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Pre-2006 Indoor Track Results

2005-03-13Nike Indoor Nationals
2005-02-21MD Indoor State Meet
2005-02-143A/4A West Regional
2005-02-052A-3A West Regional
2005-02-04Millrose Games
2005-02-042A-1A West Regional
2005-01-29Virginia Tech Invitational
2005-01-24Montgomery Co. TF Championship
2005-01-22Yale Track Classic
2005-01-15Stone Cold Invitational
2005-01-15Dickinson Invitational #2
2005-01-12DCIAA Invitational
2005-01-08Montgomery Invitational
2004-12-29MCPS Developmental Relays
2004-12-29Lancer Invitational
2004-12-18Howard County Winterfest
2004-12-18Smithsburg Invitational
2004-12-18Dickinson Invitational
2004-12-10Quick Feet Invitational
2004-03-14Nike Indoor Championships
2004-02-21Hoxton Invitational
2004-02-16Indoor State Championship
2004-02-123a-4a West Regional
2004-02-072A-3A West Regional
2004-02-062A-1A West Regional
2004-01-31Microtel Invitational
2004-01-24Montgomery Co. TF Championship
2004-01-17Yale Track Classic
2004-01-14DCIAA Invitational
2004-01-11Montgomery Invitational
2004-01-03Linganore Invitational
2003-12-29FIT Invitational
2003-12-27Holiday Express Invitational
2003-12-20Holiday Classic
2003-12-00MCPS Developmental Meet #2
2003-03-16Nike Indoor Championships
2003-02-24MD Indoor State Meet
2003-02-202A-3A West Regional
2003-02-103A/4A West Regional
2003-02-081A-2A West Regional
2003-02-01Virginia Tech Invitational
2003-01-27Montgomery Co. TF Championship
2003-01-18Yale Track Classic
2003-01-18Fork Union Invitational
2003-01-11Montgomery Invitational
2002-12-28Metro Run and Walk Invitational
2002-12-21FIT Relays
2002-03-10Nike Indoor Classic
2002-02-19Maryland Indoor State
2002-02-093A-2A West Regional
2002-02-081A-2A West Regional
2002-02-043A-4A West Regional
2002-01-26Virginia Tech Invitational
2002-01-26Montgomery Co. TF Championship
2002-01-19Yale Track Classic
2002-01-12Montgomery Invitational
2002-01-05Hispanic Games
2001-12-28Meet of the Millennium
2001-03-11Nike Indoor Classic
2001-02-19Maryland Indoor State
2001-02-17Eastern States Championship
2001-02-17Hoxton Invitational
2001-02-143A-4A West Regional
2001-01-26Microtel Invitational
2001-01-26Montgomery Co. TF Championship
2001-01-20Princeton Relays
2001-01-15Dickinson Invitational
2001-01-06Hispanic Games
2000-12-29Meet of the Millennium
2000-12-27Seton Hall Games
2000-12-16FIT Relays
2000-12-16Dickinson Invitational #1
2000-03-12Nike Indoor Classic
2000-03-12National Scholastic Championships
2000-02-22Maryland Indoor State
2000-02-093A-4A West Regional
2000-01-29adidas DC Invitational
2000-01-28Montgomery Co. TF Championship
2000-01-15National Guard Games
2000-01-15Yale Indoor Classic
2000-01-15Fork Union Invitational
2000-01-15Yale Track Classic
2000-01-08Microtel Invitational
1999-12-18FIT Relays
1999-12-09Pangaea Invitational
1999-03-14Nike Indoor Classic
1999-02-242A-3A State Championship
1999-02-231A-2A State Championship
1999-02-223A-4A State Championship
1999-02-20Hoxton Invitational
1999-02-19adidas DC Invitational
1999-02-191A-2A West Regional
1999-02-122A-3A Regional
1999-02-093A-4A West Regional
1999-01-30Super 8 Invitational
1999-01-23Princeton Relays
1999-01-09Dickinson Invitational
1999-01-00National Guard Games
1999-01-00Dickinson Invitational
1998-12-1233 Relays
1998-03-15National Schol. Indoor Champs
1998-02-253A-4A State Championship
1998-02-242A-3A State Championship
1998-02-231A-2A State Championship
1998-02-21Hoxton Invitational
1998-02-173A-4A West Regional
1998-02-142A-1A West Regional
1998-02-073A-2A West Regional
1998-01-31Virginia Tech Invitational
1998-01-30Montgomery Co. TF Championship
1998-01-24Princeton Relays
1998-01-17National Guard Games
1997-12-20Dickinson Invitational
1997-12-20FIT Relays
1997-12-1533 Relays
1997-03-09National Sch. Indoor Championships
1997-02-22Mobil Invitational
1997-02-193A-4A State Championship
1997-02-192A-3A State Championship
1997-02-191A-2A State Championship
