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2019JFK, Wheaton at Blair
2019Einstein at Blair
2018Wheaton, NWD at Blair
2018Einstein at Blair
2018Rockville at Blair
2017Einstein at Blair
2017Wheaton at Blair
2016Wheaton at Blair
2016Einstein, Northwood at Blair
2015Northwood at Blair
2014Rockville at Blair
2014Northwood at Blair
2013Einstein and Rockville at Blair
2013Wheaton at Blair
2012Wheaton at Blair
2010WM @ Blair
2010Gburg, Nwood @ Blair
2009Wootton @ Blair
2008Whitman @ Blair
2005QO at Blair
2004QO at Blair
1996WJ, PB, Blair
1993Magruder at Blair
1990WJ at Blair
1990Seneca Valley at Blair
1989B-CC at Blair
1989Einstein at Blair
1988Rockville, Einstein at Blair
1988Wheaton at Blair
1987Gaithersburg at Blair
1986Churchill at Blair
1986Rockville, Whitman at Blair
1985Wootton at Blair
1980Peary at Blair

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Despite Blair High School being confined to a small plot of land relative to its large size, Blair High School is the only school in Montgomery County with a 400-meter track that is separate from its primary football field.

Montgomery County Top Performances

The following is an automated database query for the best Montgomery County performances from this meet series since 2000. Query does not constitute official meet records. Ties broken by oldest performance.

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100 Dash htAndrew Gondor Montgomery Blair 2010 11.0
200 Dash htPeter Gondor Montgomery Blair 2010 22.6
400m DashEldon Phillips Northwood 2018 50.1
800m RunNathaniel Kinyanjui Montgomery Blair 2017 02:03.9
1600m RunLeoluca Cannuscio Montgomery Blair 2018 04:40.8
3200m RunSimeon Mussie Albert Einstein 2017 10:16.3
110 Hurdles htTrevon Carroll Gaithersburg 2010 14.9
300m HurdlesTevin Prince Northwood 2010 40.4
4x100m Relay2010 Blair_Relays Montgomery Blair 2010 45.0
4x200m Relay2010 Gburg_Relays Gaithersburg 2010 01:34.8
4x400m Relay2018 Northwood_Relays Northwood 2018 03:37.8
4x800m Relay2018 Blair_Relays Montgomery Blair 2018 09:02.2
High JumpAlimamy Kallay Gaithersburg 2010 5-10
Long JumpTrevon Carroll Gaithersburg 2010 19-04
Triple JumpKevin Fallet Montgomery Blair 2010 38-04
Shot PutMartin Onley Northwood 2010 43-00
DiscusAaron Lomax Albert Einstein 2019 133-01

100 Dash htNaomi English Albert Einstein 2017 13.1
200 Dash htLe'Quisha Parker Northwood 2010 24.9
400m DashAlexis Stewartson Montgomery Blair 2017 61.9
800m RunMorgan Casey Montgomery Blair 2017 02:17.2
1600m RunMorgan Casey Montgomery Blair 2018 05:23.4
3200m RunJosephine Brane-Wright Montgomery Blair 2017 11:35.2
100 Hurdles htArlyce Kea Northwood 2010 17.2
300m HurdlesKatherine Moore Northwood 2018 51.3
4x100m Relay2018 Northwood_Relays Northwood 2018 51.3
4x200m Relay2010 Northwood_Relays Northwood 2010 01:49.8
4x400m Relay2010 Northwood_Relays Northwood 2010 04:36
4x800m Relay2019 Blair_Relays Montgomery Blair 2019 10:51.0
High JumpChelsea Harris Gaithersburg 2010 5-02
Long JumpNaomi English Albert Einstein 2017 16-10.00
Triple JumpSarina Desir Albert Einstein 2017 37-03.00
Shot PutKennedy Rogers Montgomery Blair 2017 30-06.00
DiscusKiara Campbell Albert Einstein 2017 066-02

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