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Montgomery County's All-Time Greatest High School Girls

These rankings will be updated at the end of each season. Email to add a historical performance to the list.

All track performances in English units are converted to metric equivalents using the standardized conversion table on
All field event performances in metric units are converted to feet and inches, rounding down to the nearest quarter inch.
Hand timed performances are only used for events 200 meters and shorter if from a major championship meet or invitational.
All hand-timed performances are given a penalty of 0.24 seconds after conversions. (NFHS Method)
No consideration is given to wind. Most performances were recorded at meets without wind instrumentation and therefore performances recorded with wind instrumentation will not be penalized.
No consideration is given to track surface.
Performances must be from grades 9 to 12 during the high school indoor and outdoor track season. Summer, club, AAU and USATF performances outside of the high school season are not included.
y-symbol indicates original performance was in English units - yards or miles.
ht-symbol indicates original performance was hand-timed. Hand timing penalty of 0.24 seconds is added in equivalent result.
i-symbol indicates performance was indoors for event which could be indoors or outdoors (not used for exclusively indoor events).

Performances were collected from multiple sources. Special thanks go to the MPSSAA state record books for over 50 years of state championship performances. Thanks to for a great online repository of state championship results. Results also pulled from local newspaper archives as well as old paper copy printed results and school records documents. If the name of the meet is missing, the mark came from credible school records or newspaper articles which did not name the meet. If you can fill in the blanks, email at any time.

Girls 55m   |   Cutoffs   •   7.20 55m   •   7.73 60m   •   7.18 60y
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 55m
Nina WarrenGaithersburg2002   Montgomery Invitational6.84
Olivia EkponéNorthwest2011   Brooks PR Invitational7.46 60m6.93
Shaniya HallBullis2017   ATT Coaches HOF Invite6.98
Ashley SeymourBullis2018   Virginia Showcase7.00
Bethany WhiteMagruder2014   4A State Championship7.07
Simone GlennBullis2014   Hoxton Invitational7.08
Arielle StathamPaint Branch2009   3A State Championship7.11
Taylor WrightNorthwest2017   New Balance Nationals7.67 60m7.12
Leah PhillipsBullis2018   Virginia Showcase7.12
Phobay Kuto-AkoiJohn F. Kennedy2005   2A/3A West7.14
Katie WolfWinston Churchill2009   Montgomery Invitational7.14
Kyla LewisBullis2015   Private School Invitational7.15
Laura ShawWalter Johnson2002   Montgomery Invitational7.18
Martha SamJames H. Blake2014   Virginia Tech Invitational7.18
Adassa PhillipsPaint Branch2015   4A State Championship7.18
Masai RussellBullis2018   Millrose Games7.18
Tenesha HillGaithersburg2004   County Championship7.19
Le'Quisha ParkerNorthwood2011   Montgomery Co. Championship7.20
Jasmine SmallsSherwood2011   4A West Regional7.20
Stephanie DavisMagruder2015   Montgomery Co. Championship7.20

Girls 100m   |   Cutoffs   •   12.00 100m   •   10.81 100y
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 100m
Ashley SeymourBullis2017   NB Nationals11.48
Olivia EkponéNorthwest2010   New Balance Outdoor Nationals11.58
Janelle RalphSpringbrook1998   State Championshipht-11.511.74
Tenesha HillGaithersburg2005   State Championship11.75
Taylor WrightNorthwest2016   New Balance Outdoor Nationals11.75
Martha SamJames H. Blake2015   4A North Regional11.79
Nina WarrenGaithersburg2002   TC Williams Invitational11.80
Stephanie DavisMagruder2015   State Championship11.87
Ashley DecruiseRichard Montgomery2007   Montgomery Co. Championship11.90
Natalie JohnsonPaint Branch1996   Katie Jenkins Invitational11.93
Domoah Kutu-akoiJohn F. Kennedy2014   4A State Championship11.94
Katie WolfWinston Churchill2009   Montgomery Co. Championship11.97
Sylvia DeppenThomas S. Wootton2013   4A State Championship11.97
Maya ValmonHolton Arms2017   Bullis Invitational11.97
Kikisha AddisonGaithersburg1993   State Championship12.00

