds after conversions. (NFHS Method)
No consideration is given to wind. Most performances were recorded at meets without wind instrumentation and therefore performances recorded with wind instrumentation will not be penalized.
No consideration is given to track surface.
Performances must be from grades 9 to 12 during the high school indoor and outdoor track season. Summer, club, AAU and USATF performances outside of the high school season are not included.
y-symbol indicates original performance was in English units - yards or miles.
ht-symbol indicates original performance was hand-timed. Hand timing penalty of 0.24 seconds is added in equivalent result.
i-symbol indicates performance was indoors for event which could be indoors or outdoors (not used for exclusively indoor events).

Performances were collected from multiple sources. Special thanks go to the MPSSAA state record books for over 50 years of state championship performances. Thanks to for a great online repository of state championship results. Results also pulled from local newspaper archives as well as old paper copy printed results and school records documents. If the name of the meet is missing, the mark came from credible school records or newspaper articles which did not name the meet. If you can fill in the blanks, email at any time.

Boys 55m   |   Cutoffs   •   6.50 55m   •   6.99 60m   •   6.48 60y
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 55m
Eric AllenBullis2018   Dunamis Super Meet6.78 60m6.31
Avery GrahamClarksburg2009   Montgomery Invitational6.35
Robert WoodardBullis2003   Virginia Tech Invitational6.37
Robert BarrettOur Lady of Good Counsel1989   National Sch. Indoor Championships6.38
Josh NettervilleNorthwest2017   State Championship6.40
Norman EdwardsMontgomery Blair1981   Naval Academy Invitational6.39y6.41
Sayon CooperSeneca Valley1993   County Championshipht-6.26.44
Khaloni MgangaNorthwest2018   State Championship6.44
Malcolm RichardsonGaithersburg2005   County Championship6.45
Jaron WoodyardThomas S. Wootton2015   4A State Championship6.45
Ward WilsonWinston Churchill1978   State Championshipht-6.2y6.46
David SaundersGeorgetown Preparatory1979   ht-6.2y6.46
Caleb PorzelOur Lady of Good Counsel2008   Private School Invitational6.46
Jalen WalkerNorthwest2015   4A State Championship6.46
Raynard BellJohn F. Kennedy2017   4A West Regional6.48
Brian PorterGaithersburg2003   Montgomery Co. Championship6.49
Gary FrazierRichard Montgomery2008   MoCo Championship6.50
J'Sean WilliamsSeneca Valley2016   County Championship6.50
Bryce WatsonBullis2017   Virginia Tech Invitational6.50

Boys 100m   |   Cutoffs   •   10.90 100m   •   9.81 100y
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 100m
Eric AllenBullis2017   IAC Championships10.51
Robert WoodardBullis2003   Morgan State Invitational10.55
Enoch OwumiMontgomery Blair2017   State Championship10.60
Jabari ButlerWinston Churchill2015   State Championship10.65
Solomon VaultGaithersburg2014   4A West Regional10.66
Austin AllenBullis2017   IAC Championship10.67
Mark BasonGaithersburg1989   State Championship10.68
Jaron WoodyardThomas S. Wootton2014   Montgomery Co. Championship10.68
Raynard BellJohn F. Kennedy2017   State Championship10.68
Jalen WalkerNorthwest2014   4A State Championship10.72
Jay ColbertGaithersburg1999   4A Regional10.75
Darnell PrattOur Lady of Good Counsel2017   WCAC Championship10.81
Ron FrazierGaithersburg2000   4A Regional10.82
Markus VinsonDamascus2017   State Championship10.82
Avery GrahamClarksburg2009   Knights Invite10.83
Carlos AckerNorthwood1982   Montgomery Co. Championshipht-10.610.84
Irvin SmithPoolesville1985   State Championshipht-10.610.84
Marty WalkerJohn F. Kennedy1986   Regionalht-10.5710.84
Kevin GreerRichard Montgomery1986   Class A Region Iht-10.610.84
Ed SullivanGeorgetown Preparatory1989   Woodward & Lothrop-Millrose Classic10.84
Damon HillGaithersburg2002   County Championshipht-10.5210.84
Brian PorterGaithersburg2003   County Championshipht-10.6010.84
Salifu ChamAlbert Einstein2007   3A West Regional10.84
Reginald SteelePaint Branch2010   4A West Region10.84
Ashton AllenBullis2017   NB Nationals10.85
Desmond ScottNorthwest2000   2A State Championship10.86
Bisi EzekoyeJohn F. Kennedy2009   County Championship10.87
Van FreeGaithersburg1997   State Championship10.89
Savion BarrettOur Lady of Good Counsel2017   WCAC Championship10.90
Mayen McClainSpringbrook2017   4A North Regional10.90

