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The origins of this meet begin with the creation of the Downcounty Consortium (DCC) Cross Country Meet hosted by Northwood HS. Mike Sauter, then the Northwood cross country coach, took the reins and created a meet for the high schools. In doing so, he also created races for the elementary and middle school students, so they could gain an appreciation for running and help to grow the sport within the consortium. The Consortia Cup has been contested for eight years and the event was expanded to include schools from the Northeast Consortium in 2011.

In 2015, the DCC track and field coaches decided that it was time to try and do the same for track and field. Kevin Monroe (JFK), Eric Ellingson (Wh), Brenna Matthews and Bruce Williams (BL) and Eric Da Silva (Ein) committed to creating a meet that promoted the sport and the team element of track and field.

One element that the coaches recognized is that many circumstances make it very difficult for DCC schools to win banners for Region and State success in sports. To help rectify that situation, the DCC Championship banner is awarded. To win these banners, athletes must recognize the significance of sacrifice for the team, follow through on commitments to the team, and work hard to reach their potential.

Scoring of the Meet:

In the beginning, the teams with the most competitors won the meet. Seeing as that creates some inequity, the coaches decided to change the scoring in 2017.

In a traditional meet, events are scored 10,8,6,4,2,1, with individual and relay events scoring the same. For this meet the team scores will be calculated in this manner:

In any relay event, a school can score one relay. A team may have more than one relay team compete, but only one will score.

In individual events, we have a couple of different scenarios. If all five school have competitors, then each team will have one athlete who scores and whichever team has the highest placing 2nd athlete, then receives the points for that place.

If there are events where not every team has a competitor, then each team who competes will have one athlete guaranteed to score and all of the other points are available to the other athletes.

Montgomery County Top Performances

The following is an automated database query for the best Montgomery County performances from this meet series since 2006. Query does not constitute official meet records. Ties broken by oldest performance.

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100 Dash htRaynard Bell John F. Kennedy 2017 10.59
200 Dash htRaynard Bell John F. Kennedy 2017 22.52
400m DashAndree' Di-Reumante Northwood 2016 51.18
800m RunThierry Siewe Yanga Montgomery Blair 2017 01:56.10
1600m RunSimeon Mussie Albert Einstein 2018 04:19.3
3200m RunMichael Abebe Northwood 2015 09:45.75
110 Hurdles htNathan Cineda John F. Kennedy 2017 14.60
300m HurdlesVictor Kyle Wheaton 2015 40.66
4x100m Relay2018 JFK_Relays John F. Kennedy 2018 44.3
4x200m Relay2016 Blair_Relays Montgomery Blair 2016 01:32.89
4x400m Relay2016 Northwood_Relays Northwood 2016 03:29.85
4x800m Relay2016 Blair_Relays Montgomery Blair 2016 08:25.33
High JumpMonley Julien Albert Einstein 2015 6-00.00
Long JumpKalabe Arefeayne Montgomery Blair 2015 20-03.00
Triple JumpNick Dorsey Albert Einstein 2015 38-10.00
Shot PutRicardo Molina Albert Einstein 2017 42-04.00
DiscusDamien Monroe Albert Einstein 2015 116-05

100 Dash htMadison Depry Wheaton 2018 12.0
200 Dash htMadison Depry Wheaton 2018 24.8
400m DashSusanna Maisto Montgomery Blair 2015 60.00
800m RunMorgan Casey Montgomery Blair 2017 02:18.90
1600m RunCiciely Davy Albert Einstein 2016 05:04.78
3200m RunJosephine Brane-Wright Montgomery Blair 2018 11:32.1
100 Hurdles htGrace Olawuni Montgomery Blair 2016 16.58
300m HurdlesIrline Cadet Northwood 2016 45.51
4x100m Relay2018 Wheaton_Relays Wheaton 2018 51.4
4x200m Relay2018 Wheaton_Relays Wheaton 2018 01:48.6
4x400m Relay2016 Blair_Relays Montgomery Blair 2016 04:12.08
4x800m Relay2015 Einstein_Relays Albert Einstein 2015 10:08.27
High JumpMadison Depry Wheaton 2018 5-00.00
Long JumpWinona Peace Albert Einstein 2015 16-00.00
Triple JumpWinona Peace Albert Einstein 2015 32-09.00
Shot PutDalina Julien Albert Einstein 2016 30-05.50
DiscusDalina Julien Albert Einstein 2016 106-03

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