Girls 200m   |   Cutoffs   •   24.70 200m   •   24.84 220y
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 200m
Olivia EkponéNorthwest2010   US Youth Olympic Trials23.64
Shaniya HallBullis2017   Atlanta Relays24.22
Tenesha HillGaithersburg2005   State Championship24.25
Le'Quisha ParkerNorthwood2010   Montgomery Co. Championship24.31
Sharkara GrantWheaton1995   3A Regionalht-24.124.34
Nadia JohnsonPaint Branch1995   3A Regionalht-24.124.34
Martha SamJames H. Blake2015   4A State Championship24.35
Simone GlennBullis2014   Taco Bell Classic 24.36
Stephanie DavisMagruder2015   4A State Championship24.36
Ashley SeymourBullis2018   Virginia Showcasei24.36
Taylor WrightNorthwest2017   State Championship24.40
Masai RussellBullis2018   Kentucky Invitationali24.43
Bethany WhiteMagruder2012   Darius Ray Invitational24.46
Leah PhillipsBullis2018   Kentucky Invitationali24.46
Sierra LeonardBullis2018   NB Indoor Nationalsi24.51
Teresa IsraelPaint Branch1992   State Championshipht-24.324.54
Natalie JohnsonPaint Branch1995   County Championshipht-24.324.54
Katie WolfWinston Churchill2009   MD State Championship24.54
Lauryn HarrisBullis2018   NB Indoor Nationalsi24.57
Cathy RattrayBethesda Chevy Chase1980   State Championshipht-24.424.64
Michelle CollinsMontgomery Blair1982   County Championshipht-24.424.64

Girls 300m   |   Cutoffs   •   40.50 300m  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 300m
Leah PhillipsBullis2018   Dr. Sander Invitational38.67
Masai RussellBullis2018   Dr. Sander Invitational38.74
Simone GlennBullis2014   Virginia Tech Invitational38.82
Shaniya HallBullis2018   Dr. Sander Invitational38.95
Olivia EkponéThomas S. Wootton2009   Montgomery Co. Championship38.96
Martha SamJames H. Blake2015   4A State Championship39.28
Kasey EbbBullis2017   Coaches HOF Invitational39.47
Lauryn HarrisBullis2017   Virginia Tech Invitational39.61
Gwen ShawThomas S. Wootton2013   4A State Championship39.72
Sierra LeonardBullis2017   Bishop Loughlin Games39.76
Sharkara GrantWheaton1995   National Scholastic Championship39.87
Ashley SeymourBullis2017   Coaches HOF Invitational40.00
Noelani PhillipsJames H. Blake2018   State Championship40.04
Le'Quisha ParkerNorthwood2011   3A State Championship40.06
Arielle StathamPaint Branch2009   Montgomery Co. Championship40.12
Nadia JohnsonPaint Branch1998   Virginia Tech Invitational40.16
Stephanie DavisMagruder2015   4A State Championship40.16
Kyla LewisBullis2015   Private School Invitational40.35

Girls 400m   |   Cutoffs   •   56.00 400m   •   56.33 440y
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 400m
Olivia EkponéNorthwest2011   4A State Championship53.15
Martha SamJames H. Blake2015   NB Outdoor Nationals54.14
Shaniya HallBullis2017   NB Nationals54.33
Sharkara GrantWheaton1995   State Championship54.35
Cathy RattrayBethesda Chevy Chase1980   State Championshipht-54.554.74
Gwen ShawThomas S. Wootton2012   4A State Championship55.19
Michelle CollinsMontgomery Blair1981   State Championshipht-55.155.34
Masai RussellBullis2016   ISL Championship55.57
Arielle StathamPaint Branch2009   3A West Regional55.59
Sarah MooreJames H. Blake2015   4A North Regional55.70
Lauryn HarrisBullis2016   ISL Championship55.79
Teresa IsraelPaint Branch1989   State Championship55.80
Le'Quisha ParkerNorthwood2011   3A State Championship55.94
Udeme AkpaeteSpringbrook2012   New Balance Indoor Nationalsi55.96
Katie WolfWinston Churchill2009   MD State Championship55.98

