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Landon XC Invitational History

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The Landon XC Invitational has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 2004. The meet started with just a handful of teams after Addison Hunt took over at the Landon School as the head cross country coach of both the middle and high school programs.

Coach Hunt explained: "I was at the Field school where I had no track and I had no cross country course, so to come to a place like this and find out that they did not run an invitational on their course, I thought it was almost tragic. With the cooperation of the school, we've tried to always block off the last weekend in September as the Landon Invitational."

The meet's deceptively challenging course and low key atmosphere kept many teams coming back year after year while attracting more schools of similar makeup.

The course itself is a horseshoe shape that starts athletes running on a practice field towards the front entrance of the school. As runners veer away from the school's main entrance, they run a u-shape around the school's perimeter until they hit the front entrance again from the opposite direction. The course reverses direction and ends on the track in front of the stadium bleachers. Runners encounter a variety of terrain and multiple hills that most spectators never see.

"The concept of the course has basically been the same since the beginning," said Hunt. "People can kind of get a historical feel for their performances."

Montgomery County Top Performances

The following is an automated database query for the best Montgomery County performances from this meet series since 2006. Query does not constitute official meet records. Ties broken by oldest performance.

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3 Mile XCJack Strabo Landon 2007 16:51.00
3 Mile XCMax Marinelli Landon 2007 17:07.00
3 Mile XCTimothy Hadley The Heights 2007 17:11.00
5000m XCGregory Hadley The Heights 2011 17:14
5000m XCWesley Feldman Landon 2016 17:15
5000m XCEdward Douglass St. Andrews Episcopal 2011 17:18
3 Mile XCTimothy Vaughan The Heights 2007 17:24.00
3 Mile XCJohn Orthwein Landon 2007 17:26.00
5000m XCJoe Peterson St. Andrews Episcopal 2006 17:28.0
5000m XCJonah Smith The Heights 2014 17:29.17
5000m XCMatthew Zischkau The Heights 2016 17:30
5000m XCMac Hightower Landon 2011 17:39
5000m XCKevin Soraci Landon 2013 17:39.55
3 Mile XCMatthew Sushinsky The Heights 2007 17:40.00
3 Mile XCHenry Gass Bullis 2007 17:41.00
5000m XCIan Denis The Heights 2016 17:42
3 Mile XCTeddy Funger Bullis 2007 17:42.00
5000m XCTom Belikove St. Andrews Episcopal 2009 17:42.72
5000m XCBen Gilbert Landon 2015 17:46.25
5000m XCSpencer Whalen Landon 2006 17:46.4
5000m XCAlex Hadley The Heights 2011 17:53
5000m XCJack Chlopak Landon 2014 17:54.08
3 Mile XCDylan Thayer St. Andrews Episcopal 2007 17:56.00
5000m XCHenry Duncan Landon 2011 17:58
5000m XCBilly Kuhn Landon 2011 18:07

5000m XCMia-Irene Gyau Bullis 2012 19:42.92
5000m XCGenevieve DiBari Stone Ridge 2017 20:00.22
5000m XCKiernan Keller Academy of the Holy Cross 2012 20:23.68
5000m XCKristen Bitsberger Holton Arms 2017 20:31.44
3 Mile XCLisa Nash St. Andrews Episcopal 2007 20:33.00
3 Mile XCEllie Gass Bullis 2007 20:44.00
3 Mile XCYaa Addison St. Andrews Episcopal 2007 20:51.00
5000m XCJulia Pitts Academy of the Holy Cross 2012 21:02.05
3 Mile XCMegan Nash St. Andrews Episcopal 2007 21:04.00
5000m XCAnna Capizzi Academy of the Holy Cross 2012 21:08.46
5000m XCMichaela Peterson Academy of the Holy Cross 2014 21:10.22
5000m XCKatie Toner Academy of the Holy Cross 2013 21:10.61
5000m XCKate Walter Stone Ridge 2017 21:11.19
5000m XCGie Gie Hart St. Andrews Episcopal 2006 21:14.5
5000m XCAnne Huber Holton Arms 2006 21:17.8
5000m XCChristine Connell Academy of the Holy Cross 2006 21:27.2
5000m XCEmily Hatton St. Andrews Episcopal 2006 21:28.1
5000m XCSara Putterman Holton Arms 2006 21:37.7
5000m XCAbby Beehler Holton Arms 2006 21:42.4
5000m XCNatalie DeSarbo Holton Arms 2017 21:42.90
5000m XCShifra Eskin Holton Arms 2017 21:53.16
5000m XCDiana Pressel Stone Ridge 2009 21:58.17
3 Mile XCNina Roumell Bullis 2007 22:00.00
5000m XCClare Toner Academy of the Holy Cross 2014 22:00.97
5000m XCRebecca Gardner Academy of the Holy Cross 2013 22:02.34

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