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Montgomery County Top Performances

The following is an automated database query for the best Montgomery County performances from this meet series since 2000. Query does not constitute official meet records. Ties broken by oldest performance.

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100m DashSavian BarrettGood Counsel201910.76
200m DashDarnell PrattGood Counsel201621.34
400m DashDarnell PrattGood Counsel201747.78
800m RunKevin McGivernGood Counsel201601:56.69
1600m RunJack WaveringGood Counsel201604:17.65
3200m RunKyle GravesGood Counsel201009:18.15
110m HurdlesKyle MartinGood Counsel201214.23
300m HurdlesKyle MartinGood Counsel201238.76
4x100m Relay2008 GC_RelaysGood Counsel200842.54
4x200m Relay2017 GC_RelaysGood Counsel201701:26.63
4x400m Relay2008 GC_RelaysGood Counsel200803:22.41
4x800m Relay2017 GC_RelaysGood Counsel201707:59.36
High JumpWilliam RheaGood Counsel20036-06.00
DiscusThor SerafenasGood Counsel2010167-10.75
Triple JumpKendall FullerGood Counsel201044-03.25
Shot PutThor SerafenasGood Counsel201056-10.00
DiscusThor SerafenasGood Counsel2010167-10.75

100m DashEileen BartlettGood Counsel201712.39
200m DashCaitlyn EttienneGood Counsel201725.17
400m DashCaitlyn EttienneGood Counsel201757.72
800m RunRachel PocratskyGood Counsel201502:14.78
1600m RunRachel PocratskyGood Counsel201505:17.94
3200m RunNora McCallGood Counsel200711:31.1
100m HurdlesTeju AdewoleGood Counsel201114.35
300m HurdlesEleanor ThompsonGood Counsel200045.07
4x100m Relay2011 GC_RelaysGood Counsel201149.30
4x200m Relay2010 GC_RelaysGood Counsel201001:43.81
4x400m Relay2019 GC_RelaysGood Counsel201904:00.17
4x800m Relay2013 Holy_Cross_RelaysHoly Cross201309:29.74
High JumpShanel HarrisonGood Counsel20075-00.00
Long JumpHasina OuttzGood Counsel200016-09.75
Triple JumpChristin HackneyGood Counsel201735-08.00
Shot PutHannah YomiGood Counsel201935-06.50
DiscusHannah YomiGood Counsel2019106-09

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