Girls 500m   |   Cutoffs   •   1:18.00 500m  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 500m
Masai RussellBullis2016   Montgomery Invitational1:13.72
Udeme AkpaeteSpringbrook2012   4A State Championship1:14.56
Kasey EbbBullis2018   Virginia Showcase1:14.81
Serena HarrisonJames H. Blake2018   State Championship1:15.00
Britt EckerstromNorthwest2011   Montgomery Invitational1:15.07
Shaniya HallBullis2018   Virginia Showcase1:15.46
Melissa KamekaDamascus2017   Virginia Tech Invitational1:15.82
Martha SamJames H. Blake2014   Real Deal Classic1:15.89
Rachel PocratskyOur Lady of Good Counsel2015   Private School Invitational1:15.93
Leslie MorrisonWalt Whitman2007   Montgomery Co. Championship1:16.26
Michelle KamaraGaithersburg2018   State Championship1:16.49
Sierra LeonardBullis2018   Virginia Showcase1:16.91
Sharkara GrantWheaton1996   Fork Union Invitationalht-1:16.91:17.14
Sarah MooreJames H. Blake2015   Montgomery Co. Championship1:17.16
India KnightNorthwest2012   4A State Championship1:17.33
Nia FrederickBullis2018   Virginia Showcase1:17.37
Kellie DunstonJames H. Blake2003   2A-3A State Championship1:17.40
Meghan RosePoolesville2006   Montgomery Co. Championship1:17.45
Sylvia DeppenThomas S. Wootton2012   4A State Championship1:17.45
Leah PhillipsBullis2017   Virginia Showcase1:17.48
Olufunmilayo DaramolaPaint Branch2014   Virginia Tech Invitational1:17.63
Brittney WadeBethesda Chevy Chase2013   Montgomery Invitational1:17.65
Elizabeth AdesanyaJames H. Blake2014   Virginia Tech Invitational1:17.67
Laurie BruceWalt Whitman1986   State Championshipht-1:17.71:17.94
Ayanna JohnsonBullis2016   Virginia Tech Invitational1:17.95
Sharifa LoveRichard Montgomery2003   4A-3A State Championship1:17.97

Girls 800m   |   Cutoffs   •   2:16.00 800m   •   2:16.80 880y
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 800m
Sally GlynnWalter Johnson1994   National Scholastic Championship2:10.04
Morgane GayWalt Whitman2008   MD State Championship2:11.58
Brittney WadeBethesda Chevy Chase2012   Viking Invitational2:12.26
Britt EckerstromNorthwest2011   4A State Championship2:12.32
Anna QuezadaOur Lady of Good Counsel1996   Dickinson HS Invitationalht-2:12.6i2:12.84
Erin SicherOur Lady of Good Counsel1997   ht-2:12.82:13.04
Rachel PocratskyOur Lady of Good Counsel2015   McNamara Invitational2:13.42
Mia-Irene GyauBullis2013   Viking Invitational2:13.87
Leslie MorrisonWalt Whitman2007   State Championship2:14.02
Clare SevereWalt Whitman2014   4A West Regional2:14.35
Helga FullerThomas S. Wootton1987   State Championshipht-2:14.32:14.54
India KnightNorthwest2011   New Balance Outdoor Nationals2:14.92
Caroline ClarkAcademy of the Holy Cross2013   WCAC Championship2:15.14
Veronica SalcidoThomas S. Wootton2005   Dogwood Track Classic2:15.48
Carolyn HughesBethesda Chevy Chase1979   State Championshipht-2:16.2y2:15.64

