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4A West Regional XC History

20184A West Regional
20174A West Regional
20164A West Regional
20154A West Regional
20144A West Regional
20134A West Region Championship
20124A West Regional
20114A West Regional
20104A West Region Championship
20094A West Regional
20084A West Regional
20074A West Regional
20064A West Regional
20054A West Regional
20044A West Regional
20034A West Regional Boys
20024A West Regional
20014A West Regional
20004A West Regional Girls
20004A West Regional
19994A West Regional
19984A West Regional
19974A West Regional Boys
19974A West Regional Girls
19964A West Regional
19954A West Regional
19944A West Regional
19934A West Regional

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Montgomery County Top Performances

The following is an automated database query for the best Montgomery County performances from this meet series since 2006. Query does not constitute official meet records. Ties broken by oldest performance.

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3 Mile XCWill Bertrand Clarksburg 2012 15:23
5000m XCDiego Zarate Northwest 2014 15:26.11
3 Mile XCJoshua Trzeciak Thomas S. Wootton 2012 15:43
3 Mile XCDavid Fitzgerald Winston Churchill 2012 15:45
3 Mile XCNathaniel Rees Walter Johnson 2012 15:47
5000m XCEvan Woods Walt Whitman 2014 15:51.59
5000m XCEvan Woods Walt Whitman 2013 15:51.83
5000m XCSolomon Haile Sherwood 2008 15:56.74
5000m XCPatrick Munro Thomas S. Wootton 2014 15:56.90
5000m XCDiego Zarate Northwest 2013 15:57.75

5000m XCAbigail Green Walter Johnson 2016 17:44.45
3 Mile XCNora McUmber Bethesda Chevy Chase 2012 18:06
3 Mile XCCaroline Beakes Bethesda Chevy Chase 2012 18:08
5000m XCAbigail Green Walter Johnson 2014 18:17.53
3 Mile XCSophie El-Masry Richard Montgomery 2012 18:22
5000m XCNora McUmber Bethesda Chevy Chase 2013 18:23.80
5000m XCLucy Srour Winston Churchill 2014 18:25.39
5000m XCLucie Noall Clarksburg 2014 18:29.76
5000m XCEmily Murphy Walter Johnson 2014 18:31.12
5000m XCKaren Pulliam Quince Orchard 2000 18:39.79

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