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IAC ISL MAC Championships XC History

2018IAC ISL MAC Championship
2018IAC ISL MAC MS Championships
2017ISL, IAC, MAC Championship
2017IAC, ISL, MAC MS Championship
2016IAC/ISL/MAC Championship
2015IAC/ISL/MAC Championship
2015IAC/ISL/MAC MS Championship
2014IAC/MAC/ISL Championship
2013IAC/MAC/ISL Championship
2012IAC/MAC/ISL MS Championship
2012IAC/MAC/ISL Championship
2011IAC, ISL, MAC Championship
2010ISL/MAC/IAC Championship
2010ISL/IAC/MAC Middle School Champions
2009IAC MAC ISL Championships
2009ISL MS Championship
2009IAC/MAC MS Championship
2008IAC/ISL/MAC Championship
2008IAC/MAC Middle School
2008ISL Middle School
2007IAC/ISL/MAC Championship
2006IAC Championship
2006ISL Championship
2006MAC Championship
2005IAC/ISL/MAC Championships
2004IAC/ISL/MAC XC Championship
2003IAC Championship
2003ISL Championship
2003MAC Championship
2002IAC Championships
2002ISL Championship
2002ISL Championship
1998IAC/ISL Championship
1997IAC Championship
1997ISL Championship
1991IAC Championship
1990IAC Championship
1987IAC Championship
1984IAC Championship
1982IAC Championship
1978IAC Championship
1977IAC Championship
1975IAC Championship

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Montgomery County Top Performances

The following is an automated database query for the best Montgomery County performances from this meet series since 2000. Query does not constitute official meet records. Ties broken by oldest performance.

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5000m XCSteven Duplinsky Georgetown Prep 2005 15:08.54
3 Mile XCJack Strabo Landon 2008 16:06
5000m XCDrew Abernathy Georgetown Prep 2005 16:10.39
3 Mile XCRamsey Chapin Georgetown Prep 2008 16:20
5000m XCMat Abernethy Georgetown Prep 2005 16:24.63
5000m XCEdward Douglass St. Andrews Episcopal 2012 16:28
5000m XCLuke Armbruster St. Andrews Episcopal 2016 16:31
3 Mile XCAndrew Gyenis Georgetown Prep 2008 16:42
3 Mile XCCarl Dennis Georgetown Prep 2008 16:48
5000m XCAlex Armbruster St. Andrews Episcopal 2013 17:00

5000m XCGenevieve DiBari Stone Ridge 2017 19:07
5000m XCSusan Heller Holton Arms 2005 19:29.13
5000m XCKathryn Scully Holton Arms 2010 19:32
5000m XCJulia Rees Holton Arms 2005 19:34.97
5000m XCKristen Bitsberger Holton Arms 2017 19:42
5000m XCEllie Gass Bullis 2005 19:47.69
5000m XCKate Walter Stone Ridge 2017 19:53
5000m XCLaura Klick Holton Arms 2005 19:57.45
5000m XCShifra Eskin Holton Arms 2017 19:59
3 Mile XCYaa Addison St. Andrews Episcopal 2008 20:00

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