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Montgomery Co. Outdoor T&F Championships History

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The inaugural outdoor track county championship meet in 1980 coincided with the state of Maryland's conversion from track distances in English units to metric units. Initially, the meet was viewed cautiously by coaches because it added an additional meet into the calendar the week before the ever-important state-qualifying district meets. James DeMoss was the original meet director and one of the original proponents of the county championship meet. The meet's male and female MVP awards were later named for DeMoss in 1984, the year that he passed away due to cancer.

Some coaches did not want the county championship meet to be a scored team event so as to let athletes focus on fewer events. By the second year of the meet in 1981, team scores were not recorded and that is the way that it stayed for a while. Team scoring was often a hot topic of conversation at the annual coaches' meetings with strong opinions for and against team scoring. It was not until 2005 that team scoring stuck for good.

Montgomery County Top Performances

The following is an automated database query for the best Montgomery County performances from this meet series since 2000. Query does not constitute official meet records. Ties broken by oldest performance.

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100m DashJaron Woodyard Thomas S. Wootton 2014 10.68
100 Dash htDamon Hill Gaithersburg 2002 10.52
200m DashRaynard Bell John F. Kennedy 2017 21.68
200 Dash htByron Gibson Gaithersburg 2002 21.49
400m DashEdwin Campbell Paint Branch 2003 48.40
800m RunWil Zahorodny Damascus 2008 01:51.15
1600m RunChris Moen Walter Johnson 2008 04:13.05
3200m RunEldad Mulugeta Northwood 2019 09:02.19
110m HurdlesDevon Hairston John F. Kennedy 2014 14.35
110 Hurdles htRon Frazier Gaithersburg 2000 13.7
300m HurdlesHubert Koj Watkins Mill 2000 38.7
4x100m Relay2003 Gburg_Relays Gaithersburg 2003 41.80
4x200m Relay2017 Springbrook_Relays Springbrook 2017 01:28.23
4x400m Relay2017 Springbrook_Relays Springbrook 2017 03:21.44
4x800m Relay2008 QO_Relays Quince Orchard 2008 07:49.59
High JumpDamon Hill Gaithersburg 2002 6-08.00
Long JumpTy Mason James H. Blake 2016 22-00.50
Triple JumpClarence Foote-Talley Northwest 2019 49-05.50
Shot PutMarcus Brown Quince Orchard 2009 59-10.50
DiscusMarcus Brown Quince Orchard 2009 167-04.00
Pole VaultMatt Begley Sherwood 2004 13-00.00

100m DashOlivia Ekpone Thomas S. Wootton 2008 11.79
100 Dash htNina Warren Gaithersburg 2003 11.90
200m DashOlivia Ekpone Northwest 2010 23.91
200 Dash htTaylor Wright Northwest 2016 24.60
400m DashOlivia Ekpone Northwest 2011 54.36
800m RunBritt Eckerstrom Northwest 2011 02:14.17
1600m RunClare Severe Walt Whitman 2013 04:57.23
3200m RunBethlehem Taye Paint Branch 2016 10:38.80
100m HurdlesAudrey Gariepy-Bogui Winston Churchill 2007 14.05
100 Hurdles htTyhler Davis Magruder 2002 14.39
300m HurdlesAlexus Pyles Clarksburg 2015 44.12
4x100m Relay2019 Blake_Relays James H. Blake 2019 47.47
4x200m Relay2019 Blake_Relays James H. Blake 2019 01:39.27
4x400m Relay2011 NW_Relays Northwest 2011 03:49.48
4x800m Relay2010 NW_Relays Northwest 2010 09:18.98
High JumpAudrey Gariepy-Bogui Winston Churchill 2007 5-09.50
Long JumpLeondra Correia Northwest 2015 18-07.00
Triple JumpThea LaFond John F. Kennedy 2011 40-08.00
Shot PutClaudia Ababio Clarksburg 2014 45-01.00
DiscusClaudia Ababio Clarksburg 2014 130-01
Pole VaultVictoria Toth Bethesda Chevy Chase 2016 10-00.00

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