Boys 200m   |   Cutoffs   •   21.80 200m   •   21.92 220y
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 200m
Eric AllenBullis2018   Kentucky Invitationali20.91
Darnell PrattOur Lady of Good Counsel2016   New Balance Outdoor Nationals20.94
Robert WoodardBullis2003   Morgan State Invitational21.21
Clarence ThomasGaithersburg1968   State Championshipht-21.3y Straight21.42
Billy GreyWalter Johnson1958   State Championshipht-21.5y Straight21.62
John LucasJohn F. Kennedy1966   State Championshipht-21.5y Straight21.62
Jonathan HaughtonMontgomery Blair2009   Nike Outdoor Nationals21.63
David SaundersGeorgetown Preparatory1978   ht-21.421.64
Raynard BellJohn F. Kennedy2017   Montgomery Co. Championship21.68
Sean SuttonOur Lady of Good Counsel2011   New Balance Nationalsi21.70
Alan MillerMagruder1973   State Championshipht-21.6y21.72
Mike ScottAlbert Einstein1980   State Championshipht-21.521.74
Marty WalkerJohn F. Kennedy1986   State Championshipht-21.521.74
Clive BrooksBethesda Chevy Chase1991   County Championshipht-21.521.74
Byron GibsonGaithersburg2002   County Championshipht-21.4921.74
Jalen WalkerNorthwest2013   4A West Championship21.74
Reginald SteelePaint Branch2010   MoCo Championship21.75
Avery GrahamClarksburg2008   Don Boyer Invitational21.78
Enoch OwumiMontgomery Blair2017   State Champinship21.78
Jonathan WelbonGaithersburg2004   State Championship21.79
Brandon AddisonWatkins Mill2010   MoCo Championship21.79

Boys 300m   |   Cutoffs   •   35.50 300m  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 300m
Eric AllenBullis2018   Virginia Showcase32.84
Darnell PrattOur Lady of Good Counsel2017   Virginia Tech Invitational34.08
Sean SuttonOur Lady Of Good Counsel2011   Virginia Tech Invitational34.35
Brendan EtzelRichard Montgomery2008   Virginia Tech Invitational34.47
Jonathan HaughtonMontgomery Blair2008   Milestat Elite Track GalaOutdoors34.87
Josh NettervilleNorthwest2017   State Championship34.91
Norris HanesOur Lady of Good Counsel1986   George Mason Invitational34.99
Ashton AllenBullis2017   Virginia Tech Invitational35.01
Malcolm RichardsonGaithersburg2005   State Championship35.07
Jaron WoodyardThomas S. Wootton2015   4A State Championship35.14
Hassan DixonNorthwest2009   4A State Championship35.27
Jalen WalkerNorthwest2015   UMES HS Invitational35.27
Paul JosephClarksburg2013   4A State Championship35.29
Bryan SteeleGaithersburg2002   County Championshipht-35.135.34
Edwin CampbellPaint Branch2003   Virginia Tech Invitational35.35
Nathan PhillipsJames H. Blake2016   3A Weest Regional35.38
Robert WoodardBullis2003   Virginia Tech Invitational35.42
Marty WalkerJohn F. Kennedy1986   George Mason Invitational35.46

Boys 400m   |   Cutoffs   •   49.00 400m   •   49.28 440y
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 400m
David SaundersGeorgetown Preparatory1978   ht-47.147.34
Ashton AllenBullis2017   NB Nationals47.62
Sean SuttonOur Lady of Good Counsel2011   Kentucky Invitationali47.63
Bob ParrySpringbrook1971   State Championshipht-47.8y47.77
Darnell PrattOur Lady of Good Counsel2017   WCAC Championship47.78
Clive BrooksBethesda Chevy Chase1991   State Championship47.82
Marty WalkerJohn F. Kennedy1986   State Championshipht-47.647.84
Bryan SteeleGaithersburg2002   State Championship48.01
Seydi SallRichard Montgomery2017   State Championship48.13
Leroy HowardWalter Johnson1980   Class A Region IIIht-47.8648.14
Mike ScottAlbert Einstein1981   Jenny Rush Memorial Meetht-47.948.14
Steve PeschinWinston Churchill1981   ht-48.048.24
Brandon AddisonWatkins Mill2010   3A State Championship48.25
Eric AllenBullis2018   Ocean Breeze Holiday Invitei48.28
Cortlandt HarrisOur Lady of Good Counsel2010   WCAC Championship48.35
Louis VarellaMontgomery Blair2008   County Championship48.48
Todd HixsonSpringbrook1977   ht-48.6y48.56
John JonesPaint Branch2008   Metro R&W Invitational48.57
Charles "Chip" JenkinsGeorgetown Preparatory1982   Draper Invitationalht-48.448.64
Edwin CampbellPaint Branch2003   County Championshipht-48.448.64
Mayen McClainSpringbrook2017   State Championship48.70
Hassan DixonNorthwest2010   Nike Spring Invitational48.72
Eldon PhillipsNorthwood2017   Viking Invitational48.72
Shaun LuncheonSherwood2000   County Championshipht-48.548.74
Peter KimballWalt Whitman1994   State Championship48.81
Justin SorraQuince Orchard2015   MoCo Championship48.83
Mark ForesterBullis1986   ht-48.648.84
Orlando LeighPaint Branch1992   State Championshipht-48.648.84
DeVante ThomasDamascus2010   3A West Regional48.84
John MondySpringbrook1992   County Championshipht-48.748.94
Darren HarrisWinston Churchill2009   State Championship48.95
Jalen WalkerNorthwest2015   Madric HOF Invitational48.95

Boys 500m   |   Cutoffs   •   1:06.00 500m  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 500m
Wil ZahorodnyDamascus2008   3A State Championship1:04.71
Wayne BartholomewQuince Orchard2009   4A State Championship1:04.92
Bryan SteeleGaithersburg2002   State Championship1:05.06
Seydi SallRichard Montgomery2017   Virginia Tech Invitational1:05.34
Ashton AllenBullis2018   Virginia Showcase1:05.34
Joseph WoiwodeGeorgetown Preparatory2009   Virginia Tech Invitational1:05.42
Jonathan ImesOur Lady of Good Counsel2017   Virginia Tech Invitational1:05.47
Eldon PhillipsNorthwood2017   State Championship1:05.53
Bret LigonRichard Montgomery2006   Virginia Tech Invitational1:05.79
Ron BusbyGeorgetown Preparatory2013   Virginia Tech Invitational1:05.90
Russell HornsbyGeorgetown Preparatory2011   IAC Invitational Tournament1:05.98