Girls 1600m   |   Cutoffs   •   5:05.00 1600m   •   5:06.77 Mile   •   4:44.06 1500m
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 1600m
Sally GlynnWalter Johnson1996   Penn Relays4:24.51 1500m4:44.01
Morgane GayWalt Whitman2007   4A West Regional4:55.27
Anna QuezadaOur Lady of Good Counsel1996   Draper Invitationalht-4:56.44:56.64
Erin SicherOur Lady of Good Counsel1997   Draper Invitationalht-4:56.54:56.74
Jessie RubinThomas S. Wootton2010   New Balance Outdoor Nationals4:58.83y4:57.16
Veronica SalcidoThomas S. Wootton2005   Dogwood Track Classic4:57.23
Clare SevereWalt Whitman2013   Montgomery Co. Championship4:57.23
Abigail GreenWalter Johnson2017   4A State Championshipi4:59.06
Renee BerrySeneca Valley1996   County Championshipht-4:58.94:59.14
Kiernan KellerWalter Johnson2014   Montgomery Co. Championship4:59.28
Caroline BeakesBethesda Chevy Chase2013   Montgomery Co. Championship5:00.08
Camille BouvetWalter Johnson2011   4A State Championship5:00.25
Alex DollBethesda Chevy Chase2008   Nike Indoor Nationals5:02.53yi5:00.83
Nora McUmberBethesda Chevy Chase2014   Montgomery Co. Championship5:01.30
Megan CrillyOur Lady of Good Counsel2016   Cahoon Track Classic4:41.60 1500m5:02.36
Bethlehem TayePaint Branch2016   4A State Championship5:02.94
Carolyn HughesBethesda Chevy Chase1978   State Championshipht-5:05.5y5:03.94
Lucy SrourWinston Churchill2015   Virginia Tech Invitational5:05.97yi5:04.20
Ciciely DavyAlbert Einstein2016   4A State Championship5:04.49
Leslie MorrisonWalt Whitman2008   MD State Championship5:04.59
Grace CorbettThomas S. Wootton2011   4A State Championship5:04.60
Ruth DrengowitzNorthwood1978   State Championshipht-5:06.2y5:04.64
Halsey SinclairMontgomery Blair2004   Nike Indoor Championships5:07.91yi5:06.13

Girls 3200m   |   Cutoffs   •   11:10.00 3200m   •   11:13.89 2-Mile   •   10:24.01 3000m
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 3200m
Sally GlynnWalter Johnson1995   State Championship10:24.77
Abigail GreenWalter Johnson2017   Camel City Invitational9:46.31 3000m,i10:29.53
Bethlehem TayePaint Branch2016   NB Indoor Nationals10:35.04yi10:31.36
Caroline BeakesBethesda Chevy Chase2013   Penn Relays9:49.76 3000m10:33.23
Jessie RubinThomas S. Wootton2010   4A State Championship10:41.28
Nora McUmberBethesda Chevy Chase2014   4A State Championship10:45.68
Kiernan KellerWalter Johnson2014   4A West Regional10:49.36
Mary WalshNorthwood1978   State Championshipht-10:58.2y10:54.64
Beth JacobsenJohn F. Kennedy1985   ht-10:54.510:54.74
Ciciely DavyAlbert Einstein2016   4A State Championship10:55.86
Cara HarrisonQuince Orchard2007   4A/3A State Championship11:00.86
Halsey SinclairMontgomery Blair2006   Montgomery Co. Championshipht-11:01.311:01.54
Beth HanlonSherwood1984   State Championshipht-11:01.711:01.94
Lisa WinterGaithersburg1984   William & Mary Invitationalht-11:02.011:02.24
Virginia MattinglyWalt Whitman1988   ht-11:02.011:02.24
Emily MurphyWalter Johnson2014   4A West Regional11:02.56
Karen PulliamQuince Orchard2001   Penn Relays10:17.12 3000m11:02.61
Chinyelu AsherAcademy of the Holy Cross2008   Nike Indoor Nationals11:07.01yi11:03.15
Renee BerrySeneca Valley1996   4A West Regionalht-11:03.711:03.94
Kim ManyJohn F. Kennedy1989   Penn Relaysht-10:19.6 3000m11:05.53
Emma EckerstromNorthwest2006   4A State Championship11:05.80
Lucie NoallClarksburg2014   4A West Regional11:06.29
Claire BeautzPoolesville2014   Pikesville Invitational11:06.72
Nandini SatsangiPoolesville2017   State Championship11:07.01
Louise HannallahWinston Churchill2007   4A West Regionalht-11:06.811:07.04
Andrea CardySeneca Valley1994   Sherwood at Seneca Valleyht-11:07.011:07.24
Emily RichardWatkins Mill1995   National Scholastic Championship11:11.97y11:08.10
Lucinda HullQuince Orchard1999   Footlocker Outdoor Championships11:12.39y11:08.52
Erin SicherOur Lady of Good Counsel1999   WCAC Championship11:09.19

