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2019B-CC at Wootton
2019RM at Wootton
2019Churchill at Wootton
2018B-CC and WJ at Wootton
2017Churchill at Wootton
2016Walter Johnson at Wootton
2016R. Montgomery at Wootton
2014R. Montgomery at Wootton
2013Gaithersburg at Wootton
2012B-CC at Wootton
2012Walter Johnson at Wootton
2011Whitman @ Wootton
2010RM @ Wootton
2010WJ, JFK @ Wootton
2009Whitman @ Wootton
2009Northwest @ Wootton
2008Blair, NW @ Wootton
2007Kennedy Sherwood at Wootton
1998Blair at Wootton
1996Springbrook at Wootton
1994QO at Wootton
1992SV, Wheaton at Wootton
1992Damascus, WM at Wootton
1992WJ at Wootton
1991Springbrook at Wootton
1990Blair, Churchill at Wootton
1990WJ at Wootton
1988WJ, Gburg at Wootton
1988Whitman at Wootton
1987B-CC at Wootton
1986Kennedy at Wootton
1985Magruder, Sherwood at Wootton

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Montgomery County Top Performances

The following is an automated database query for the best Montgomery County performances from this meet series since 2000. Query does not constitute official meet records. Ties broken by oldest performance.

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100 Dash htBisi Ezekoye John F. Kennedy 2010 10.80
200 Dash htMarvin Lisk Northwest 2009 22.29
400m DashJoshua Trzeciak Thomas S. Wootton 2013 49.9h
800m RunJoshua Trzeciak Thomas S. Wootton 2012 01:58.20
1600m RunUrgy Eado Thomas S. Wootton 2013 04:30.91
3200m RunAlex Willett Walter Johnson 2010 09:46.00
110 Hurdles htAlan Banks Thomas S. Wootton 2013 15.28
300m HurdlesElad Covaliu Walter Johnson 2012 40.41
4x100m Relay2009 NW_Relays Northwest 2009 43.75
4x200m Relay2013 Gburg_Relays Gaithersburg 2013 01:32.31
4x400m Relay2010 WJ_Relays Walter Johnson 2010 03:29.20
4x800m Relay2010 WJ_Relays Walter Johnson 2010 08:11.00
High JumpEverett Wells Walter Johnson 2012 5-10.00
Long JumpFonati Quinn Richard Montgomery 2010 20-06.00
Triple JumpDominic Chow Thomas S. Wootton 2017 41-08.00
Shot PutAndrew Birgin Walter Johnson 2018 51-00.00
DiscusNate Baruch Thomas S. Wootton 2010 126-11
Pole VaultSam Eichberg Thomas S. Wootton 2014 09-00.00

100 Dash htSylvia Deppen Thomas S. Wootton 2013 12.17
200 Dash htGwen Shaw Thomas S. Wootton 2013 25.30
400m DashGwen Shaw Thomas S. Wootton 2012 55.97
800m RunAndrea Maxwell Thomas S. Wootton 2010 02:22.00
1600m RunGrace Corbett Thomas S. Wootton 2011 05:21.00
3200m RunJessie Rubin Thomas S. Wootton 2010 10:51.00
100 Hurdles htGwen Shaw Thomas S. Wootton 2013 14.09
300m HurdlesGwen Shaw Thomas S. Wootton 2012 44.14
4x100m Relay2010 JFK_Relays John F. Kennedy 2010 51.21
4x200m Relay2013 Wootton_Relays Thomas S. Wootton 2013 01:45.43
4x400m Relay2013 Wootton_Relays Thomas S. Wootton 2013 04:00.78
4x800m Relay2010 WJ_Relays Walter Johnson 2010 09:36.00
High JumpIman Idrissa Thomas S. Wootton 2019 5-02.00
Long JumpCasey Dowling Thomas S. Wootton 2012 17-05.00
Triple JumpThea LaFond John F. Kennedy 2010 39-03.00
Shot PutOzioma Edokobi Richard Montgomery 2014 34-05.00
DiscusArleigh Rose Sherwood 2007 113-04.50

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