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R. Montgomery HS Home TF Meets History

2019Churchill at RM
2019WJ at R. Montgomery
2019BCC, WW at RM
2018B-CC at Richard Montgomery
2018Churchill at R. Montgomery
2018Whitman, Wootton at RM
2017Wootton, Whitman at RM
2017B-CC at Richard Montgomery
2016Walter Johnson at R. Montgomery
2015Whitman at R. Montgomery
2014Churchill at Richard Montgomery
2014Whitman at RM
2013Paint Branch at RM
2013Magruder at RM
2012Springbrook at RM
2012Magruder and Sherwood at RM
2012PB at Richard Montgomery
2011JFK, TSW @ RM
2010WW, JFK @ RM
2010WJ @ RM
2009Clarksburg, Northwood @ RM
1995Kennedy at RM
1992Springbrook at R. Montgomery
1991Sherwood at Richard Montgomery
1991Poolesville at RM
1990Sherwood at Richard Montgomery
1989Richard Montgomery vs Q. Orchard
1989Sherwood at RM
1988Poolesville, Sherwood at RM
1988Paint Branch at RM
1986Woodward, Sherwood at RM

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Montgomery County Top Performances

The following is an automated database query for the best Montgomery County performances from this meet series since 2000. Query does not constitute official meet records. Ties broken by oldest performance.

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100 Dash htAvery Reeves Richard Montgomery 2018 10.71
200 Dash htEllis Deng Richard Montgomery 2019 21.9
400m DashAvery Arizpe Richard Montgomery 2019 50.3
800m RunGarrett Suhr Richard Montgomery 2019 01:56.90
1600m RunRohann Asfaw Richard Montgomery 2017 04:30.0
3200m RunEvan Woods Walt Whitman 2015 09:28.00
110 Hurdles htWill Richardson Bethesda Chevy Chase 2017 16.0
300m HurdlesShayne Brooks Thomas S. Wootton 2018 41.5
4x100m Relay2014 Churchill_Relays Winston Churchill 2014 43.5
4x200m Relay2018 RM_Relays Richard Montgomery 2018 01:33.29
4x400m Relay2017 RM_Relays Richard Montgomery 2017 03:32.6
4x800m Relay2014 RM_Relays Richard Montgomery 2014 08:16.00
High JumpDaryn Alexander Richard Montgomery 2017 6-04.00
Long JumpDrew Byrd Richard Montgomery 2017 20-10.00
Triple JumpJesse Cooper Richard Montgomery 2017 42-05.00
Shot PutAbubakar Audu Richard Montgomery 2019 41-04.00
DiscusDavid Kaplan Winston Churchill 2014 158-10
Pole VaultDavid Isaacs Walt Whitman 2015 10-00.00

100 Dash htEmma Coleman Winston Churchill 2014 12.1
200 Dash htCaia Gelli Richard Montgomery 2019 24.8
400m DashCaia Gelli Richard Montgomery 2019 57.6
800m RunLauren Zhou Richard Montgomery 2018 02:24.3
1600m RunClare Severe Walt Whitman 2015 05:07.00
3200m RunEmily Murphy Walter Johnson 2016 11:52.00
100 Hurdles htSerena Landsman Winston Churchill 2019 16.2
300m HurdlesFiona Kelleher Bethesda Chevy Chase 2019 48.0
4x100m Relay2014 Churchill_Relays Winston Churchill 2014 50.4
4x200m Relay2017 RM_Relays Richard Montgomery 2017 01:48.40
4x400m Relay2019 WJ_Relays Walter Johnson 2019 04:19.2
4x800m Relay2014 Whitman_Relays Walt Whitman 2014 10:02.30
High JumpSarah Bruegmann Walt Whitman 2015 4-10.00
Long JumpFanny Chen Winston Churchill 2014 16-09.00
Triple JumpJulia McDermott Winston Churchill 2014 33-11.00
Shot PutOzioma Edokobi Richard Montgomery 2014 41-09.00
DiscusOzioma Edokobi Richard Montgomery 2014 131-04

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