Boys 800m   |   Cutoffs   •   1:55.00 800m   •   1:55.68 880y
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 800m
Russell HornsbyGeorgetown Preparatory2011   Liberty Twilight1:50.82
Wil ZahorodnyDamascus2008   Montgomery Co. Championship1:51.15
Peter KimballWalt Whitman1994   National Scholastic Championship1:51.24
Joseph WoiwodeGeorgetown Preparatory2010   Viking Invitational1:51.75
Diego ZarateNorthwest2015   Montgomery Co. Championship1:52.07
Ramsey ChapinGeorgetown Preparatory2009   Boston Twilight Series1:53.04
John MondySpringbrook1992   1:53.31
John MorniniWheaton1972   State Championshipht-1:53.8y1:53.38
Richard BrodyWalt Whitman1976   Atlanta Track Classicht-1:53.8y1:53.38
Chris SneadWinston Churchill1982   State Championshipht-1:53.31:53.54
Lance FletcherMontgomery Blair1984   State Championshipht-1:53.41:53.64
Antonio PalmerGaithersburg2008   4A West Regional1:53.66
Tjeerd BroekmanBethesda Chevy Chase1986   State Championshipht-1:53.51:53.74
Sam MartinRichard Montgomery2011   4A State Championship1:53.91
Thierry Siewe YangaMontgomery Blair2016   4A West Regional1:53.94
Thomas TallericoOur Lady of Good Counsel2011   New Balance Nationalsi1:53.97
Chase OsborneNorthwest2017   State Championship1:54.26
Bryan SteeleGaithersburg2002   adidas Outdoor Championships1:54.29
Oliver LloydPaint Branch2015   Montgomery Co. Championship1:54.34
Billy IrelandGaithersburg1974   All-Met Meetht-1:54.8y1:54.38
Balazs KoranyiWalter Johnson1991   State Championship1:54.42
Jordan SawadogoSpringbrook2007   State Championship1:54.49
Joshua TrzeciakThomas S. Wootton2012   4A State Championship1:54.50
Andrew JesienWalter Johnson2005   County Championshipht-1:54.31:54.54
Eldon PhillipsNorthwood2017   State Championship1:54.67
Urgy EadoThomas S. Wootton2014   4A State Championship1:54.88
Tom McPhersonGeorgetown Preparatory1992   Cronly Invitationalht-1:54.71:54.94