1997-02-15Hoxton Invitational
1997-02-083A-2A West Regional
1997-02-071A-2A West Regional
1997-02-043A-4A West Regional
1997-01-31Montgomery Co. TF Championship
1997-01-25Gettysburg Invitational
1997-01-18Fork Union Invitational
1996-03-10National Sch. Indoor Championships
1996-02-24Mobil Invitational
1996-02-221A-2A State Championship
1996-02-214A State Championship
1996-02-203A State Championship
1996-02-00Dickinson Invitational Records
1996-02-004A West Regional
1996-02-003A West Regional
1996-02-00Gettysburg HS Invitational
1996-01-06Lebanon Valley Invitational
1995-12-29Diamond State Invitational
1995-03-12National Sch. Indoor Championship
1995-03-00Washington Area Indoor Bests 1995
1995-02-25Mobil Invitational
1995-02-224A State Championship
1995-02-213A State Championship
1995-02-201A-2A State Championship
1995-02-004A West Regional
1995-01-14Montgomery Co. TF Championship
1994-12-28Diamond State Invitational
1994-12-09Pangea Invitational
1994-03-13National Sch. Indoor Championships
1994-02-264A State Championship
1994-02-263A State Championship
1994-02-04Millrose Games HS Events
1994-01-28Gettysburg HS Invitational
1994-01-25Montgomery Co. TF Championship
1993-12-29Diamond State Invitational
1993-12-17Pangea Invitational
1993-12-1433 Relays
1993-03-13National Sch. Indoor Championships
1993-02-241A-2A State Championship
1993-02-234A State Championship
1993-02-233A State Championship
1993-01-30Gettysburg Indoor Invitational
1993-01-30Montgomery Co. TF Championship
1993-01-231993 Dickinson HS Invite Records
1993-01-23Dickinson HS Invitational
1993-01-16National Guard Invitational
1992-12-1533 Relays
1992-12-11Pangea Invitational
1992-03-15National Sch. Indoor Championships
1992-02-204A State Championship
1992-02-193A State Championship
1992-02-191A-2A State Championship
1992-02-11Class 3A Region I
1992-02-00Class 4A Region I
1992-01-29DCIAA Invitational
1992-01-24Montgomery Co. TF Championship
1991-12-1633 Relays
1991-03-10National Sch. Indoor Championships
1991-02-213A State Championships
1991-02-194A State Championship
1991-02-01MD National Guard Games
1991-02-01Class 1A/2A Region 1
1991-02-01Class 4A Region 1
1991-02-001A-2A State Championship
1991-01-24Montgomery Co. TF Championship
1990-12-1433 Relays
1990-03-11National Sch. Indoor Championships
1990-02-24Eastern States Invitational
1990-02-204A State Championship
1990-02-203A State Championship
1990-02-201A-2A State Championship
1990-02-10Class 4A Region I
1990-02-09Class 3A Region II
1990-01-24Montgomery Co. TF Championship
1990-01-20National Guard Games
1990-01-18DC Invitational for Girls
1989-12-29Montgomery Co. Holiday Invitational
1989-12-1133 Relays
1989-03-12National Sch. Indoor Championships
1989-02-14Class 2A Region III
1989-02-11Region I-4A
1989-02-003A State Championship
1989-02-001A-2A State Championship
1989-02-004A State Championship
1989-01-28Montgomery Co. TF Championship
1989-01-07Physicians Care Invitational
1988-03-13National Sch. Indoor Championships
1988-02-23MD State Class AA Championship
1988-02-20Top Performances
1988-02-12Class AA Region I
1988-02-00Class BC State Championship
1988-02-00MD State Class A Championship
1988-01-23Montgomery Co. TF Championship
1988-01-16MD National Guard Games
1988-01-02Physicians Care Invitational
1987-03-15National Sch. Indoor Championships
1987-02-28MD Class BC State Championship
1987-02-28MD Class A State Championship
1987-02-28MD State Class AA Championship
1987-02-13Class AA Region II
1987-02-13Class BC Region III (Partial)
1987-02-13Class A Region I
1987-02-13Class AA Region I
1987-01-31Montgomery Co. TF Championship
1987-01-17MD National Guard Games
1986-03-16Pathmark National Sch. Classic
1986-03-04MD State Class AA Championship
1986-02-18MD Indoor Region I
1986-02-01Montgomery Co. TF Championship
1986-01-18National Guard Invitational
1986-01-06Frederick County Relays
1986-01-04GMU HS Invitational
1985-12-0033 Relays
