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Jenny Rush Track Invitational History

1987Jenny Rush Decathlon Meet
1986Jenny Rush Decathlon Meet
1985Jenny Rush Memorial Meet
1984Jenny Rush Invitational Decathlon
1983Jenny Rush Invitational
1982Jenny Rush Invitational
1981Jenny Rush Decathlon Meet
1979Jenny Rush Memorial
1978Jenny Rush Memorial

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The Jennifer Rush Memorial Invitational is in memory of the first girl to run cross country at Rockville High School. The daughter of a school counselor, Jennifer Rush died at the end of cross country season - November of 1977 - a few days after running in extremely cold weather in the regional meet.

"She had always had anemia, but it had never been discoverred," Rockville's longtime Cross Country Coach Bob Stack said.

"They thought she had pneumonia and rushed her to the hospital. She died within a week. She didn't have enough immunities to fight the infection and the anemia at the same time."

Excerpt from Montgomery Journal Article: "RM Takes Jenny Rush Memorial." October 6, 1993. By Dan Shepherd.

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