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Season: Leave this field blank to include all results dating back to Mocorunning's creation. Otherwise, choose a season that you want to search. XC = Cross Country. IT = Indoor Track. OT = Outdoor Track. Selecting "All Track" for a given year will include both indoor and outdoor track results for that year. You can also select "All Indoor", "All Outdoor", and "All XC" to treat the three seasons as separate sports and search the entire database in one of the three sports.

Event: It is best to always choose an event to search. Not choosing an event will include all events and this will probably give you meaningless results. Some very rare events are not included as options. If you have a special request, email Kevin at

Team: By default, your search will include all schools in Montgomery County. You can limit the search to public schools in Montgomery County or private schools in Montgomery County by selecting the appropriate option in the 'Team' drop down. You can also limit your search to a single team.

Division, Region, and Conference: Leave these fields blank to search for athletes who compete in all classifications in the Mocorunning database. Select a division, region, or conference to limit your search to those classifications.
Note 1: Conferences are only for private schools, while divisions and regions are only for public schools. Do not fill out all of these fields or you will not get any results.
Note 2: Mocorunning does not save a school's historic classification. Selecting a division, region, or conference option will only search for schools that are currently in that division, region, or conference. Limiting your query to a certain time frame will not search for schools in the given classification at that time.
Note 3: Mocorunning is sometimes guilty of not updating regions and divisions when they change every two or three years. Feel free to email Kevin at to suggest I stop dropping the ball.

Gender: Choose a gender to limit your search to just boys or just girls. Leaving this field blank will include both.

Grad Year: You can limit your search to members of a certain graduating class or range of graduating classes. Leaving this field blank will search for athletes in all graduating classes. An athlete's graduation year must be in the mocorunning database for this to work (athletes with graduation years make up over 98% of results in the mocorunning database).

Grade: You can limit your search to athletes of different grade levels. If you select 'grade 9,' it will return results from all freshman athletes since the Mocorunning database was created. The same goes for grade 10, grade 11, and grade 12, grade 9 and 10 combined, and grades 9, 10, and 11 combined.
Note: An athlete's grade is only as accurate as the results going into the database. Historically, coaches make mistakes when entering grades and grad years. When grades are reported incorrectly, those errors also end up in mocorunning's database. There are ways of monitoring and self-correcting these errors when an athlete appears with two different grades in the same school year, but it is not easy to keep up with. Of course, things get really messy when athletes do not complete high school in four years.

Limit: By default, your search will return 25 results, but if you want to return 5 or 500 athletes, you can do that by changing the limit.

Sort: By default, your search will be sorted in ascending order. This means from the lowest number to highest number. This is best used to search for the fastest times in track events. You can change this to descending order to search for the highest numbers to the lowest numbers. This is best used to search for the best marks in field events.

If you find bugs or have any special requests or additional questions, please email Kevin at so I can improve the feature for everyone and make sure you get what you are searching for.

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