Boys 1600m   |   Cutoffs   •   4:21.00 1600m   •   4:22.51 Mile   •   4:03.08 1500m
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 1600m
Ryan LockettPoolesville2018   NB Nationals4:08.82yi4:07.38
Gordon OliverBethesda Chevy Chase1972   Penn Relaysht-4:08.7y4:07.50
Diego ZarateNorthwest2015   Penn Relays4:09.69y4:08.29
Jim Peterson Wheaton1974   State Championshipht-4:10.0y4:08.79
Richard BrodyWalt Whitman1976   Atlanta Track Classicht-4:10.5y4:09.29
Andrew JesienWalter Johnson2005   Penn Relays4:10.80y4:09.35
Tom CuffSeneca Valley1979   Meet of Championsht-3:52.7 1500m4:10.09
Kris HerdtWalt Whitman1984   State Championshipht-4:10.34:10.54
Ramsey ChapinGeorgetown Preparatory2008   Boston High Performance Series3:54.55 1500m4:11.79
Jama BileGeorgetown Preparatory1991   ht-4:13.3y4:12.08
Evan WoodsWalt Whitman2015   John Hay Distance Festival 4:13.67y4:12.20
Billy IrelandGaithersburg1974   All-Met Meetht-4:13.6y4:12.37
Chris MoenWalter Johnson2008   Montgomery Co. Championship4:13.05
Kyle GravesOur Lady of Good Counsel2010   Florida Relays4:13.34
Don KerwinLandon1980   IAC Championshipht-3:57.1 1500m4:14.17
Gary HopkinsAlbert Einstein1979   State Championshipht-4:15.6y4:14.42
Alex WillettWalter Johnson2011   Montgomery Co. Championship4:14.47
Steve HayesWinston Churchill2001   Penn Relays4:16.65y4:15.17
Andrew PalmerWalt Whitman2010   Danbury Dream Inviteht-4:17.0y4:15.75
Ed BoggessJohn F. Kennedy1975   ht-4:17.1y4:15.85
Will ConwayWinston Churchill2012   Friday Night Spikesht-4:16.14:16.34
Troy HarryQuince Orchard1993   TC Williams Invitational4:16.53
Josh TrzeciakThomas S. Wootton2012   Friday Night Spikesht-4:16.64:16.84
Ryan JanesGaithersburg2006   Montgomery Co. Championshipht-4:16.74:16.94
Campbell LovettBethesda Chevy Chase1975   State Championshipht-4:18.2y4:16.95
Urgy EadoThomas S. Wootton2014   4A State Championship4:17.31
Chris EngleNorthwood1979   State Indoorht-4:18.6yi4:17.34
Tjeerd BroekmanBethesda Chevy Chase1986   2A State Championshipht-4:17.14:17.34
Kevin McGivernOur Lady of Good Counsel2016   Stan Morgan Invitational4:17.38
Bern AltmanAlbert Einstein1981   State Championshipht-4:17.34:17.54
Jack WaveringOur Lady of Good Counsel2016   WCAC Championship4:17.65
Dave PetzoldRockville1985   Class A State Championshipht-4:17.54:17.74
Tom EaglesonWalt Whitman1988   George Mason Invitationalht-4:19.0yi4:17.74
Solomon Haile Sherwood2009   4a West Regional Indoori4:17.86
Lance FletcherMontgomery Blair1984   Pinnacle Invitational4:19.2yi4:17.94
Chris MillerNorthwest2011   Montgomery Co. Championship4:18.21
Tim GavinRichard Montgomery1975   Meet of Championsht-4:19.5y4:18.24
Garrett SuhrRichard Montgomery2018   New Balance Nationals4:19.91yi4:18.41
Collin CrillyOur Lady of Good Counsel2012   Viking Invitational4:18.55
Stephen HayesWinston Churchill2001   National Scholastic Championship4:20.16yi4:18.66
Joey ChapinGeorgetown Preparatory2012   Liberty Twilight Qualifier4:01.05 1500m4:18.77
Peter WeilenmannLandon1985   IAC-Metro All-Star Meetht-4:18.64:18.84
Sean O'LearyWalter Johnson2010   State Championship4:18.88
Chase WeaverlingPoolesville2014   Montgomery County Championhip4:18.89
Rohann AsfawRichard Montgomery2017   State Championship4:18.89
Ben HamburgerWalt Whitman1984   2A State Championshipht-4:18.74:18.94
Josh EllisWalter Johnson2012   Virginia Tech Invite4:20.73yi4:19.22
Steve KarponosWheaton1966   State Championshipht-4:20.7y4:19.43
Pascal DobertWalt Whitman1992   3A Region 1 Championshipht-4:19.24:19.44
Alex ArmbrusterSt. Andrews2014   Potomac Invitationalht-4:19.24:19.44
William RybaWalt Whitman2015   County Championship4:19.53
Awit YohannesMagruder2003   State Championshipi4:19.62
Mark UngerRichard Montgomery2017   State Championship4:19.72
Kevin WrightSpringbrook1970   ht-4:19.54:19.74
Emmanuel PorquinRichard Montgomery2015   County Championship4:19.83
Keno WeingartenBethesda Chevy Chase1984   State Championshipht-4:19.64:19.84
Jamie AlbertineWalt Whitman2000   Adidas D.C. Invitational4:21.35yi4:19.84
Chris BarnardSherwood2007   State Championship4:19.87
Itai BezheranoWalter Johnson2015   4A West Regional4:19.91
Tarik AougabWinston Churchill2005   4a West Regional4:19.99
Kyle GaffneyJames H. Blake2006   Montgomery Co. Championshipht-4:19.84:20.04
Chris BoydThomas S. Wootton2007   State Championship4:20.44
Balazs KoranyiWalter Johnson1991   4A State Championshipht-4:20.34:20.54
Danniel BelayGaithersburg2014   Montgomery County Championhip4:20.54
Steve SchaffertBethesda Chevy Chase1968   State Championshipht-4:21.9y4:20.63
Elias TousleyBethesda Chevy Chase2006   Montgomery Co. Championshipht-4:20.44:20.64
Doug RohrerSeneca Valley1980   State Championship4:20.65
Jack BindleMagruder1973   State Championshipht-4:22.0y4:20.73
Josh OrensteinWalter Johnson1994   3A State Championship4:20.76
Amanuel AsefawMontgomery Blair1986   2A State Championshipht-4:20.64:20.84

Boys 3200m   |   Cutoffs   •   9:20.00 3200m   •   9:23.25 2-Mile   •   8:41.56 3000m
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 3200m
Solomon HaileSherwood2009   Midwest Distance Gala8:56.08y8:52.98
Don KerwinLandon1980   Golden West Invitationalht-8:18.3 3000m8:55.54
Kris HerdtWalt Whitman1984   Penn Relaysht-8:20.8 3000m8:58.23
Ryan LockettPoolesville2017   Penn Relays8:24.43 3000m9:01.61
Rohann AsfawRichard Montgomery2017   Penn Relays8:25.29 3000m9:02.53
Mike FertigWalt Whitman1970   Wheaton, Whitman, Einsteinht-9:08.4y9:05.26
Bo ParkerLandon1979   Penn Relaysht-9:09.9y9:06.97
Jack WaveringOur Lady of Good Counsel2016   Penn Relays8:29.73 3000m9:07.30
Steven DuplinskyGeorgetown Preparatory2006   Virginia Tech Invitationali9:08.23
Kent StaverBethesda Chevy Chase1972   State Championshipht-9:13.4y9:10.45
Kyle GravesOur Lady of Good Counsel2010   Draper Invitational9:10.53
Chase WeaverlingPoolesville2014   Penn Relays8:33.73 3k9:11.60
Kevin AmighGaithersburg1975   Meet of Championsht-9:14.6y9:11.63
Andrew PalmerWalt Whitman2010   Midwest Distance Gala9:11.64
Tom CuffSeneca Valley1979   State Championshipht-9:16.9y9:13.93
Peter KirkJohn F. Kennedy1973   ht-9:17.5y9:14.51
Tom EaglesonWalt Whitman1988   George Mason Meetht-9:18.0y9:15.00
Brendan GallaherGeorgetown Preparatory1972   St. Albans Classicht-9:19.2y9:16.20
Gary HopkinsAlbert Einstein1979   State Championshipht-9:20.5y9:17.54
Diego ZarateNorthwest2014   4A State Championship9:18.16
Gordon OliverBethesda Chevy Chase1971   Naval Academy Meetht-9:21.2y9:18.18
Duncan ManvilleBethesda Chevy Chase1986   State Championshipht-9:18.19:18.34
Evan WoodsWalt Whitman2015   State Championship9:18.52
Pascal DobertWalt Whitman1992   Penn Relays8:40.21 3000m9:18.55
Chris MillerNorthwest2011   4A State Championship9:18.55
Mike MurrayGaithersburg1999   TC Williams Invitational9:19.43
Andrew JesienWalter Johnson2005   State Championship9:19.84