Girls 55m Hurdles   |   Cutoffs   •   8.50 55m Hurdles   •   9.14 60m Hurdles   •   8.54 60y Hurdles
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 55m Hurdles
Masai RussellBullis2018   Virginia Showcase7.84
Audrey Gariepy-BoguiWinston Churchill2007   4A/3A State Championship8.01
Alexus PylesClarksburg2016   Montgomery Co Championship8.02
Alexis PostellBullis2017   Kentucky Invitational8.62 60m HH8.02
Leah PhillipsBullis2017   Virginia Showcase8.02
Kristen ThorneBullis1993   Simplot Games8.06
Eddita PessimaNorthwest2017   State Championship8.09
Judith OwenAlbert Einstein1989   National Scholastic Championship8.10
Erika ZollerDamascus2004   Quick Feet Invitationalht-7.98.14
Teju AdewoleOur Lady of Good Counsel2011   Kentucky Invitational8.75 60m HH8.14
Cierra PylesBullis2018   Montgomery Invitational8.16
Gwen ShawThomas S. Wootton2013   Montgomery Invitational8.17
Lauryn HarrisBullis2018   Southern MD Invitational8.20
Leondra CorreiaNorthwest2016   State Championship8.28
Thea LaFondJohn F. Kennedy2011   New Balance Nationals8.91 60m HH8.29
Ashley WallaceBullis2017   Marine Corps Holiday Classic8.33
Lindsay LewisBullis2017   Ocean Breeze Invitational8.35
Toni AlukoPaint Branch2004   County Championship8.36
Kaya Rae DunbarPaint Branch2018   State Championship8.37
Olivia DurrPoolesville2009   Montgomery Co. Championship8.38
Brionne PylesClarksburg2016   State Championship8.38
Helnsarah PendaSeneca Valley2014   3A State Championship8.39
Lisa-Anne BarrowHolton Arms2014   Bishop Loughlin Games8.40
Melanie CatheyQuince Orchard1999   Virginia Tech Invitational8.41
Laura DallyWalter Johnson2012   Virginia Tech Invitational8.41
Kafilat OladiranMontgomery Blair2013   4A State Championship8.45
Katherine SalkeSherwood2009   Virginia Tech Invitational8.48

Girls 100m Hurdles   |   Cutoffs   •   14.70 100m Hurdles   •   33-inch Hurdles Only  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 100m Hurdles
Audrey Gariepy-BoguiWinston Churchill2007   State Championship13.77
Leah PhillipsBullis2017   Texas Relays13.94
Alexus PylesClarksburg2015   Katie Jenkins Invitational14.07
Alexis PostellBullis2017   Bojangles Track Classic14.18
Kristen ThorneBullis1993   14.19
Judith OwenAlbert Einstein1988   State Championshipht-14.114.34
Teju AdewoleOur Lady of Good Counsel2011   WCAC Championship14.35
Laila IsmailBethesda Chevy Chase2014   Montgomery Co. Championship14.35
Gwen ShawThomas S. Wootton2013   Viking Invitational14.38
Eddita PessimaNorthwest2017   NB Nationals14.40
Erika ZollerDamascus2005   State Championship14.41
Thea LaFondJohn F. Kennedy2011   Montgomery Co. Championship14.43
LaDonna GoodenAlbert Einstein1986   Class A Regionalht-14.214.44
Lindsay LewisBullis2017   NB Nationals14.46
Cierra PylesClarksburg2015   New Balance Outdoor Nationals14.53
Katie RogusOur Lady of Good Counsel2004   WCAC Championship14.59
Katherine SalkeSherwood2009   4A West Regional14.60
Tyhler DavisMagruder2002   County Championshipht-14.3914.64
Kaya Rae DunbarPaint Branch2017   Montgomery Co. Championship14.65
Lisa-Anne BarrowHolton Arms2015   Draper Invitational14.66
Leondra CorreiaNorthwest2016   4A West Regional14.66

