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Seneca Valley HS Home XC Meets History

2017Northwood at Seneca Valley
2017Magruder at Seneca Valley
2016Magruder at Seneca Valley
2016Wheaton at Seneca Valley
2015Rockville at Seneca Valley
2014WM at Seneca Valley
2013Wheaton at Seneca Valley
2012Kennedy at Seneca Valley
2012Blake at Seneca Valley
2011Blake @ SV
2011Northwood @ SV
2010Kennedy at Seneca Valley
2008Northwood at Seneca Valley
2007Springbrook @ SV
2007Clarksburg @ SV
1999SV Quad Meet
1999Magruder at Seneca Valley
1997Churchill, RM at SV
1997QO at Seneca Valley
1995QO, Churchill at Seneca Valley
1995Wootton, Whitman, SV
1994QO, Whitman, Seneca
1994Churchill at Seneca Valley
1993Magruder at Seneca Valley
1993Rockville, Damascus at SV
1992QO, Einstein at SV
1992Rockville, Poolesville at SV
1991Magruder, Sherwood at SV
1990Churchill at Seneca Valley
1989PB, WJ at SV
1989Blair at Seneca Valley
1988Whitman, Gburg at SV
1987WJ, Churchill at SV
1987Whitman at Seneca Valley
1986Churchill, Gburg at SV
1985Whitman at SV
1985Springbrook at SV
1983Gburg, Wootton at SV
1982Blair Whitman at SV
1981Gburg, Springbrook at SV

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Montgomery County Top Performances

The following is an automated database query for the best Montgomery County performances from this meet series since 2006. Query does not constitute official meet records. Ties broken by oldest performance.

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5000m XCRyan Scott Wheaton 2013 17:25
5000m XCRandy Verduguez Wheaton 2013 17:34
5000m XCVictor Kyle Wheaton 2013 17:56
5000m XCGiresse Achouakong Seneca Valley 2016 18:06
5000m XCJason Scott Wheaton 2016 18:08.00
5000m XCMatthew Hyde Seneca Valley 2013 18:22
5000m XCJason Vargas Wheaton 2013 18:23
5000m XCSoulihe Nida Wheaton 2013 18:23
5000m XCBryan Midlam Seneca Valley 2016 18:25
5000m XCAdam Sarsony Rockville 2015 18:29
5000m XCConnor Gaffney James H. Blake 2011 18:40
5000m XCJustin Travis Rockville 2015 18:49
5000m XCBradley Hyde Seneca Valley 2011 18:49
5000m XCBryant Rodriguez Wheaton 2013 18:52
5000m XCXavier Herrera Seneca Valley 2013 18:52
5000m XCChristopher Cherrie Wheaton 2013 18:53
5000m XCRaphael Spencer Wheaton 2013 18:53
5000m XCRalph Spencer Wheaton 2013 18:56
5000m XCEric Scott Wheaton 2016 18:58.00
5000m XCBrad Daly Seneca Valley 2013 19:00
5000m XCAdrian Saravia Seneca Valley 2013 19:02
5000m XCByron Olsen Magruder 2016 19:05
5000m XCBoubacar Barry Seneca Valley 2017 19:07
5000m XCJatin Narang Clarksburg 2007 19:16
5000m XCMichael Leaman Clarksburg 2007 19:16

5000m XCMadison Armonda Northwood 2017 22:11
5000m XCAshley Tyler Rockville 2015 22:23
5000m XCOmolola Sanusi Seneca Valley 2015 22:26
5000m XCKathy Pena-Molina Magruder 2016 22:32
5000m XCJordyn Pugh Seneca Valley 2016 22:53
5000m XCReena Peralta Magruder 2016 23:02
5000m XCCourtney Hyde Seneca Valley 2007 23:16
5000m XCKelsey Smith Clarksburg 2007 23:31
5000m XCMariah McLane Seneca Valley 2013 23:40
5000m XCAmy Lai Seneca Valley 2015 23:41
5000m XCLauryn Bachman Wheaton 2016 23:58.00
5000m XCAlexandra Miles Clarksburg 2007 24:05
5000m XCAbigail Guise Seneca Valley 2016 24:05.00
5000m XCCynthia Sen Bassi Seneca Valley 2015 24:17
5000m XCPamela Aluvale Wheaton 2016 24:23.00
5000m XCAlexis Erie Clarksburg 2007 25:03
5000m XCDevan Stachura Seneca Valley 2010 25:08:00
5000m XCMeghan Thatcher Seneca Valley 2010 25:16:00
5000m XCGelila Hailemariam Wheaton 2016 25:18.00
5000m XCSamantha Herath John F. Kennedy 2010 25:29:00
5000m XCNicea McCabe Seneca Valley 2015 25:32
5000m XCFanaye Zendu John F. Kennedy 2010 25:44:00
5000m XCSarah Lim Clarksburg 2007 25:51
5000m XCTracy Morales John F. Kennedy 2010 25:53:00
5000m XCShannon Mandalou Seneca Valley 2016 25:56

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