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Quince Orchard HS Home TF Meets History

2019SV at QO
2019PV, CB at QO
2018Poolesville and SV at QO
2017Northwest at Quince Orchard
2017Damascus, WM at QO
2016Poolesville, WM at QO
2015Clarksburg at Quince Orchard
2014Clarksburg, NW at QO
2014Poolesville at Quince Orchard
2013Poolesville and NW at QO
2013Clarksburg at QO
2012SV, Poolesville at QO
2012Watkins Mill at Quince Orchard
2011QO Quad Meet
2011Sherwood, SV, SB @ QO
2010SB, SV @ QO
2008Poolesville, Dam @ QO
2007Northwest at QO
2006Poolesville @ Quince Orchard
2005Whitman at QO
2004QO, Gburg, WJ
2003R. Montgomery at QO
2002Sherwood @ Quince Orchard
2000QO vs. Walter Johnson
2000Gaithersburg at QO
1996Quince Orchard vs Gaithersburg
1994Gaithersburg at QO (Girls)
1993Churchill, Springbrook at QO
1993WM, B-CC @ QO
1993RM, PB at Quince Orchard
1992Watkins Mill, B-CC @ QO
1992QO, RM, PB
1991Wheaton, PB at QO
1991Whitman, Einstein at QO
1991Kennedy at Quince Orchard
1990Kennedy at Quince Orchard
1990B-CC at Quince Orchard
1989Magruder at Quince Orchard
1989Kennedy at Quince Orchard

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Montgomery County Top Performances

The following is an automated database query for the best Montgomery County performances from this meet series since 2000. Query does not constitute official meet records. Ties broken by oldest performance.

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100 Dash htSchezarone Carter Watkins Mill 2016 10.6
200 Dash htEmmanuel Atabong Springbrook 2011 22.2
400m DashDahri Jahn-Richardson Northwest 2013 49.0h
800m RunReagan Lynch Quince Orchard 2007 02:01.3
1600m RunChase Osborne Northwest 2017 04:31.9
3200m RunNick Simpson Albert Einstein 2011 10:03.8
110 Hurdles htDarius Lewis Quince Orchard 2011 15.3
300m HurdlesTrae Hurley Northwest 2013 40.7
4x100m Relay2007 RM_Relays Richard Montgomery 2007 43.3
4x200m Relay2007 RM_Relays Richard Montgomery 2007 01:31.5
4x400m Relay2013 NW_Relays Northwest 2013 03:28.3
4x800m Relay2011 QO_Relays Quince Orchard 2011 08:10.5
High JumpKaos Williams Clarksburg 2013 6-07.00
Long JumpJunior Martinez Quince Orchard 2015 21-03.00
Triple JumpCarlos Vanzego Clarksburg 2014 43-04.50
Shot PutRobert Scribner Quince Orchard 2006 48-07.50
DiscusRobert Scribner Quince Orchard 2006 142-00
Pole VaultChris Spiess Clarksburg 2014 11-00.00

100 Dash htTaylor Wright Northwest 2017 11.7
200 Dash htTaylor Wright Northwest 2017 25.0
400m DashLeslie Morrison Walt Whitman 2007 58
800m RunNaomi Sheppard Northwest 2013 02:22.7
1600m RunLucie Noall Clarksburg 2013 05:21.4
3200m RunAnya Oleynik Quince Orchard 2006 11:19.3
100 Hurdles htAlexus Pyles Clarksburg 2013 15.2
300m HurdlesEvelyn Putman Sherwood 2011 46.7
4x100m Relay2019 QO_Relays Quince Orchard 2019 48.9
4x200m Relay2011 Magruder_Relays Magruder 2011 01:44.5
4x400m Relay2007 RM_Relays Richard Montgomery 2007 04:09.3
4x800m Relay2013 NW_Relays Northwest 2013 09:50.2
High JumpHayley Henshaw Northwest 2013 5-02.00
Long JumpAshley Santini Northwest 2017 16-08.00
Triple JumpAshley Santini Northwest 2017 36-10.00
Shot PutClaudia Ababio Clarksburg 2013 40-10.00
DiscusClaudia Ababio Clarksburg 2013 107-11
Pole VaultCatherine Panasenkov Quince Orchard 2013 09-06.00

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