Boys 55m Hurdles   |   Cutoffs   •   7.80 55m Hurdles   •   8.39 60m Hurdles   •   7.83 60y Hurdles
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 55m Hurdles
Shyheim WrightNorthwest2015   4A State Championship7.27
Reginald PaytonBarrie1993   7.42
Ron FrazierGaithersburg2000   Nike Indoor Classic7.99 60m Hurdles7.43
Matt McGuireRichard Montgomery1998   County Championshipht-7.27.44
Devon HairstonJohn F. Kennedy2014   MoCo Championships7.50
Kyle MartinOur Lady of Good Counsel2012   St. Christopher's Invitational7.52
Adae LeMoneJohn F. Kennedy1986   MD Region Iht-7.37.54
Ian DavisOur Lady of Good Counsel2016   Virginia Tech Invitational7.55
Tyler JacksonRichard Montgomery2008   4A State Championship7.57
Ashton AllenBullis2017   Kentucky Invitational8.14 60m Hurdles7.57
Skip RobinsonPeary1979   State Championshipht-7.4y7.60
Byron GibsonGaithersburg2002   Montgomery Invitational7.60
Brian HaleyGeorgetown Preparatory1988   ht-7.47.64
Jesse HendersonQuince Orchard1999   Indoor State Championshipht-7.47.64
Andrew DanielsNorthwest2016   State Championship7.65
Ivan CharlesAlbert Einstein1988   County Championshipht-7.5y7.70
Stefan GrundmannWalt Whitman2006   Indoor State Championship7.71
Bryant EnglandSeneca Valley2005   State Championship7.73
Michael ShacklefordGeorgetown Preparatory2005   Montgomery Invitational7.74
Owen CainGaithersburg2009   Montgomery Co. Championship7.74
Eric LaHaieOur Lady of Good Counsel1998   Virginia Tech Invitational7.75
Paul JosephClarksburg2013   MoCo Championship7.75
Joey RobinsonGaithersburg2005   State Championship7.76
Darius LewisSeneca Valley2012   3A State Championship7.79
Boubacar DialloSpringbrook2013   MoCo Championship7.79
Jesse PattersonBethesda Chevy Chase1992   State Championship7.80
Alex GrayBethesda Chevy Chase2006   Indoor State Championship7.80
Trevon CarrollGaithersburg2010   State Championship7.80

Boys 110m Hurdles   |   Cutoffs   •   14.70 110m Hurdles   •   14.66 120y Hurdles
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 110m Hurdles
Shyheim WrightNorthwest2016   4A State Championship13.92
Ron FrazierGaithersburg2000   County Championshipht-13.713.94
Onaje RobinsonQuince Orchard1993   4A West Regionalht-13.914.14
Zack AdamsMagruder1997   State Championship14.15
Matt McGuireRichard Montgomery1998   14.15
Kyle MartinOur Lady of Good Counsel2012   WCAC Championship14.23
Brock WareWinston Churchill1976   District II Championshipht-14.0y14.24
Devon HairstonJohn F. Kennedy2014   Montgomery Co. Championship14.35
Earl GarrisonSherwood1971   State Championshipht-14.1y14.38
Eric EursiafeGaithersburg1994   State Championship14.40
Kendal ButlerMagruder1984   State Championshipht-14.214.44
John WhitePaint Branch1985   State Championshipht-14.214.44
Adae LemonJohn F. Kennedy1986   State Championshipht-14.214.44
Eric LaHaieGood Counsel1998   Battleground Invitationalht-14.214.44
Anthony LaVineGaithersburg2000   4A West Regionalht-14.214.44
Brian HaleyGeorgetown Preparatory1988   Woodward & Lothrop-Millrose Classic14.45
Packy JenningsWalt Whitman1975   ht-14.2y14.48
Joey RobinsonGaithersburg2005   State Championship14.48
Adam DurhamPaint Branch2003   State Championship14.50
Eric AllenBullis2016   IAC Championship14.50
Trevon CarrollGaithersburg2010   4A State Championship14.51
Ian DavisOur Lady of Good Counsel2016   Stan Morgan Invitational14.52
Brian DennisJames H. Blake2017   Riverdale Baptist Invitational14.52
DeWayne WhitakerNorthwest2003   Montgomery Co. Championshipht-14.314.54
Mike GrantRockville1975   State Championshipht-14.3y14.58
John EbbsAlbert Einstein1979   State Championshipht-14.3y14.58
Vincent BoshaMagruder2006   Montgomery Co. Championship14.58
Randy InnisMontgomery Blair1982   State Championshipht-14.414.64
Gerald HintonPeary1982   Class A Region II Meetht-14.414.64
Michael ShacklefordGeorgetown Preparatory2006   IAC Championshipht-14.414.64
Andrew Daniels4A State Championship2016   4A State Championship14.66
Owen DuncanNorthwood1979   State Championshipht-14.4y14.68
Anwar PhillipsNorthwest2000   Katie Jenkins Invitational14.69
Alieu ColeJohn F. Kennedy2014   Montgomery Co. Championship14.70