Girls 300m Hurdles   |   Cutoffs   •   45.00 300m Hurdles   •   45.26 330y Hurdles  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 300m Hurdles
Masai RussellBullis2017   Draper Invitational42.15
Laila IsmailBethesda Chevy Chase2014   4A State Championship43.17
Audrey Gariepy-BoguiWinston Churchill2007   State Championship43.66
Sylvia DeppenThomas S. Wootton2012   4A State Championship43.81
Laura ShawWalter Johnson2002   State Championship43.90
Judith OwenAlbert Einstein1988   State Championship43.98
Eddita PessimaNorthwest2017   4A West Regional44.06
Alexus PylesClarksburg2015   County Championship44.12
Gwen ShawThomas S. Wootton2012   Viking Invitational44.14
Leah PhillipsBullis2017   ISL Championship44.16
Hasina OuttzGood Counsel1999   WCAC Championship44.50
Courtney ChristianWalter Johnson2017   State Championship44.52
Hilary MoenWalter Johnson2005   4A West Regional44.78
Olivia DurrPoolesville2008   MD State Championship44.78
Lindsay LewisBullis2016   ISL Championship44.80
Cecily GallupWalt Whitman1995   State Championship44.95
Evelyn PutmanSherwood2011   4A State Championship44.96
Leondra CorreiaNorthwest2016   4A State Championship44.99

Girls High Jump   |   Cutoffs   •   5-06.00  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent High Jump
Emily OwensRichard Montgomery1998   3A Regional5-10.00
Toni AlukoPaint Branch2003   Penn Relays5-09.75
Audrey Gariepy-BoguiWinston Churchill2007   Montgomery Co. Championship5-09.50
Nana Jeffrey-IdunWheaton1995   State Championship5-09.00
Taylor WrightNorthwest2018   Virginia Showcasei5-09.00
Thea LaFondJohn F. Kennedy2011   CARIFTA Games5-08.75
Ginny HanlonSherwood1985   Indoor State Championshipi5-08.00
Vanessa JonesSherwood1997   State Championship5-08.00
Michelle SmithGaithersburg1998   4A Regional5-08.00
Natiaha HinnerichsHolton Arms2011   Landon Meet5-08.00
Monica KuhnCharles Woodward1983   County Championship5-07.00
Liz BolterWinston Churchill1986   County Championship5-07.00
Madison DepryWheaton2018   New Balance Indoor Nationalsi5-07.00
Aneyeus RobinsonSpringbrook1976   5-06.50
Sheila SimonWinston Churchill1979   5-06.00
Julianna NjokoPaint Branch1995   Indoor State Championshipi5-06.00
Casey ChildsDamascus1996   3A Regional5-06.00
Kim LeeGaithersburg1997   State Championship5-06.00
Vanessa JulesPaint Branch2008   3A State Championship5-06.00
Alexus PylesClarksburg2014   MCPS Meet #25-06.00
Naja McAdamClarksburg2015   4A West Regional5-06.00

Girls Long Jump   |   Cutoffs   •   18-00.00  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent Long Jump
Wanda EvansMagruder1987   State Championship19-09.00
Cierra PylesBullis2017   Atlanta Relays19-03.00
Leondra CorreiaNorthwest2015   Watkins Mill at Northwest18-11.00
Krista McFarrenWinston Churchill1979   State Championship18-10.25
Casey DowlingThomas S. Wootton2012   4A State Championship18-10.00
Toni AlukoPaint Branch2003   State Championship18-09.00
Bernadine BocusWinston Churchill1982   State Championship18-07.50
Anne LemasterWinston Churchill1993   18-07.50
Kendra MeredithNorthwest2014   4A State Championship18-07.00
Lisa-Anne BarrowHolton Arms2014   Bishop Loughlin Gamesi18-07.00
Alyssa MoranSherwood2016   4A State Championship18-07.00
Alexis PostellBullis2017   Atlanta Relays18-06.25
Aniella DelafosseBullis2018   New Balance Indoor Nationalsi18-05.75
Taylor JohnsonBullis2017   Atlanta Relays18-05.50
Jackie McGrowderMontgomery Blair1982   Class AA Region I18-05.00
Thea LaFondJohn F. Kennedy2011   Blue Ridge Relays18-04.50
Ashley SantiniNorthwest2017   Central Invitational18-04.00
Kara HuieThomas S. Wootton2014   4A State Championship18-03.50
Tambetta OjangPaint Branch2003   Morgan State Invitational18-03.00
Page HarrisClarksburg2009   Knights Invite18-03.00
Allyson HardyNorthwest2001   18-02.00
Stephanie BatekyNorthwest2016   4A State Championship18-02.00
Lindsay LewisBullis2017   ISL Championship18-01.75
Michelle SmithGaithersburg2000   4A Regional18-01.00
Katie RogusOur Lady of Good Counsel2004   WCAC Championship18-01.00
Hasina OuttzOur Lady of Good Counsel1999   Central Falcon Relays18-00.00

