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Walter Johnson HS Home XC Meets History

2017Einstein and RM at WJ
2017Quince Orchard at WJ
2016QO, Wootton at WJ
2016Churchill at Walter Johnson
2015Einstein at Walter Johnson
2015B-CC at Walter Johnson
2014Poolesville, HC at WJ
2014B-CC, RM at WJ
2013Sherwood, Bullis at WJ
2012Northwest at Walter Johnson
2011Sherwood @ WJ
2011QO @ WJ
2010Whitman, Wootton at WJ
2009Churchill @ WJ
2009Damascus at WJ
2008Churchill and B-CC at WJ
2008Northwest at Walter Johnson
2007RM @ WJ
2006Whitman @ WJ
2002Gaithersburg vs. WJ
2001Paint Branch, QO, WJ
2000WJ vs. Gaithersburg
1997Blair at Walter Johnson
1995B-CC at Walter Johnson
1994Blair at WJ
1993Gaithersburg at Walter Johnson
1992Churchill at Walter Johnson
1991Wootton at Walter Johnson
1990Churchill, Gaithersburg at WJ
1990SV, Springbrook at WJ
1988Churchill, Wootton at WJ
1988SV and Walter Johnson
1985Damascus at Walter Johnson
1983AE, Poolesville at WJ

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Montgomery County Top Performances

The following is an automated database query for the best Montgomery County performances from this meet series since 2006. Query does not constitute official meet records. Ties broken by oldest performance.

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5000m XCGarrett Suhr Richard Montgomery 2017 16:19
3 Mile XCMatthew Stitzlein Sherwood 2011 16:28.68
3 Mile XCScott Sheehan Walter Johnson 2011 16:34.93
3 Mile XCJames Duncan Walter Johnson 2011 16:37.18
3 Mile XCJames Sauro Walter Johnson 2011 16:42.24
5000m XCItai Bezherano Walter Johnson 2013 16:43.41
5000m XCNathaniel Rees Walter Johnson 2012 16:44.90
3 Mile XCDereje Alemu Wondima Sherwood 2011 16:45.90
5000m XCChris Moen Walter Johnson 2006 16:48
5000m XCDylan Kannapell Bethesda Chevy Chase 2014 16:48.76

5000m XCAbigail Green Walter Johnson 2015 18:26.90
5000m XCKiernan Keller Walter Johnson 2014 18:29.56
5000m XCEmily Murphy Walter Johnson 2014 18:59.56
5000m XCNora McUmber Bethesda Chevy Chase 2014 19:09.87
3 Mile XCCamille Bouvet Walter Johnson 2010 19:19
5000m XCMichaela Peterson Bethesda Chevy Chase 2015 19:22.09
3 Mile XCAnna Bosse Walter Johnson 2010 19:27
3 Mile XCAnna Ryba Walt Whitman 2010 19:29
5000m XCKatriane Kirsch Walter Johnson 2016 19:36.52
5000m XCJasmine Garrett Walter Johnson 2015 19:38.21

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