Boys 300m Hurdles   |   Cutoffs   •   39.02 300m Hurdles   •   39.24 330y Hurdles  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 300m Hurdles
Shyheim WrightNorthwest2016   4A State Championship37.28
Randy InnisMontgomery Blair1982   HD Woodson Invitationalht-37.237.44
Zack AdamsMagruder1997   3A Regional Championshipht-37.237.44
Justin DavisSpringbrook1994   State Championship37.53
Andrew DanielsNorthwest2016   4A State Championship37.77
Paul JosephClarksburg2012   4A West Region38.40
Onaje RobinsonQuince Orchard1993   4A West Regionalht-38.238.44
Joey RobinsonGaithersburg2005   State Championship38.52
Oliver HightowerLandon2014   Draper Invitational38.56
Alan BanksThomas S. Wootton2014   4A State Championship38.57
Brad HansenAlbert Einstein1981   State Championshipht-38.438.64
Kyle MartinOur Lady of Good Counsel2012   McNamara Invitational38.65
Adam DurhamPaint Branch2003   State Championship38.70
Adae LemonJohn F. Kennedy1986   State Championshipht-38.638.84
Elad CovaliuWalter Johnson2012   4A West Region38.84
Packy JenningsWalt Whitman1975   ht-38.9y38.92
Gerald HintonPeary1982   Class A Region IIht-38.738.94
Hubert KojWatkins Mill2000   County Championshipht-38.738.94
Alieu ColeJohn F. Kennedy2014   Wise Puma Invitational 38.97
Mike GrantRockville1975   State Championshipht-39.0y39.02

Boys High Jump   |   Cutoffs   •   6-07.00  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent High Jump
Kevin JoyceSpringbrook1985   County Championship6-11.00
John GrimesCharles Woodward1978   Woodward Relays6-10.00
Kelvin BrightJames H. Blake2005   4A West Regional6-10.00
Kaos WilliamsClarksburg2013   Clarksburg and WM at SV6-10.00
Jason CordesGeorgetown Preparatory1990   Penn Relays6-09.00
Tavis NdureGaithersburg1995   Colonial Relays6-09.00
Dan BrooksWalt Whitman1969   6-08.75
Vaclav MalekWalter Johnson2002   Nike Outdoor Nationals6-08.75
John KinnamonSpringbrook1977   State Championship6-08.50
Chris McGordyGaithersburg1978   State Championshipi6-08.00
Dave HuffmanWalter Johnson1985   County Championship6-08.00
Dave LewisGaithersburg1995   Whitman at Gaithersburg6-08.00
Damon HillGaithersburg2002   State Championship6-08.00
Jerome MillerSpringbrook2002   State Championship6-08.00
Scott ChathamSpringbrook1967   State Championship6-07.25
Garlek SchleikerGerman School1972   Eastern States Invitationali6-07.25
Mike WeisgerberOur Lady of Good Counsel1983   Metro Conference Championships6-07.00
Kirk MorrisGaithersburg1991   6-07.00
Tuan WrehRichard Montgomery1998   County Championshipi6-07.00
Jeremy SmithGaithersburg1998   County Championshipi6-07.00
Jamal CurricaDamascus2007   FSK Invitational6-07.00
Owen CainGaithersburg2009   Montgomery Co. Championshipi6-07.00
Divinus MutebaNorthwest2018   Howard County Winter Trackfesti6-07.00

Boys Long Jump   |   Cutoffs   •   22-06.00  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent Long Jump
Ward WilsonWinston Churchill1978   24-06.00
Sheldon HutchinsonGaithersburg1998   State Championship23-10.25
Ty MasonJames H. Blake2016   New Balance Outdoor Nationals23-10.25
Paul WilliamsRockville1985   Franklin Metric Invitational7.18m23-06.50
John WhitePaint Branch1985   23-05.00
Michael ScottJohn F. Kennedy2014   4A State Championship23-04.75
Austin AllenBullis2017   IAC Champinship23-04.75
Onaje RobinsonQuince Orchard1993   Gaithersburg vs. QO23-04.50
Tuan WrehRichard Montgomery1998   State Championship23-01.25
Greg AndersonWheaton1966   State Championship23-00.50
Charlie GassawayGaithersburg1985   Franklin Metric Invitational7.02m23-00.25
Gaston AssouaJames H. Blake2013   MoCo Championship23-00.00
Robert JacksonGaithersburg1986   Class A Region I22-11.25
Josh NettervilleNorthwest2017   Montgomery Co. Championshipi22-11.00
Rick PeeteGeorgetown Preparatory1988   IAC Championship22-09.50
Cornell HawkinsGaithersburg1998   4A Regional22-09.25
Emil DavisPeary1980   County Championship22-08.75
Bob BeaversWinston Churchill1982   State Championship22-07.75
Mark WheatleAlbert Einstein1988   County Championship22-07.00
Ify NwokoPaint Branch1997   4A Regional22-06.75
Gilmore ThompsonThomas S. Wootton1998   4A Regional22-06.75
Adrian SummersMontgomery Blair1981   Class A Region 122-06.00
Kirk MorrisGaithersburg1989   County Championship22-06.00
Jay ColbertGaithersburg2000   4A Regional22-06.00
Darius RayMagruder2008   MD State Championship22-06.00
Shyheim WrightNorthwest2016   4A State Championship22-06.00

