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Oatlands Invitational History

2017Oatlands Invitational
2016Oatlands Invitational
2015Oatlands Invitational
2015MoCo at Oatlands
2014Oatlands Invitational
2013Oatlands Invitational
2012Oatlands Invitational
2011Oatlands Invitational
2010Oatlands Invitational
2009Oatlands Invitational
2008Oatlands Invitational
2007Oatlands Invitational Boys
2007Oatlands Invitational Girls
2006Oatlands Invitational

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The Oatlands Invitational features a 5K course run on the grounds of Leesburg's historic Oatlands Plantation. Runners can expect mostly grass, wooded trails, and two creek crossings. It is noted for its fast first mile and large hill which makes or breaks runners at the 2.5 mile mark. The meet is also known for its shotgun blast starts, loud sound system with music/DJ, and outstanding prizes for race winners.

Every year, over 3,000 runners complete the course within a compact race schedule of 30 minutes per race with some races exceeding 500 runners on the course at once. One junior varsity race in 2012 had 941 finishers.

Montgomery County Top Performances

The following is an automated database query for the best Montgomery County performances from this meet series since 2006. Query does not constitute official meet records. Ties broken by oldest performance.

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5000m XCSolomon Haile Sherwood 2008 15:25
5000m XCChase Weaverling Poolesville 2013 15:28
5000m XCRohann Asfaw Richard Montgomery 2016 15:47
5000m XCAndrew Palmer Walt Whitman 2008 15:52
5000m XCEvan Woods Walt Whitman 2014 15:55
5000m XCJack Wavering Our Lady of Good Counsel 2015 15:59
5000m XCJoshua Trzeciak Thomas S. Wootton 2012 16:12
5000m XCAdam Nakasaka Bethesda Chevy Chase 2017 16:15
5000m XCMark Unger Richard Montgomery 2017 16:16
5000m XCJackson Reams Sherwood 2009 16:17
5000m XCCollin Crilly Our Lady Of Good Counsel 2012 16:18
5000m XCAlex Roederer Walt Whitman 2014 16:19
5000m XCChris Miller Northwest 2010 16:19
5000m XCChris Barnard Sherwood 2006 16:19.7
5000m XCAndrew Lent Poolesville 2016 16:21
5000m XCJoey Chapin Georgetown Preparatory 2011 16:23
5000m XCWilliam Palmer Walt Whitman 2006 16:23.2
5000m XCJack Riely Our Lady Of Good Counsel 2011 16:24
5000m XCWill Conway Winston Churchill 2011 16:26
5000m XCEvan Laratta Quince Orchard 2011 16:27
5000m XCGarrett Suhr Richard Montgomery 2017 16:28
5000m XCKyle Graves Our Lady Of Good Counsel 2009 16:28
5000m XCJonaton Baginski Rockville 2013 16:31
5000m XCDavid Fitzgerald Winston Churchill 2013 16:31
5000m XCAaron Bratt Walt Whitman 2016 16:32

5000m XCMorgane Gay Walt Whitman 2007 18:14.14
5000m XCAbigail Green Walter Johnson 2016 18:17
5000m XCClaudia Wendt Our Lady of Good Counsel 2015 19:02
5000m XCJessie Rubin Thomas S. Wootton 2009 19:05
5000m XCKiernan Keller Walter Johnson 2014 19:11
5000m XCLucy Srour Winston Churchill 2013 19:11
5000m XCBritt Eckerstrom Northwest 2008 19:12
5000m XCAnna Ryba Walt Whitman 2011 19:21
5000m XCCaroline Guiot Walt Whitman 2011 19:25
5000m XCSami King Walt Whitman 2015 19:28
5000m XCEmily Murphy Walter Johnson 2014 19:29
5000m XCAlyssa Henshaw Northwest 2009 19:33
5000m XCClaire Beautz Poolesville 2013 19:35
5000m XCDebbie Isen Walt Whitman 2007 19:38.94
5000m XCElena De La Paz Richard Montgomery 2011 19:46
5000m XCAlexandra Phillips Walt Whitman 2011 19:46
5000m XCKatriane Kirsch Walter Johnson 2016 19:50
5000m XCAimee Moores Quince Orchard 2008 19:50
5000m XCKatie Koenig Our Lady Of Good Counsel 2008 19:52
5000m XCNandini Satsangi Poolesville 2017 19:53
5000m XCShayna Barbash Walt Whitman 2008 19:53
5000m XCIsabelle Latour Quince Orchard 2011 19:54
5000m XCAbby Spitler Gaithersburg 2007 19:54.98
5000m XCSophie El-Masry Richard Montgomery 2013 19:55
5000m XCCaroline Beakes Bethesda Chevy Chase 2012 19:56

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