1985-03-17Pathmark National Sch. Classic
1985-02-09Hoxton Invitational
1985-02-00Class AA State Championship
1985-02-00Class AA Region I
1985-02-00Class A Region II
1985-02-00Class A Region I
1985-02-00Class A State Championship
1985-02-00Class BC State Championship
1985-02-00Class BC Region II
1985-01-12National Guard Invitational
1985-01-05Patriot Invitational
1984-03-18Pathmark National Sch. Classic
1984-02-23MD Class BC State Championship
1984-02-23MD Class A State Championship
1984-02-21MD Class AA State Championship
1984-02-11MD Class BC Region II
1984-02-11MD Class A Region II
1984-02-11MD Class AA Region I
1984-02-11MD Class A Region I
1984-01-14Naval Academy Invitational
1984-01-11Pinnacle Invitational
1984-01-00Eastern States Invitational
1983-03-15Record Assault Invitational
1983-03-04Class A State Championship
1983-03-04Class BC State Championship
1983-02-25Class AA State Championship
1983-02-19Class AA Region I
1983-02-19Class A Region II
1983-02-19Class BC Region II
1983-01-22Pinnacle Invitational
1983-01-15National Guard Invitational
1983-01-08Naval Academy Invitational
1982-03-06Class AA State Championship
1982-02-26Class BC State Championship
1982-02-26Class A State Championship
1982-02-20Class A Region II
1982-02-20Class AA Region I
1982-02-10Class B Region II
1982-01-16National Guard Invitational
1982-01-09Navy Invitational
1981-12-29Bi-County Meet
1981-12-0033 Relays
1981-03-07Class AA State Championship
1981-03-07Class A State Championship
1981-03-00Class BC State Championship
1981-02-07Class A Region III
1981-02-07Class A Region II
1981-02-06Class AA Region I
1980-12-13William and Mary Invitational
1980-02-29Class A State Championship
1980-02-29Class AA State Championship
1980-02-15Class A Regional
1980-02-08Class AA Regional
1980-02-08Class A Region 3
1980-02-08Class B Regional
1980-02-02Girls Naval Academy Invitational
1980-02-01Montgomery Co. Boys Invite
1980-02-00Class BC State Championship
1980-02-00Class AA Region 1
1980-02-00Episcopal Invitational
1980-02-00Montgomery Co. Girls Invite
1980-01-25Naval Academy Invitational
1980-01-24Catonesville Meet
1980-01-19National Guard Games
1979-12-19CYO Invitational Trials
1979-12-15Towson Mini Meet
1979-12-0033 Relays
1979-03-03IC4A Championship
1979-03-02Class AA State Championship
1979-03-02Class ABC State Championship
1979-02-24Class AA District Meet
1979-02-24Class ABC District 2
1979-01-27Naval Academy Invitational
1979-01-20National Guard Games
1979-01-12CYO Invitational
1978-12-20Towson Meet
1978-12-20CYO Qualifiers
1978-12-08Towson Relays
1978-03-10Class ABC State Championship
1978-03-07IC4A Championship
1978-03-00Class AA State Championship
1978-02-25ACC Championship
1978-02-11Class ABC District II
1978-02-10Class AA District II
1978-01-27Naval Academy Invitational
1978-01-13CYO Invitational
1977-02-19ACC Championship
1977-02-18Class ABC State Championship
1977-02-17Class AA State Championship
1977-02-12Class ABC District
1977-02-12Class AA District
1977-01-29Naval Academy Invitational
1977-01-04CYO Invitational
1976-02-21Class ABC State Championship
1976-02-21Class AA State Championship
1976-02-21MD Private School Championship
1976-02-07Class A District Meet
1976-02-07Class AA District Meet
1976-01-09CYO Invitational
1975-12-00CYO Trials
1975-02-22Class ABC State Championship
1975-02-22Class AA State Championship
1975-02-15MC-PG Bi-County Meet
1975-02-08Class ABC District Meet
1975-02-08Class AA District Meet
1975-01-25Naval Academy Invitational
1975-01-10CYO Invitational
1974-02-19AA State Championship
1974-02-19ABC State Championship
1974-02-16Bi-County Meet
1974-02-02Class BC District
1974-02-02Class AA District
1974-02-02Class A District
1974-02-00Class ABC State Championship
1974-01-26Naval Academy Invitational
1973-02-00MD Indoor States Class AA
1973-02-00MD Indoor States Class ABC
1972-02-00Maryland State Championship
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