Girls Triple Jump   |   Cutoffs   •   38-00.00  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent Triple Jump
Thea LaFondJohn F. Kennedy2011   3A State Championship41-08.50
Arielle StathamPaint Branch2009   State Championship40-04.00
Cierra PylesBullis2017   NB Nationals40-03.50
Alexus PylesClarksburg2015   County Championship39-06.25
Taylor WrightNorthwest2016   4A State Championship39-02.75
Monda WebbMontgomery Blair1986   State Championship39-01.50
Tamir JacobsPaint Branch2016   TC Williams Invitational39-01.00
Judith OwenAlbert Einstein1989   National Scholastic Championshipi38-07.75
Bianca WilliamsHolton Arms2007   ISL Championship38-05.00
Tyatianna JohnsonSeneca Valley2014   3A West Regional38-03.50
Toni AlukoPaint Branch2004   State Championship38-03.00
Taylor JohnsonBullis2017   Mullins-Russell Invitational38-03.00
Fatima AbbasWalter Johnson1999   FL Outdoor Nationals38-02.25
Audrey Gariepy-BoguiWinston Churchill2007   State Championship38-02.25
Kara HuieThomas S. Wootton2014   4A State Championship38-01.75

Girls Shot Put   |   Cutoffs   •   38-00.00   •   4 Kilogram Implement Only
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent Shot Put
Claudia AbabioClarksburg2014   4A West Regional45-10.75
Ozioma EdokobiRichard Montgomery2013   4A West Regional42-09.00
Ashley FaunteleroyPaint Branch2004   Virginia Tech Invitationali40-06.00
Debbie SimonDamascus1980   Woodward vs. Damascus39-07.50
Justina AbabioClarksburg2016   4A West Regional39-06.50
Nneoma EdokobiRichard Montgomery2012   4A West Region39-05.25
Amy SchwinnWalt Whitman1984   County Championship39-04.00
Rachel BeermanWinston Churchill1986   39-04.00
Chrissie BusserSeneca Valley1988   Indoor State Championshipi39-04.00
Brittany MorelandNorthwest2007   Montgomery Co. Championship39-01.00
Ruth KuraQuince Orchard1997   Indoor State Championshipi39-00.00
Arleigh RoseSherwood2008   MD State Championship38-09.75
Shanika OdomQuince Orchard1998   4A West Regional38-08.50
Maria MotenMagruder1986   38-08.00
Tiffany Afolabi-BrownRichard Montgomery2013   4A West Championship38-08.00
Janise BestmanPaint Branch2018   State Championshipi38-07.00
Katelyn PossPoolesville2006   1A State Championship38-03.25
Elise KasslerWinston Churchill1982   38-02.00
Nanette TooneNorthwood1983   County Championship38-01.50