Boys Triple Jump   |   Cutoffs   •   46-06.00  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent Triple Jump
Adrian SummersMontgomery Blair1981   Meet of Champions50-03.25
Sheldon HutchinsonGaithersburg1998   Penn Relays49-10.75
Onaje RobinsonQuince Orchard1993   TC Williams Invitational49-10.50
Tuan WrehRichard Montgomery1998   TC Williams Invitational49-09.50
Shawn TittleySeneca Valley1983   Class AA Region I49-06.75
Anthony DirujiSt. Andrew's Episcopal2017   Draper Invitational49-01.50
Ward WilsonWinston Churchill1978   State Championship49-00.00
Simon WareNorthwood1979   47-10.00
Tim EdwardsAlbert Einstein1988   Montgomery Co. Championship47-10.00
Marcus WillacyPaint Branch2009   State Championship47-09.75
Jonathan WelbonGaithersburg2004   TC Williams Invitational47-07.50
Gordon MboyaLandon1993   IAC Championship47-06.25
Rick PeeteGeorgetown Preparatory1988   47-06.00
Donovan Beckett-SimmsSeneca Valley2016   Urbana Relays47-06.00
Owen CainGaithersburg2009   State Championship47-05.75
Charlie GassawayGaithersburg1985   State Championship47-05.25
Jay ColbertGaithersburg1999   State Championship47-03.50
Renaldo SmithSherwood2017   Screaming Eagles Invitational47-02.50
Clarence Foote-TalleyNorthwest2018   Virginia Showcasei47-01.00
Carlos VanzegoClarksburg2014   Rebel Relays46-09.00
Doug JohncoxWinston Churchill1982   46-08.00
Robert JacksonGaithersburg1987   State Championship46-08.00
Jamie DixonNorthwood1965   State Championship46-06.25

Boys Shot Put   |   Cutoffs   •   55-00.00  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent Shot Put
George SaahMontgomery Blair1979   Woodward Relays65-03.00
Tom BrosiusSpringbrook1968   State Championship64-06.50
Jim JoyceGaithersburg1979   State Championship63-06.00
James JoyceGaithersburg1979   State Championshipi60-05.75
Brian HollowayWinston Churchill1977   State Championship60-04.75
Sean StanleyGaithersburg2009   MD State Championship60-04.75
Marcus BrownQuince Orchard2009   MoCo Championship59-10.50
Larry RosenAlbert Einstein1977   59-04.25
Jabari BennettJames H. Blake2017   State Championshipi59-00.25
Chris BrisbaneNorthwood1965   State Championship58-00.25
Kurt PierceGeorgetown Preparatory1977   57-11.00
Mike ValentiOur Lady of Good Counsel1979   Meet of Champions57-10.00
John KubasRichard Montgomery1976   Woodward Relays57-06.00
Mike SmithSherwood1985   County Championship57-06.00
David NeubeiserGaithersburg1995   4A West Regionali57-06.00
Roger DeGeorgesWalt Whitman1971   57-02.25
Mike DevaughnLandon1982   IAC Championship56-11.75
Thor SerafenasOur Lady of Good Counsel2010   WCAC Championship56-10.00
John ClarkWinston Churchill1976   56-03.00
Kip JawishGeorgetown Preparatory1977   i55-11.25
Andrew BirginWalter Johnson2018   State Championshipi55-10.50
Jared WasserThomas S. Wootton2002   Katie Jenkins Invitational55-09.25
Jon HollowayWinston Churchill1983   55-06.00
Adam ConnollySpringbrook1994   State Championship55-05.00
Charles TaylorPaint Branch1979   Woodward Relays55-03.00
Durwood YatesNorthwood1969   State Championship55-01.75
Mathias NkwentiThomas S. Wootton1996   4A Regional55-01.00

Boys Discus   |   Cutoffs   •   160-00.00  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent Discus
Tom BrosiusSpringbrook1968   Blue Ridge Relays189-11.50
Mark HouseOur Lady of Good Counsel1985   183-10.00
David HellekjaerBullis1976   180-10.00
Larry RosenAlbert Einstein1977   179-01.50
Brian HollowayWinston Churchill1977   State Championship176-07.00
Thor SerafenasOur Lady of Good Counsel2010   Katie Jenkins Invitational176-01.00
Simon CoreLandon1993   173-02.00
Marcus BrownQuince Orchard2009   State Championship171-06.00
Billy EmersonWatkins Mill2015   Gator Invitational171-00.50
Jim JoyceGaithersburg1979   169-11.00
Sean StanleyGaithersburg2009   State Championship169-08.00
David NeubeiserGaithersburg1995   State Championship169-06.00
Roger DeGeorgesWalt Whitman1971   168-10.50
Mathias NkwentiThomas S. Wootton1996   4A Regional168-02.00
George SaahMontgomery Blair1979   168-00.00
Chinedu UdeoguGeorgetown Preparatory2015   IAC Championship166-09.00
Mike SmithSherwood1985   Class A Region II165-08.25
Duane HouseWalter Johnson1988   Walter Johnson at Seneca Valley165-00.50
Husan SmithMagruder1993   Class 4A Region I164-03.00
Fritz PollardMontgomery Blair1972   State Championship163-11.25
Charles TaylorPaint Branch1979   162-05.00
Kenny LaddNorthwood1959   State Championship161-10.00
Chuck HeidelWinston Churchill1976   161-04.00
Alex GibensOur Lady of Good Counsel1990   161-00.00
David KaplanWinston Churchill2014   Friday Night Spikes160-08.00

