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Montgomery County Top Performances

The following is an automated database query for the best Montgomery County performances from this meet series since 2006. Query does not constitute official meet records. Ties broken by oldest performance. Limit: One performance per athlete.

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5000m XCLorenzo Neil Paint Branch 2014 16:27
5000m XCMichael Abebe Northwood 2014 16:32
5000m XCObsaa Feda Northwood 2016 16:45
5000m XCBinyam Tadesse John F. Kennedy 2014 16:45
5000m XCBen Withbroe Albert Einstein 2012 16:45
5000m XCNick Simpson Albert Einstein 2012 16:45
5000m XCAlejandro Arias Albert Einstein 2015 16:52
5000m XCSimeon Mussie Albert Einstein 2016 17:02
5000m XCJames Newport James H. Blake 2015 17:07
5000m XCHarold Dorsey Paint Branch 2012 17:09

5000m XCBethlehem Taye Paint Branch 2015 19:26
5000m XCYasmine Kass Paint Branch 2016 19:33
5000m XCCiciely Davy Albert Einstein 2015 19:38
5000m XCJosephine Brane-Wright Montgomery Blair 2016 19:49
5000m XCMorgana D'Ottavi Montgomery Blair 2010 20:12.22
5000m XCMorgan Casey Montgomery Blair 2016 20:25
5000m XCSydney Almeida Springbrook 2012 20:26
5000m XCCatherine Oberfield James H. Blake 2015 20:29
5000m XCKaren Escobedo Springbrook 2013 20:33
5000m XCMahlet Bauerle Albert Einstein 2015 20:37

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