Girls Discus   |   Cutoffs   •   120-00.00  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent Discus
Claudia AbabioClarksburg2014   Coyote Invitational145-02.00
Ozioma EdokobiRichard Montgomery2014   4A West Regional141-10.50
Ruth KuraQuince Orchard1998   134-07.00
Donna LakeAlbert Einstein1977   State Championship131-08.00
Arleigh RoseSherwood2008   4A West Regional124-06.00
Dalina JulienAlbert Einstein2016   4A State Championship123-08.00
Irina KingPaint Branch2001   State Championship123-01.00
Tracy LakeAlbert Einstein1983   Class B Region I122-09.00
Rachel BeermanWinston Churchill1987   State Championship122-08.00
Virginia Owusu-MainooSeneca Valley2011   3A State Championship122-05.00
Julie KauffmanDamascus2001   State Championship122-01.00
Tiffany Afolabi-BrownRichard Montgomery2013   RM and SpB at Sherwood120-11.50
Leslie BrownThomas S. Wootton1993   Class 4A Region I120-03.00

Girls Pole Vault   |   Cutoffs   •   9-06.00  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent Pole Vault
Katie BolacGaithersburg1998   4A Regional11-00.00
Victoria TothBethesda Chevy Chase2016   4A State Championship11-00.00
Paige EvansClarksburg2015   4A West Regional10-06.00
Mia Del BorrelloDamascus2015   3A State Championshipi10-06.00
Naami WagnerNorthwood2010   3A State Championship10-00.00
Catherine PanasenkovQuince Orchard2012   4A State Championship10-00.00
Rebekah HarrisonSpringbrook2000   State Championship09-06.00
Jodi TaetleGaithersburg2001   State Championship09-06.00
Liz CalhounThomas S. Wootton2007   4A West Regional09-06.00
Lauren RoseGaithersburg2009   MD State Championship09-06.00
Erin ParkerDamascus2011   3A State Championship09-06.00

Girls 4x100m Relay   |   Cutoffs   •   48.00 400m Relay   •   48.28 440y Relay  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 4x100m Relay
Bullis2017   NB Nationals44.88
Bullis2015   NB Outdoor Nationals46.48
Bullis2016   New Balance Outdoor Nationals46.69
Bullis2014   Taco Bell Classic 47.35
Northwest2011   4A State Championship47.52
Gaithersburg2002   State Championship47.66
Magruder2014   4A State Championship47.71
Paint Branch1995   State Championship47.88
James H. Blake2015   Montgomery Co. Championship47.94
Magruder2011   Montgomery Co. Championship47.97

Girls 4x200m Relay   |   Cutoffs   •   1:40.00 800m Relay   •   1:40.58 880y Relay  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 4x200m Relay
Bullis2018   New Balance Indoor Nationalsi1:34.75
Bullis2017   NB Nationals1:35.63
Northwest2010   New Balance Outdoor Nationals1:38.86
Northwest2012   4A State Championship1:39.43
Bullis2015   New Balance Nationalsi1:39.69
Northwest2011   4A West Regional1:39.89
Bullis2016   Armory Track Invitationali1:39.89
Thomas S. Wootton2012   4A West Region1:39.90

Girls 4x400m Relay   |   Cutoffs   •   3:55.00 1600m Relay   •   3:56.37 Mile Relay  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 4x400m Relay
Bullis2017   NB Nationals3:39.30
Bullis2018   Virginia Showcasei3:39.60
Bullis2016   NB Indoor Nationalsi3:43.92
Northwest2011   4A State Championship3:46.22
James H. Blake2015   NB Outdoor Nationals3:46.39
James H. Blake2014   4A State Championship3:47.76
Bullis2015   NB Outdoor Nationals3:48.12
Northwest2010   4A State Championship3:48.28
Thomas S. Wootton2012   4A West Region3:50.86
Northwest2009   MD State Championship3:51.29
Northwest2012   4A West Region3:52.91
Richard Montgomery2007   State Championship3:53.45
Paint Branch2014   4A State Championship3:54.39
James H. Blake2017   Penn Relays3:54.96

Girls 4x800m Relay   |   Cutoffs   •   9:20.00 3200m Relay   •   9:23.25 Two Mile Relay  
High School
Meet Name
Actual Performance
Equivalent 4x800m Relay
Thomas S. Wootton2010   4A State Championship9:04.39
Northwest2010   Penn Relays9:08.47
Northwest2011   Penn Relays9:10.14
Walt Whitman2008   MD State Championship9:16.22
Walt Whitman2007   State Championship9:16.36
Damascus2017   Nb Nationals9:19.91

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