Boys Pole Vault   |   Cutoffs   •   13-06.00  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent Pole Vault
Chris StarkSpringbrook1999   State Championship15-01.00
Andrew BevanMagruder1984   County Championship14-09.00
Richard StarkSpringbrook1998   State Championship14-06.00
Tim DownsRichard Montgomery1977   State Championshipi14-03.00
Paul GrayGaithersburg1996   State Championship14-03.00
Jamie DoddPaint Branch1979   14-00.00
Tom DoverWinston Churchill1974   13-10.50
Parker CarrollDamascus2013   3A West Championship13-10.00
Jose ChenOur Lady of Good Counsel1979   13-09 3/8"13-09.375
Emil DavisPeary1979   13-09.00
Pat ThornburgGaithersburg1967   State Championship13-07.25
John PhilbinPeary1975   Magruder Invitational13-07.00
Josh DzyakGeorgetown Preparatory2005   13-07.00
Scott O'ConnellWinston Churchill1971   State Championship13-06.75
Grant WagnerPeary1980   Indoor State Championshipi13-06.25
Shane StroupSherwood1974   Naval Academy Invitationali13-06.00
Robert AllerWinston Churchill1975   13-06.00
Ed EisenbergWalt Whitman1981   State Championship13-06.00
Nate AnguitaGaithersburg2002   State Championship13-06.00
Timothy SantosaClarksburg2014   4A State Championship13-06.00
Chris SpiessClarksburg2016   State Championshipi13-06.00

Boys 4x100m Relay   |   Cutoffs   •   42.50 400m Relay   •   42.75 440y Relay  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 4x100m Relay
Bullis2016   Penn Relays41.46
Bullis2017   Penn Relays41.48
Northwest2016   New Balance Outdoor Nationals41.98
Gaithersburg2003   Montgomery Co. Championshipht-41.842.04
James H. Blake2015   NB Outdoor Nationals42.22
Gaithersburg1989   County Championshipht-42.142.34
Bullis2015   NB Outdoor Nationals42.39
Gaithersburg2002   TC Williams Invitational42.40
Gaithersburg2014   4A State Championship42.47
Gaithersburg1998   TC Williams Invitational42.49
Our Lady of Good Counsel2008   Nike Outdoor Nationals42.49
Clarksburg2009   State Championship42.49
Northwest2015   State Championship42.49

Boys 4x200m Relay   |   Cutoffs   •   1:28.00 800m Relay   •   1:28.52 880y Relay  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 4x200m Relay
Our Lady of Good Counsel2017   WCAC Championship1:26.63
Bullis2018   New Balance Nationalsi1:26.77
Bullis2017   Millrose Gamesi1:27.17
Springbrook2017   NB Nationals1:27.42
Montgomery Blair2008   Woodward Relays1:27.59
Our Lady of Good Counsel2008   Nike Outdoor Nationals1:27.74
Richard Montgomery2007   State Championship1:27.78
Montgomery Blair1981   State Championshipht-1:27.61:27.84
Northwest2017   4A West Regional1:27.86
Our Lady Of Good Counsel2010   Draper Invitational1:27.95
Richard Montgomery2006   4A State Championship1:27.98
Our Lady of Good Counsel2016   WCAC Championship1:27.98

Boys 4x400m Relay   |   Cutoffs   •   3:21.00 1600m Relay   •   3:22.18 Mile Relay  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 4x400m Relay
Bullis2017   Penn Relays3:13.24
Our Lady of Good Counsel2010   Penn Relays3:16.87
Walter Johnson1970   State Championshipht-3:18.5y3:17.10
Paint Branch2003   Penn Relays3:18.16
Springbrook2017   NB Nationals3:18.29
Northwest2009   MD State Championship3:18.98
Our Lady of Good Counsel2016   Penn Relays3:19.53
Georgetown Preparatory2010   Woodward Relays3:20.29
Montgomery Blair2008   4A West Regional3:20.34
Winston Churchill1982   ht-3:20.23:20.44
Georgetown Preparatory2009   I.A.C. Championship3:20.59
Bullis2016   New Balance Outdoor Nationals3:20.65

Boys 4x800m Relay   |   Cutoffs   •   7:55.00 3200m Relay   •   7:57.76 Two Mile Relay  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 4x800m Relay
Georgetown Preparatory2010   Penn Relays7:43.76
Quince Orchard2008   MD State Championship7:44.67
Georgetown Preparatory2011   Penn Relays7:45.40
Richard Montgomery2011   Penn Relays7:47.49
Bethesda Chevy Chase1986   State Championshipht-7:47.87:48.04
Walter Johnson2010   Penn Relays7:50.22
Walt Whitman1976   Penn Relaysht-7:50.17:50.34
Northwood1978   State Championshipht-7:53.1y7:50.61
Damascus2010   MoCo Championship7:51.69
Walter Johnson2005   State Championship7:52.08
Richard Montgomery2014   Woodward Relays7:52.14
Northwest2017   4A West Regional7:53.00
Our Lady of Good Counsel2016   Stan Morgan Invitational7:53.52
Walter Johnson1992   State Championshipht-7:54.17:54.34
Richard Montgomery2010   4A West Region7:54.66
Georgetown Preparatory1991   Penn Relays7:54.92

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